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Months ago, Lily Allen said she wanted to be left out of the celebrity gossip world. Perhaps the British singer should have remembered that when she got knocked up.

The 22-year-old has confirmed that she's pregnant with the baby of Ed Simons, one of two members of musical group the Chemical Brothers.

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"As the pregnancy is at a very, very early stage, the couple ask that you respect their privacy," her rep said in a statement. "The couple will be making no further comment but they are obviously both thrilled by the news."

Obviously. What young, out-of-wedlock celebrity would not be thrilled by the news of a baby? Right, Jamie Lynn Spears?

Recently, Allen actually did make it sound as though a family was more important than her career, telling Britain's Sunday Times in November:

"Maybe I could retire at 25... It's a great job, but it doesn't leave time for what's important. Like having a family."

In that case, we're happy for Simons and Allen. But we do wonder what happened to all the condoms in Hollywood. This singer and Spears join Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and Halle Berry as recent pregnant stars.

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Singer Lily Allen says she wants to retire at 25 and live on a farm. That implies that she makes it until that date. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur about three months ago, Allen revealed in an interview.

The British singer, 22 â€" who dropped from a UK size 12 to a size eight in six weeks â€" says her sudden weight loss stems from exercise following the health scare, not from hypnosis or because she wanted to be "some skinny minnie."

"I love nothing more than sitting in front of the telly with two packets of Ginger Nuts and two bags of milk-bottle sweets â€" and I devour the lot," she said.

"But this heart thing has made me cut back on that of crap," she added. "I now find that, because I am looking after myself, I don't feel like eating bad stuff so much."

Lily Allen has been a frequent, vocal critic of many young stars - the Nicole Richie types - for being anorexic, and for having no redeeming qualities, basically.

She has also said she is a bigger mess than Amy Winehouse, although she might want to rethink that after a string of recent events with Blake Fielder-Civil.

Although she's put boozing on the back burner, Lily Allen admitted, "I should probably  also give up smoking, but haven't quite managed that yet."

Yeah, that wouldn't hurt. A heart murmur is often harmless but can also indicate a hole in the heart or a heart valve problem. Four out of five experts believe it is slightly less harmful than Britney Spears' lack of sanity.

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Lily Allen has something to "smile" about.

Claiming she's as big of a bad-ass lush as Amy Winehouse is a losing battle (one that she shouldn't mind losing, really), she's also losing something else: weight!

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The songstress has been flaunting a newly svelte body all over Paris this week during fashion week. So how did she drop from a size 12 to an 8?

Surprisingly, not hard drugs, bulimia or starvation. Hypnosis.

Allen slimmed down with the help of Susan Hepburn, a known quack psychotherapist who (for $600 an hour) implants messages into clients' minds, reminding them to stop eating if full.

She's good at what she does, too. Take a look at Keira Knightley, Kate Bosworth, Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie (before she got knocked up, that is).

According to the Daily Mail, Hepburn also teaches clients to associate healthy activities, such as working out in the gym, with happiness. We would love to see this doctor join the Grey's Anatomy cast.

"After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad," Allen, 22, said. "I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment. I've never been happier."

Lily Allen's self-confidence certainly has increased since last spring. In May, the "Smile" singer posted a melancholy blog post on her MySpace page in which she blogged about her body image issues.

"I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being just some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look," Lily Allen wrote. "I felt like it didn't matter if I was a bit chubby cause I'm not a model, I'm a singer."

"I'm afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine. I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle, I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery, and liposuction."

Maybe someone should try to hypnotize that wreck Britney Spears into caring about her kids and laying off the booze once in awhile. Just an idea.

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NOTE: This British Train Wreck watch to be confused with T.H. Gossip's British Babe Watch, which has featured the likes of random, hot chicks from across the pond you'd never otherwise hear of, such as Gemma Atkinson and Keeley Hazell. Just clearing that up.

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Today, our subject is the Visa-challenged Lily Allen, who shoved a well-known reggae artist off the stage in front of thousands at a concert weekend - prompting him to pour a beer over her head!

After the scuffle, Lily Allen ran off, red-faced.

Supposedly a big fan of Kray's album, "Tales From a Skinny White Boy," Allen took Kray's mic and began mimicking a fake Jamaican accent as a stunned crowd watched.

Kray wasn't hurt in the fray. At least not physically. An onlooker said, "Lily Allen just pushed him off. He wasn't happy."

Kray exacted his revenge by grabbing Allen's pint of beer and dumping it on her. Jah mon!

The audience roared in approval as Allen ran off stage.

Crazy as she is, Allen has a long way to go to catch Amy Winehouse, whose own in-laws are so unhappy with her recent stretch of out-of-control behavior that they're asking fans to say "No, no no" (if you will) and boycott her records.

