Partying, acting and having your every whim and desire waited on by a team of of professional supports can be tiresome. Heck, it can be downright exhausting.

No wonder Lindsay Lohan was therefore hospitalized Wednesday in Los Angeles. The minute was suffering from exhaustion, an epidemic which only seems to plague those in the entertainment world that weigh under 100 pounds. We wonder why that is.

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It doesn't happen often - but The Gossip is speechless. We're just gonna post this image of Lindsay Lohan - portraying a "rebellious, uncontrollable teenager" in the upcoming movie, George Rule - and comment on the look of bewilderment/dread on the face of the young man receiving the Lohan special:

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Harry Morton - the Hard Rock heir and Lindsay Lohan's latest boy toy - is pulling a Michael Jackson in this image.

As Morton holds his weightless girlfriend in the air, The Gossip is left to think of original jokes we could make regarding the fact that Morton owns the Pink Taco restaurant chain AND is dating loose Lindsay. None come to mind so far.

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You don't get some dude named Harry Morton to date you for no reason. No, to bag her latest man candy, Lindsay Lohan relied on her clear skin. And now she'll be peddling the cream that's helped her remain so fresh and clean.

The A Prairie Home Companion star has signed up as the latest celebrity spokesperson for Proactiv Solution, the acne treatment that's also has had Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and other fresh-faced stars singing its praises. Reports state the deal is worth around $2 million - or, approximately 1,999,967 more dollars than pounds Lohan weighs.

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