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Riley Giles is doing more than merely dishing out Lindsay Lohan sex secrets.

The former boy toy of the Firecrotch Queen is also selling a number of pictures of his ex, including the following one of Linday in front of a bathroom mirror, showing off the stomach dozens of men have gotten a very personal view of:

Firecrotch Reloaded

We're guessing that Lindsay Lohan nude photos must also be in Riley Giles' personal collection. We'll be sure to let you know when those hit the street.

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So many celebrity mug shots, so little time. Some of 2007's sensational arrests of Hollywood stars were so memorable, it feels as though they happened yesterday.

Well, with the exception of Michelle Rodriguez, none of the celebrity mug shots in our growing gallery were actually taken yesterday. But let's take a look back at some of the best booking photos from 2007. You'll see some themes developing ...

Ho Train Edition

What it year it was for the club circuit. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Nicole Richie. Three of Hollywood's biggest celebrities (and wastes of space), all arrested in a 12-month span. Britney Spears is all that's missing from this Ho Train police lineup, after somehow managing not to get busted in '07. Opening odds for '08 - 9:8.

  • Paris Hilton Mug Shot
  • Nicole Richie Mug Shot: Reloaded!
  • Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

Reality TV Edition

Former American Idol reject Jessica Sierra not only got arrested this year, but she is apparently pregnant, and starring in a sex tape. That's one way to get back in the celebrity gossip magazines! Meanwhile, former Laguna Beach stars Jason Wahler (assault, assault) and Jessica Smith (DUI) both had their share of legal woes...

  • Jessica Sierra Mugshot
  • Jessica Smith Mug Shot

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As 2007 draws to a close, it's time to reflect and pay tribute to the stars who made this a year to remember. On that note, The Hollywood Gossip is announcing its 10 finalists for its first annual Celebrity of the Year award.

They've given us their best, their worst and, in a more than a few cases, their naked pictures. Now it is time for us to give a little something back with this special feature, because without these celebrities, we are nothing.

Peace Sign Pretty

We previously profiled scantily clad Busty British Blondes at #4. Now, without further delay, we present Celebrity of the Year finalist #3 … Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay's actions - or lackthereof - over the last couple months almost caused her to drop out of the top three. After her arrest for DUI and cocaine possession, the Firecrotch Queen actually did drop out of the news for a bit.

Fortunately, her first half of 2007 ensured a high spot for Lohan on out countdown.

This mediocre actress is best known for doing both drugs and men. Many, many men. Her rumored conquests over the past 12 months include Riley Giles, Calum Best, Criss Angel, Stavros Niarchos, AJ Lamas, J.R. Rotem and some guy named Spencer Guilbert.

Lohan's naked run-ins with every guy she meets, along with her clothed encounters with police, have led numerous celebrities to chime in with advice. The Sports Gal says she ought to go into porn. Lindsay's former bodyguard says abusive parents have led to this star's demise.

But with Dina Lohan in her corner, we have no doubt Lohan will soon find her way....

... onto the cover of every celebrity gossip magazine on newsstands.

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Lindsay Lohan has replaced her need for drugs with a need for sex.

So claims ex-boyfriend Riley Giles in an interview with Britain's News of the World:

Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip

"Lindsay's definitely a nymphomaniac. She's wild in bed. We'd have sex a couple of times in the day and then go to it through the night," he said. "We once did it four times in a row straight. That was crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. She'd demand sex again and again. We'd go at it for hours. She'd have worn out most guys."

But not the (newly rich) Giles!

After he and Lindsay left rehab in Utah together, they moved into a romantic log cabin in the nearby mountains. This led to days of sex on end that would put Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldrige to shame.

"When you orgasm, your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery," Giles profoundly explained.

He then talked about the consternation of seeing a sight only four or five dozen other guys have viewed:

"The first time we had sex I couldn't believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked. We'd barely gotten through the door when we just ripped each other's clothes off," he said. "Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round."

Despite that fact, these two kids broke up last month. But they still talk every day, Giles insists.

"She's a great person but it's hard to have a girlfriend who's surrounded by movie stars and doing whatever she wants. Sure, her friends were all nice. But anyone can put on a face and I don't know how sincere they were. There are a lot of fakes in LA."

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See! We told you that Lindsay Lohan had found a new best friend in Courtenay Semel!

Despite being misled on a few occasions, The Hollywood Gossip staff does our best to bring you the latest, valid entertainment news before anyone else does. Heck, we even reported on Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant in July.

Lindsay Blows


Here's a look at Semel and Lohan after they ate lunch together this week at La Scala. The restaurant must have been giving away ugly, huge sunglasses with every meal...

