In the world of hip hop, many artists have adopted "Lil," a popular prefix typically perceived as the short form of "little," as part of their stage names.

Among rappers, who often spell it with an apostrophe as "Lil'" or "Li'l" as well as simply "Lil," this moniker is shared by at least a baker's dozen.

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Hundreds of mourners gathered this weekend to pay their final respects to the late Lil Snupe at the emerging rapper's funeral. He was only 18.

According to the Shreveport Times, the funeral service was held Saturday at Jonesboro-Hodge High School in Snupe's hometown, Jonesboro, La.

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The tragic death of Lil Snupe was not an accident, police believe.

Officials in Louisiana say they think a 36-year-old man shot and killed the 18-year-old rapper and Meek Mill protege during an argument earlier this week.

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Lil Snupe is dead at the age of 18, according to multiple reports.

The emerging rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who recently signed to Meek Mill's Dream Chasers label, passed away early this morning.

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