Georgette and Giles Fielder-Civil, parents of Amy's troubled hubby, Blake, told BBC Radio 5 that their son and daughter-in-law are drug addicts in denial.

Wonder where they got that idea. Perhaps the pics of Amy and Blake bleeding profusely in the street? Here's hoping they don't pull an Owen Wilson.

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Lily Allen certainly isn't the first to deliver an expletive-laden tirade against the embattled U.S. President George W. Bush in recent months.

But, unlike most, hers was also directed at the U.S. Immigration Service and delivered from the stage of the V Festival in Stafford, England.

Lily Allen Image

The outburst came in the wake of the British singer's American working visa being unexpectedly revoked earlier this month, following concerns about her March arrest in London after she allegedly punched a photographer.

Introducing her song "Everything Is Wonderful" on Saturday, Lily Allen, 22, described President Bush in profane anatomical terms.

"I've been banned from America. That's nice. Oh well, that means I can't go back there. Good," she added, reports MTV News in the U.K.

Friday it was announced that Allen had to postpone September concert dates in America and miss out on the MTV Video Awards due to her Visa problems.

"I am so disappointed that I won't be able to come to the States at this time," Allen said. "I want my fans to know that I'll be back as soon as I possibly can!"

Despite this weekend's outburst, Lily Allen appeared upbeat during her 45-minute set, despite being "a little drunk" during the performance.

Despite their rivalry, she and Amy Winehouse have much in common.

Hopefully the Prez doesn't take her criticism too hard, and can continue celebrating his daughter's engagement to Henry Hager. And enjoying one of his month-long vacations. Running a country is hard work!

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Loquacious, fresh-faced British songstress Lily Allen was arrested yesterday for a not-so-sweet alleged attack on a photographer back in March.

Talented but always brash and outspoken, Allen turned herself in to the authorities yesterday in London, according to the Press Association.

Lily Allen Wedding Dress

The celebrity gossip hater was charged with "allegation of assault," and was let out on bail very shortly thereafter.

Scotland Yard wouldn't identify Lily Allen by name, but confirmed that at 9:30 AM yesterday, a 21-year-old woman visited a London police station by appointment.

On March 13, while leaving the Wardour club in Soho and heading to the Groucho on foot, the unrepentant drunk allegedly began swinging and kicking at a pack of paparazzi.


During the melee, she reportedly connected with someone's nose, proving in one punch that she's 10 times harder than Paris Hilton, despite the skank having been thrown in jail.

Allen recently postponed her U.S. tour and moved to New York from London, claiming that she wanted to get back to the recording studio.

Upon hearing of of the Lily Allen arrest, Amy Winehouse had no comment. She may have been too busy carving "I love Blake Fielder-Civil" into her stomach with a glass shard.

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Okay, so she doesn't make trips to the bathroom to "freshen up" in mid-interview, talk about self-mutilation, threaten to beat Blake Fielder-Civil's ass, then proceed to carve his name into her stomach with a shard of glass.

But an interview with Lily Allen is still nothing to sneeze at.

Like fellow British sensation and sometime-rival Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen is a talented singer who sure knows how to make people blush.

From her weight to her self-esteem or her love life or her detest for celebrity gossip, the cutie is known for speaking so openly that her adorable accent can't mask the shocking content.

A recent New York Magazine interview with Allen offers more of what we've come to expect.

The "Smile" singer and unabashed lush expounds on a number of topics, such as Hollywood gossip, Michael Bloomberg, bikini waxing, Lindsay Lohan and lesbian dreams. Below are some excerpts.

On why she got into entertainment:
"When my parents were away and stuff, I had to get myself off to school and I could never be bothered to do it. But when my dad was an actor, I remember I'd stay with him when he was on location and people would knock on his door in the morning. 'Come on, you've got to get up! You've got to be in the makeup chair in two minutes!' I knew then that I wanted someone to wake me up in the morning. 'Oh, okay! I'll be an entertainer. I've got no responsibilities. Perfect.'"

On how many Lily Allen siblings there are out there:
"I don't know. I honestly don't. My dad lies about it. He's like, 'Okay, it's eight.' And I'm like, 'We know it's 12.' There are a few years before he met my mom that are unaccounted for, but law of averages would say he had five [kids then]."

THG NOTE: Shar Jackson, you have before you a challenge. But we are confident that you can shatter this record if you try.

On genetics and trade-offs:
"I've got my dad's short legs and long back. My mom, my sister, and my brother all have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm the only one like this. My sister's very tall and beautiful. But then again, I'm talented and rich."

On being in the tabloids:
"I think people hate me in England. I'm in the tabloids. I don't want to be but I am. I say 10 million nice things and then I'll say one thing that annoys me and it's like, 'Lily Allen slams Madonna. Lily Allen slams Lindsay Lohan.' I become a person who badmouths people."

But come to think of it:
"I can't f*%king wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail. 'Boo hoo hoo. I'm going to jail.' Good. Does that mean you'll stop showing me your pussy now?"

THG NOTE: We can't even imagine what would come out of Allen's mouth if the topic of Britney Spears ever came up. Someone's gotta get on that.

On the biggest difference between America and England:
"They get their [hoo-has] waxed. I get a strip, a runway strip. I don't think I could get it done in England. They stare. They spend ages at it. Get it over and f*%king done with!"

There you have it, readers. Nothing along the lines of Brittany Murphy stating that someone is stalking Simon Monjack, but good sounds bites just the same.

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Self-deprecating party girl (and musician) Lily Allen, who gets chased by celebrity gossip hounds non-stop in her hometown of London, recently sought refuge in less aggressive neighborhood.

Lily Allen Wedding Dress


New York Magazine reports that Allen is holed up in an apartment in New York City overlooking the Hudson River, with her record label footing the $10,000 a month bill.

All so Lily Allen can "work in peace" on her second album.

All is not exactly going as planned, though.

"We've done nothing! All we've done is make YouTube videos for other peoples' songs," Allen told the magazine.

That, and most likely booze a lot.

While few approach her on the streets here, Lily Allen doesn't "know the New York names."

To say the least. Allen said she was "a bit sloshed" when she performed at Tinsley Mortimer's party in the Hamptons.

"I was so drunk I kept calling Tinsley ‘Ashley Winksdale,'" said Allen, who may have been thinking of High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale.

The walking train wreck also confessed to forgetting Jennifer Connelly's name when she saw her with Paul Bettany at the Waverly Inn.

Now that's just insane. We guarantee that a frequent target of Lily's angst, Amy Winehouse, would remember a name like Jennifer Connelly.

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Sorry, Lily Allen. You're gonna appear on our celebrity gossip site at least one more time.

The British singer has written on her MySpace blog about deeply personal topics, including her body image issues - and now her hatred of being in the spotlight.

Pic of Lily Allen

In an angry post yesterday â€" titled "F--- Off, F--- Off" â€" Allen says her newfound celebrity is making her lose interest in her online journal. Hear that, people, we've made Lily Allen almost stop writing!

"This used to be one of my favourite things to do. But the tabloid f---s have ruined it. Everything i write here gets twisted and rewritten by a bunch of lazy f---s who havent got anything better to write about," Allen wrote, sounding a lot like Isaiah Washington at the end there.

Lily adds: "I don't want to be a celebrity, I am a singer."

Somewhere, Britney Spears doesn't understand the difference between the two.

In the MySpace post, Allen also denies celebrity gossip reports that, at her Tuesday concert at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, she took the stage two hours late, forgot the words to her songs and later partied with actor Josh Harnett.

Writes Allen: "I would never turn up two hours late for a gig ... EVER. id been in my dressing room since four o'clock that afternoon anyway its not as if id leave 3000 people out there for no reason."

And what about Hartnett? "this nonsense about josh hartnett is exactly that. nonsense."

Well, okay then. We can't get every rumor right, Lily. But how will people know where to find Tila Tequila nude if blogs such as ours didn't exist?

Overall, the singer says she's not interested in celebrity culture at all.

"I don't sleep and take drugs with famous people (i have a boyfriend ive been with for nearly 3 years), I don't go to film premieres," she writes. "I don't go shopping in the paparazzi hotspots, so please leave me alone."

Fine. The Hollywood Gossip will focus on another British entertainer, Amy Winehouse, and her fights with Blake Fielder-Civil instead.

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She's claimed she's fatter and a bigger lush than fellow British singing sensation Amy Winehouse - and apparently she was serious about that bold statement.

Winehouse recently admitted to not only bouts of depression, but self-mutilation.

Sam Cooper and Lily Allen

Now, in a new interview, Amy's pseudo-rival Lily Allen claims she's an alcoholic and that she's heading for an early death.

Alright, we get your point, Lily. But you've still got a ways to go before you catch Lindsay Lohan, who's got one foot in the grave.

Allen, the UK pop starlet, who once got booted from school for performing sex acts, has endured a difficult few months in the public eye.

She's been performing a string of live shows in America and feuding with Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud.

However, despite strong reviews, the "Smile" singer has now insisted that her new lifestyle of constant touring has prompted an unhealthy love of booze.

Lily Allen says she needs to get back to the studio to work on the follow-up to acclaimed debut "Alright, Still" so she can get straightened out.

She explained: "I'm an alcoholic now. It's not good and that's why I want to get back into the studio."

"I've actually pulled myself aside and said it will kill me if I keep it up," she said. "I've got to stop abusing myself because as far as I'm concerned every loon hates me now."

We thought it was merely marketing and self-promotion, but it's possible Allen really is more screwed up than Amy Winehouse.

The latter is talking about taking a break from music altogether and settling down with Blake Fielder-Civil. Not exactly rebellious!

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