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It's widely known - and mocked - that Lindsay Lohan is a serial dater.

But the loose singer/actress has also been spotted with more close friends than the Spears' family has children.

There's been Paris Hilton, Samantha Ronson and now the latest: Courtenay Semel. Lohan recently attended a holiday party at the Los Angeles home Jeanette Longoria with Semel, the daughter of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel.

A New York Post spy at the soiree also overheard the duo refer to themselves as roommates, and one Hollywood insider claimed they've been living together in a house in LA for about a month.

"Lindsay came with Courtenay to the party around midnight and they stayed for an hour," said the source. "The girls held hands and were with each other the whole time."

Does this mean Lindsay is playing for both teams, following the bisexual lead of Tila Tequila?

Not so much, claims her rep: "The two are good friends, nothing more."

Courtenay Semel is making like Kim Kardashian: Come from a rich family, befriend a celebrity, get famous. Expect a Courtenay Semel sex tape any day now.

Semel is a D-list celebrity after her appearance on the E! reality show Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive. She starred alongside other wealthy, talentless friends such as Fabian Basabe, Brittny Gastineau and Katy Benetar in a series produced by Crazy Joe Simpson.

You can't make this stuff up.

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Lindsay Lohan claims she's a changed woman.

Celebrity gossip outlets around the world pray one of their favorite targets isn't being serious.


But the alcoholic, mediocre actress called into a Las Vegas radio station last week - in an effort to nab Hannah Montana tickets for a friend's nieces â€" and opened up about her newfound view on life.

"I think my life is different now, and it's changed, and I'm growing up," Lohan told the morning hosts at Mix 94.1 FM. "It was time to grow up. I've gone through a lot, and I'm just a different person now."

Of course, this hasn't stopped Lohan from supposedly having sex with an ex of Britney Spears, J.R. Rotem.

Lindsay Lohan says she's all grown up. Does that mean we're through with drunken pictures such as this?

But Lindsay did say she actually hopes she can plan a trip to Africa on a humanitarian mission some time in the near future.

"I really love children," she said, "and it would be nice to give back."

For once, the Firecrotch Queen was not referring to the transferring of sexual transmitted diseases. We assume.

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It's only been two short weeks since Lindsay Lohan decided to ditch her rehab lover, Riley Giles. Well, she's never been one to stay single for long.

Celebrity Babylon says Lohan has a new distraction - a "mystery man" she's been seen with - and kissing! - around L.A. in the past week - Spencer Guilbert.

That venerable celebrity news site even has a little information on the background of Spencer Guilbert (pictured above), Lindsay Lohan's (alleged) boyfriend of the week.

Lohan and Guilbert allegedly met through mutual friends, and he is 24 years old. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2005.

Spencer may also still be enrolled in Otis, an art school in Los Angeles. He was born and raised in Malibu, and attended Malibu High School.

As for work, Spencer Guilbert is a designer, and has a clothing line called Lord Royale. Man. This relationship is destined to last... a week.

They've apparently been hanging out for several weeks, during which Lindsay has also been working on her new album with the loathsome JR Rotem.

We can only hope that this new Spencer becomes as infamous in the celebrity gossip world as his namesake, The Hills villain Spencer Pratt.

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Determined to put this troubled year behind her, an embattled and disease-ridden Lindsay Lohan was back in the studio this week, working over J.R. Rotem.

Er, we mean working on some new tracks with J.R. Rotem. Not sure how that came out all wrong (which is just what Lindsay Lohan said this morning, reportedly).

Back in Court

Such trash. What's harder to stomach, looking at Lindsay Lohan pics or listening to Lindsay Lohan music? Regardless, she and JR Rotem are making some together.

The actress and singer, whose first two albums were somehow successful, is joining forces with Rotem, the famed music producer, who has also worked with (and was rumored to have impregnated) Britney Spears, and who seeks Jewish love online.

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What more can you even say about Lindsay Lohan at this point?

Seeing her side-by-side with J.R. Rotem speaks for itself. The train wreck star and the alleged music producer have spending a good amount of time together lately, since he's reportedly working with her on her upcoming third album.

Searching For Her Soul

Our guess is that Lindsay - who already has a pair of million-selling albums in Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005) - is working on a new instrument as she records her new album. We're talkin' about the meat bugle, people.

Lindsay Lohan and J.R. Rotem: It was a pairing destined to happen at some point.

We're officially out of material here. The only questions on our minds are:

  1. When will In Touch Weekly report that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant?
  2. Does J.R. Rotem wear those sunglasses while he's doing her?

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