Lena Headey made a name for herself by getting naked in the movie 300. But she'll really become a well-known actress with her starring...

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For a few terrifying days over the summer, it looked as though the highly-anticipated Lena Headey nude scene might be cut from the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

Lena Headey Image

"Why?!" the people shouted. "Lena Dunham is naked on HBO all the time and no one asked for that!"

GoT's King's Landing storylines film in Dubrovnik, Croatia a city where local church authorities apparently rule the land with a Joffrey-like contempt for all things awesome.

The Dubrovnikians nearly put the kibosh on Cersei's naked stroll through town for religious reasons, which would've forced us all to go back and watch 300 again if we wanted to see Lena Headey's boobs.

Fortunately, freedom and happiness prevailed, and producers were somehow able to convince the citizens of Dubrovnik to let the scene happen in a different part of town.

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The fifth season of Game of Thrones is currently filming in...well, just about all over the freakin' world, and an unfortunate choice of shooting location might end up denying fans a glimpse of Lena Headey's awesome boobs.

Oh, and it could also force writers to eliminate a crucial scene from the books. Allow us to explain (there be spoilers ahead):

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

GoT's King's Landing storyline is currently filming in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One very important scene involves Lena's Queen Cersei doing a sort of medieval walk of shame  -  completely nude - as penance for her wicked ways. 

You might think that the citizens of Dubrovnik would be pretty psyched about the idea of a gorgeous actress strolling their town completely nude.

But apparently the Dubrovnikians don't enjoy things like boobs or happiness because the local church is doing everything in its power to stop the scene from being filmed:

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As Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey quaffs wine and dishes out put-downs with the best of them.

In fact, she earned several spots on out list of Game of Thrones' best insults.

The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live apparently recognized Lena's unmatched talent for doling out burns between sips from her goblet.

During her appearance on the show last night, she and Jimmy poured some red and went medieval on one another in a GoT-style diss-off.

Lena kicks things off in brutal fashion with, "That's a lovely tie. It's a shame it's around such a worthless neck.

Jimmy counters with, "Well, thank you for coming today. I know you have a busy schedule doing sex with her brother."

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A seemingly harmless Instagram photo has some Game of Thrones enthusiasts irate over what they perceive to be a spoiler for a very shocking twist involving one of the show's most beloved characters. 

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

Warning: if you're a fan of GoT but have not read the books upon which the series is based, reading further will result in a plot revelation being spoiled for you...and like we said, it's a doozy:

Okay, so you've either read the books or you hate surprises. Either way, remember the Red Wedding in which Catelyn and Robb Stark were brutally murdered? 

Well, we all know George RR Martin loves killing off beloved characters, but he also loves zombies, and it turns out one of those two isn't quite as dead as we thought:

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A recent episode of the smash HBO drama Game of Thrones featured a controversial scene which appeared to depict non-consensual sex between two siblings next to the body of their dead son.

George R.R. Martin - author of the books upon which the series is based - immediately responded to criticism of the controversial rape scene clarifying that the action played out differently in the novel, but still defending the shocking decision on the part of the show's producers.

Now, actress Lena Headey - who plays Cersei Lannister, the object of her brother's unwanted advances - has addressed the scene for the first time and her comments are likely to create more controversy.

Attempting to help the audience identify with Cersei's circumstances, Headey said:

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Man, it must REALLY suck to be rich! All that money and absolutely NO IDEA what to do with it! That's IT! Spend it all in one place, just like your mama said NOT to do!

While this certainly happens to regular people, when it happens to celebrities it's pretty epic. Watching stars who bring in millions and millions per picture have no money at all is sort of weird.

And yet, it happens. Often. Celebs file bankruptcy like some of us change our underwear. Maybe they wouldn't have to file bankruptcy if they bought normal-priced underwear?


Here are 15 stars who went broke (some will surprise you, some won't), because having a lot of money doesn't mean they know how to spend it wisely.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan used to make serious bank! But she spent it all on blow and had to have her move to New York bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.

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Lena Headey of Game of Thrones fame is broke.

Or awfully close ... she has $5 in the bank. Five.

Lena Headey Photo

Queen Cersei may be filthy-rich on-screen, but in real life, the British star, 39, is living paycheck to paycheck as Game of Thrones Season 3 gets underway.

Lena Headey split from husband Peter Loughran last year, and the couple is in the midst of a fight over how to split a joint $46,000 tax refund from 2011.

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Lena Headey stars as the title character in the upcoming FOX series The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Despite the writers' strike, this show will premiere in January.

Expect Headey - who bared it all in a sex scene with Gerard Butler in 300 - to become one of the most popular women on the Web once it does.

Lena Headey is following in the bare footsteps of another young British actress: Michelle Ryan nude pictures are also quite attractive... but her show sucked.

Let's hope Heady and The Sarah Conner Chronicles are a hit. TV needs one.

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