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We always knew Ryan Seacrest was less than sane. How else to defend his suppose love of Paula Abdul?

Now, based on his recent reaction to the forthcoming hip-hop album from Lindsay Lohan, it's apparent Seacrest is even nuttier than the aforementioned American Idol judge.

"I've heard some of it, I like what I've heard so far," Seacrest told People backstage at KIIS-FM's annual Wango Tango concert in Irvine, Calif., on Saturday, where Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers performed.

Lindsay Lohan is coming out with a hip-hop album. God help us.

Seacrest added that the Firecrotch Queen is "taking it very seriously. She's working really hard. She's working with great producers."

For some reason, Ryan failed to add the punchline to that statement, so we'll do it for him: "In bed!"

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For someone who spends as much time naked as Lindsay Lohan, you wouldn't think she'd need to steal clothing from multiple young women.

Yet in the wake of Coat-Gate, another enemy of Firecrotch has come out of the woodwork, accusing the waifish actress of bogarting her stuff.

Ho, Ho, Ho-Han

The same week that a Columbia University student, Masha Markova, insisted Lohan swiped a $11,000 blond mink coat from her in N.Y.C. earlier this year, Lauren Hastings has come out with similar allegations.

The model recently linked to Shia LaBeouf says Lindsay stole thousands of dollars worth of items from her closet, Inside Edition reports.

Lauren Hastings and Masha Markova both say Lindsay Lohan stole from them. At least she doesn't discriminate - much like her attitude towards sex.

"Basically, I have two closets, a lot of the stuff was missing out of one and the next closet was almost completely empty," Hastings said, claiming her clothes vanished during an unauthorized late-night party.

Citing five separate witnesses, Lauren Hastings, 23, alleges that there is evidence, saying that "They all said they saw Lindsay Lohan, basically in my closet, handing a bag full of clothes to her bodyguard."

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan is fully embracing her guest starring stint on Ugly Betty.

In this photo from the set, the Firecrotch Queen dons a long, orange T-shirt that we can't imagine she'd ever wear to Hyde.

Lohan is set to appear in five episode of the hit series, portraying a mean, former high school friend of Betty's. Word also has it that Lindsay's character will work in the fast food industry. It shouldn't be a major stretch for the actress.

She's used to doing guys things quickly.

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Gone are those bad ol' days of driving drunk, snorting coke and screwing every male in sight being late to the set!

Lindsay Lohan - who began shooting her guest role on ABC's Ugly Betty on Saturday - has been earning rave reviews from the cast and crew.

Recovering Actress

"She was terrific - a pleasure," Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta said. "She came in early and was very pleasant."

Maybe this is what Lilo needs to get back in the swing of work and turn her train wreck life around, a la Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother.

On the America Ferrera-driven series, Horta says Lindsay Lohan will play Kimberly, "a queen bee girl who Betty went to high school with. They're going to run into each other. Kimberly's life has taken a turn for the worst."

Lindsay will return for five episodes next season, but first, Lohan's Ugly Betty character appears on this spring's May 22 season finale "in a flashback" dodge ball game:

"Kimberly is doing the picking, and it doesn't turn out well for Betty."

Hopefully, Ryan Piers Williams bucks this trend and picks America Ferrera for good one of these years. Get engaged, already!

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Since when did not wearing underwear become a fashionable choice for the people behind Mode Magazine on Ugly Betty?

We ask this question in light of news that Lindsay Lohan will be guest starring on the ABC series.

"Lindsay and America [Ferrera] really hit it off," a source said, causing Samantha Ronson to cry herself to sleep at night at the thought of losing her BFF.

Variety reports that Lohan will play a down-on-her-luck former high school friend of Betty. Her first episode will be the May 22 season finale of the show, but Lindsay is expected next season.

In light of Britney Spears guest starring on How I Met Your Mother, we need to ask: can we appear on Gossip Girl if we expose our crotches and start sleeping around?

