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Lena Dunham covers the latest issue of Vogue, marking the first time this writer/producer/actress has graced the front of a national fashion magazine.

Cause for celebration, right? Or cause for celebration, according to some.

In an attempt to defend Dunham as "a woman who trumpets body positivity, Jezelbel paid $10,000 to Vogue for the star's untouched images from her new spread.

The website received them… and then printed a couple of the photos in order to depict just how the publication edited Dunham's eyes, chin, cleavage and other areas. To wit:

Lena Dunham Photoshop Pic

In the end, writs Jezebel, Dunham's pics "were not drastically altered," but "it's important to remember how unforgiving the media is when it comes to images of women."

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Lena Dunham is featured in the new issue of Vogue and, for a change, the actress is wearing clothes.

Dunham recently got into it with a television critic who questioned her constant nudity on Girls during a recent panel discussion, telling the reporter that it's "your problem" if you dislike her bare body.

The cover shot of Dunham was taken by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz and features the 27-year old star in a polka dot dress, a confused look on her face:

Inside the February edition of the renowned publication, meanwhile, Dunham straddles the shoulders of co-star Adam Driver:

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Yesterday, HBO made the unexpected announcement that Girls has been renewed for Season 4... days prior to the premiere of Season 3.

But that news has been overshadowed by what went down later at the show's Television Critics Association Press Tour Q&A with Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow and producer Jenni Konner.

Lena Dunham as Hannah

A reporter stood up and told the star he doesn't "get the purpose of all the nudity" on the series, saying her character of Hannah is "often naked just at random times for no reason."

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The star of Girls is having a fan girl moment.

With Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey this week, Lena Dunham has taken to Twitter and made it clear: she's on board with the selection of this British actor. Very, very, very much on board.

  • Lena Dunham Red Carpet Picture
  • Jamie Dornan for ABC

"I'm a monstrous @JamieDornan1 fan," Dunham Tweeted in response to the casting.

She then referenced a BBC Two crime drama that featured Dornan as a serial killer and added:

"Wasn't allowed to be attracted to him on The Fall bc he played a sexmurderer. 50 Shades is my big chance... Wait, Christian Grey isn't a murderer right?"

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Girls star and creator Lena Dunham wants Instagram to "get down with the nipple." In other words, quit censoring/blocking breastfeeding photos.

Breastfeeding Instagram

She kept friend and new mom Sarah Sophie Flicker's breast covered up with a tasteful daisy to abide by Instagram's no nudity rules, but not by choice.

Dunham made it clear that she didn't like having to do it.

"My @sarahsophief feeding the brand new Dusty. I made the flower crown and she added the flower censor. Wish she didn't have to cuz the nipple is dope," she wrote.

"Instagram, get down with the nipple."

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Lena Dunham is the subject of a seriously creepy and bizarre Craigslist post in which an alleged ex spills on their "relationship" in an epic, fictionalized (?) diatribe.

The post in Craigslist's "Missed Connections" section could be called "fan fiction" or just plain "stalking," though some think it may have come from a real ex.

Lena Dunham Emmys Dress

Whoever penned it, the author of the insanely long rant (entitled Lena Dunham’s Dick) seems to have spent a lot of time researching the Girls creator.

Posting the whole thing here would require another server for THG.

It's that long. It's also oftentimes graphic, with lines such as this:

"To get you out of my head, I stripped to my boxers and watched porn. But I couldn't get it up. No matter what I watched."

Nice. Not that the guy doesn't have a softer side, though. There are also parts of the rant that border on being listlessly romantic, such as:

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Lena Dunham did not walk away with any trophies at the 2013 Emmy Awards on Sunday.

No official ones, that is. Yet the sister of this Girls star believes her sibling may very well have earned the title of Worst Dressed Celebrity at the event.

Responding to Dunham's bright teal Prada gown - which included an orange flower print - Grace Dunham said "it's like the Delia's catalogue made a red carpet dress."

That opinion was shared via Twitter by Grace's famous relative. Take a look.

Lena Dunham at the Emmys

Dunham clearly took a risk in not dressing joining the show's pink parade, but it was a noble risk according to one respected source.

Vogue listed this this edgy outfit among its most stylish.

Cycle through the Best and Worst Dressed Emmy stars from Sunday's show now and sound off: What do you think of Lena Dunham's gown?


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A couple of celebrities are in the news today for making supposedly un-American remarks.

Last night on The Voice, Adam Levine was caught saying he hates this country.

And about 24 hours earlier, on Memorial Day, Lena Dunham Tweeted a happy holiday to followers, adding: "I've already peed in two different Starbucks bathrooms!"

Lena Dunham Smiles

The quip did not sit well with a couple of individuals on the Right.

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Time has released its annual 100 Most Influential People list for 2013.

The Time list, presented in no particular order, is grouped into five categories of influence: Titans, Leaders, Artists, Pioneers, and Icons.

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Fancy

Among the ranks: Jennifer Lawrence, whose new film Catching Fire premieres this year, Lena Dunham, whose award-winning TV show Girls just finished its second season, and Grammy winner Frank Ocean.

Hit the jump for the full list:

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She may have her critics in the media, but she also has her fans in Hollywood.

And Taylor Swift heard from a very famous one late last week after a concert in Los Angeles.

  • Lena Dunham Close Up
  • Taylor Swift in Manhattan

"The @taylorswift13 show tonight=most life-affirming thing I've experienced (NOT hyperbole. After all, haven't yet been to a gay wedding.)," Lena Dunham Tweeted Friday, adding in her own creative way:

"Tiny girls with sparkly signs (is the name of my new T Swift tribute band)."

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Lena Dunham Quotes

My mother and I have a massive fight when I choose to wear a banana-printed belly shirt and pink leggings to the Vatican.

I am 20 years old and hate myself. My hair, my face, the curve of my stomach. The way my voice comes out wavering and my poems come out maudlin.

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