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If you thought Scientology was going to let Leah Remini go quietly, you were wrong.

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Last week, Remini spoke out, saying she left the Church over concerns she wasn't able to spend enough time with her daughter.

Now the Church has a different take on it:

"It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt by rewriting her history with it, including omitting that she was participating in a program to remain a Scientologist by her own choice, as she was on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses," a rep for the Church told Us.

YIKES. Not pulling any punches, huh Scientology?

See what other celebs are members of the often controversial Church:

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Leah Remini is once again speaking out about her much-talked about decision to leave the Church of Scientology last summer. Why did she do it?

In an interview with Buzzfeed, she cites "dozens" of factors that led to her July 2013 exit, but none as important as her 9-year-old daughter, Sofia.

"She was getting to the age where the acclimation into the Church would have to start," Remini explains, referring to Scientology's "auditing" process.

That brought up memories of the actress' own experience with the Church as a child, and how it affected her relationship with her mother, Vicki.

Vicki moved the family to a Scientology compound in Clearwater, Fla., shortly before Remini's 10th birthday, and spent a lot of time at the Church.

"I started thinking of my own childhood and how I grew up resenting my mother because she was never home," she says of that time in her life.

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Leah Remini has opened up further about her leaving the Church of Scientology after she was subpoenaed to testify in a new lawsuit against the church.

Remini split from the church in July, and feels that Scientologists want her to fail on Dancing With the Stars as an example of what happens if one leaves.

Not the case so far. After last night's non-elimination Dancing With the Stars results show, she's already made the halfway point of the season so far.

When she left the church, the former King of Queens star said she did so because Scientology officials were controlling and intimidating toward members.

In 30 years as a member of the church, Remini served a one-year stint in the elite "Sea Org" religious order and was friends with high-profile members.

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Leah Remini said the Church of Scientology is hoping for her to fall flat on Dancing With the Stars after her public defection from the religion this summer.

“The church is looking for me to fail so they can say to parishioners, ‘Look what happens when you leave,’” she told partner Tony Dovolani in a taped segment.

“They’re waiting for me to fail.”

At least through the first Dancing With the Stars results show of the season, the actress had the last laugh, easily coasting into the third episode.

Leah, who called her exodus a “big change for me and my family,” said that with Scientology, “You’re used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself.”

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Leah Remini opened up about her split from Scientology on the season premiere of Ellen, saying she's "OK" since leaving the controversial faith this summer.

Not that her break from the church was without consequence.

"We lost friends who can no longer talk to us who are still in the organization," Leah Remini said, noting that current members can't talk to ex-members.

"But we have other friends, who are not in the church, who have stood by us and that's all we can ask for," Remini added, and Ellen said she's one of them.

Asked why she left, Remini's answer was similar to but less revealing than past explanations she's given, saying her mom got her into it when she was young.

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The LAPD has closed its investigation regarding Shelly Miscaviage, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscaviage - and the church is livid with Leah Remini.

The investigation was launched after police received reports that Shelly had not been seen publicly in six years. Remini filed the missing persons report.

Officials found the missing persons allegation "unfounded," however.

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Police met with Shelly Miscaviage face to face and closed the case, though it's still unclear whether she is or ever was being held against her will.

In any case, the Church of Scientology is furious with Remini.

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Leah Remini is allegedly still battling Scientology, and the whereabouts of the long-unseen wife of church leader David Miscavige is the sticking point.

The actress has filed a missing person’s report with the LAPD regarding Shelly Miscavige, whose vanishing indirectly led to Leah leaving the religion.

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“Our missing persons unit informed us that [Remini] did file a missing person report on a Shelly Miscavige,” a spokesperson for the LAPD said.

“That is all we are going to say at this time.”

News of her LAPD filing was first reported by anti-Scientology journalist Tony Ortega, who also was among the first to report on her rift with the church.

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Leah Remini has broken her silence regarding her defection from Scientology, issuing her most direct words to date about her decision to leave the church.

Remini and her entire family left Scientology after a bizarre series of events that allegedly include A-list stars writing “knowledge reports” about her.

Leah’s questions about the whereabouts of church head David Miscavige’s wife Shelly, reportedly created controversy among Scientology's hierarchy.

“We stand united, my family and I, and I think that says a lot about who we are, and what we’re about,” Remini told People magazine on Saturday.

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Actress Kirstie Alley is said to be angry over Leah Remini’s departure from the Church of Scientology, though the actress denies this is the case.

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  • Remini

The King of Queens star's friend and fellow Scientologist Alley was said to be particularly upset about her exit, and demanding leaders address it.

"When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… then I say f--- em…" