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Lil Wayne has knocked up his share of females already, but judging by this display at his recent show, his impregnating days may not be done yet.

Not by a long shot. He found himself facing a major onslaught - we're talking a full-on deluge - of panties thrown onto the stage by excited ladies.

A video of the event shows panties flying on stage. Weezy holds them up for the crowd, which causes at least a dozen more pairs to follow suit.

You know what's funny? Why is it called a pair of panties when it's just one item (and a skimpy one at that in this case)? Pretty crazy, right?

Anyway, check out the video below ...

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Lil Wayne is used to being patted down by members of law enforcement. But stripped down for an unplugged set on MTV? That will be a new one for sure.

The rap star is slated to appear on "MTV Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged" Sunday, June 12, in a performance that will air on MTV, and MTV2.

Four By Four

Lil Wayne's "Unplugged" performance will be the first hip-hop set "Unplugged" has produced since Jay-Z's special in 2001. Should be ... interesting.

RAW: Prepare for a tender, intimate night with Lil Wayne.

As part of the buildup to his hotly anticipated album Tha Carter IV, due out early this summer, Weezy will pull from his massive catalog of hits.

Hearing those hits in an unadorned, unpredictable acoustic set will be different, to say the least. What's next? Weezy Live From Rikers Island?


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They have little in common except for time spent in the clink. But that didn't stop Interview Magazine from putting together the seemingly random pairing of Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton for its latest issue.

The latter chatted up the former for this publication, trying to bond with him over life behind bars and asking him to collaborate on her new album. Excerpts follow.

Wasting Oxygen

Paris: If you would be on the album, then I would be honored. That would be the sickest thing. We should get each other’s phone numbers so we can call each other after the interview or text or something.
Wayne: Cool. Sounds good.

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According to reports, woman alleges that she was held against her will and sexually assaulted during a recording session for Lil Wayne back in January.

Weezy personally was NOT involved. The man don't need to assault no one. He makes love and produces illegitimate kids like they were hip-hop hits.

Anyway. The target of the investigation is music producer Noel "Detail" Fisher, who owns the Canyon Country, Calif., house where it went down.

Ahhhhhhhm Baaaaaaaack

I waddn't even there ...

According to sources, Detail had people over to the house (also a recording studio) for a Pre-Grammy party during which Lil Wayne was laying down some tracks.

The alleged victim was a female catering assistant who was hired for the party.

Cops are looking into allegations that Detail held her against her will overnight and sexually assaulted her, after which she managed to escape and alert police.

She was questioned in the hospital, where she also submitted to a rape test. The investigation is still ongoing and, again, Lil Wayne is NOT in the report.

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Nicki Minaj is not a whore bag, but she is excited: the artist is about to kick off a tour across the country with Lil Wayne.

"The last time I toured with Wayne I was onstage for three minutes," said Minaj to MTV, going back two years. "Now I have my own set, I have my own lighting, my own costumes, my own dancers, my own everything. And this is what I've been praying for [for] a very long time."

Nicki Photograph

Wayne admits he didn't see this kind of success coming for Nicki, but he's thrilled it's arrived:

"She's blossomed into a megastar with this new attitude and this style. Now when I talk to her, I just tell her, 'Do what you do, baby.' I used to be able to go into the studio and say, 'Nah, don't say that, don't say that.' You know, 'That was better.' Now, do what you do, baby. I don't have a clue about what you're doing right now, but it's working, do it."


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Lil Wayne was swarmed by DEA agents at Opa-Loca Airport in Miami, but in a more surprising twist than learning he is not the father of a child, he was released.

The rapper was stopped and searched by federal agents after he got off his plane last week. Multiple agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency were involved.

Lil Wayne in Concert Pic

Officials performed a contraband search on Lil, who's currently on felony probation stemming from incidents involving drugs and guns. Nothing was found!

PHEW: The agents let the rapper go on his way without incident.

It's unclear if they had a reason to search him, or if they even need one (in other words, is the fact that he's on probation sufficient cause any time they wish).

In any case, he may make it rain at the strip club and he may destroy your a$$ at Uno, but Weezy's been clean and sober as can be since getting out of jail.

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Already the reigning champion of prison Uno games and making it rain at strip clubs and impregnating women, Lil Wayne is now king of Facebook as well.

After Nabisco claimed to have made Facebook history by racking up 114,619 "Likes" for Oreo cookies in a 24-hour span, Weezy decided to step up.

Only five hours after Wayne proclaimed he was gunning for Nabisco's record, the rap star had secured a demonstrative, staggering 588,243 Likes.

The Carter

Nabisco? Is that you? Can't see you from way up here!

No word on how many of Weezy's many baby mamas Liked his page, or whether Justin Bieber is mulling his own bid for this social media record.

NOTE: Become a fan of THG on Facebook!

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Lil Wayne was not messing around after the Super Bowl.

The rapper and his crew were quite impressed by the local talent at Dallas' Club Onyx and showed their appreciation the best way they know how.

So much cash was thrown at the strippers that the place actually ran out of $1 bills. That's no small feat for a strip joint, but this is Lil Wayne ...

Even more incredibly, Weezy spent the entire night stone cold sober. That's one of the conditions of his probation, but also just common sense.

At $11 for a Bud Light, ice water starts to sound good. Anyway, it's good to see Weezy enjoying the finer things since his release from jail.

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The latest issue of Rolling Stone features Lil Wayne on the cover.

Need we say more? This is a man who once let us in on a little secret regarding birth control. He's as quotable as they come, so you know this will be good.

Lil Justin, Lil Wayne

The rapper and frequent dad opens up for the first time about the eight months he spent behind bars at Riker's Island. Some excerpts from the interview:

Out of jail. On the loose. Ready for strip clubs.

On dominating at a card game so much, fellow inmates tried to cut him out of the game: "I'd bust a n***a's ass at Uno. We gamble for phone time."

"I'd take n***a's commissary. Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup. They'd be like, 'Oh, we thought you were asleep.' Like you can't look inside my cell and see that I'm right there! We ain't got no doors n***a!"

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As we know, Lil Wayne just got out of jail.

Even though he's been clean a whole month, he was required to get a new booking photo when he relocated from Arizona to Florida recently. Standard.

Daniel Dae Kim Mug Shot

As you can see, the latest addition to our growing gallery of celebrity mug shots is a fairly subdued one. Weezy is just chillin' ... and possibly a little sad:

LIL MUG SHOT: Ain't no big deal for LW.

As far as the countless paternity suits that seem to follow him, we're guessing he's equally carefree. Dude had three kids in one year before. Do the math there.

Lil Wayne Biography

Lil Wayne Mug Shot (Reloaded) Lil Wayne is a dude who started off relatively unknown outside the hip-hop world, but his profile has grown as he's gotten arrested a few... More »
New Orleans, Louisiana
Full Name
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Lil Wayne Quotes

Lil Wayne: I don't do too many [drugs]. I just smoke weed and drink. But I'll never fuck with no more coke. It's not about the bad high; it's just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I'm a pretty boy.

The world is about to end in 2012… ’cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn't exist - there's no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings - and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitos bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president.

Lil Wayne
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