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Welcome, celebrity news readers, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our fun Friday afternoon tradition. Let's see who won this week's Caption Contest!

It was a difficult call, but the winner is Dee Dee Dynamite. Nice job! The winning entry appears below the photo, with the full list of submissions further down.

Lindsay Lohan Hangs Out

Thanks for playing the Caption Contest and good luck again this week!

She says they don't have "Ankle Monitor Black" here. This is bullsâ€"t!

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According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is treating Samantha Ronson like a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. She won't let anyone else near her BFF.

The New York Post says the two spent the weekend partying at the Beatrice Inn on Friday and Hawaiian Tropic Zone on Saturday.

During the first evening out, Lohan supposedly got into a fight with another emaciated young celebrity that was paying attention to Ronson.

"Ashley Olsen said hello to Sam at the Beatrice, and Lindsay screamed at her, 'Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' a - - away from my girlfriend,'" said a witness.

Samantha Ronson is the weird-looking apple of Lindsay Lohan's eye.

Sources also claim that Lohan has such a crush on Ronson that she's created a Facebook profile under the name "Lindsay Ronson."

Right. We'll believe that when we see it.

Oh. Here it is.

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A newly blonde Lindsay Lohan is far from happy in this photo.

The look on the promiscuous star's face got us to wondering what could make her so upset. A few possibilities:

Return of the Firecrotch!
  • Jealously over how much hate mail her mother, Dina Lohan, has received compared to her;
  • Anger over how long the results for her latest round of STD tests is taking;
  • A traffic accident with Britney Spears;
  • The abysmal box office results of her movies;
  • Her failing, embarrassing, soon-to-be-finished-because-she's-a-drunk-train-wreck-who-can't-sing-or-act career.

Take a look at the photo now and let us know: why is Lindsay Lohan so angry?

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In a tale of two celebrities, Miley Cyrus has a best friend named Mandy Jiroux. The two of them make innocent, fun-loved videos together and dub them The Miley and Mandy Show.

Conversely, Lindsay Lohan has a best friend named Samantha Ronson. The two of them spent this past weekend hitting the hottest clubs in Los Angeles.

Rock Out with Your ...

According to People, the pair got a jumpstart on the weekend Thursday night, heading to the upstairs VIP area of Goa. Lohan (who has said she's "back on track" after her stints in rehab) bopped to the music as Ronson spun in the DJ booth.

"Lohan was obviously having a good time, dancing very sexy," said a witness. "She was quite the center of attention."

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are on the loose!

Friday, it was all about Foxtail: Lohan sat at a table near the dance floor (drinking water, onlookers said), while Ronson greeted friends. Later, they snuck a few cigarettes at their indoor table.

Finally, Saturday night, Lindsay and Samantha went to Teddy's at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The actress kept things low-key, but perked up noticeably when Ronson spun Madonna and Justin Timberlake's new single, "4 Minutes."

Is there anything wrong with these actions? Not inherently. But compare the backgrounds of Cyrus and Lohan and then consider the company they keep.

Think it's a coincidence?

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Lindsay Lohan's last film was called I Know Who Killed Me, and it was so bad that the 17 people who saw it nearly died at the box office. True story.

Now the Crotch of Fire will be starring in another murder-filled flick.

Eilat Anschel and Lindsay Lohan

Lohan has been tapped to play Nancy Pittman, one of Charles Manson's cult followers, in the upcoming film Manson Girls, according to E!.

Since Lindsay Lohan, 21, has had serious troubles with the law and just completed rehab, "the production company is insuring her for the film," a source told E!

Lindsay Lohan will make her film return in Manson Girls.

In other news, on Sunday, Lindsay Lohan's 67-year-old grandmother suffered minor injuries after driving her car into a tree and pole on Long Island.

Recent reports of Lindsay herself colliding with a pole (belonging to Calum Best) are untrue, as the grainy cellphone picture of some chick polishing the knob of some dude turned out not to be the troubled celebrity after all. Sad.

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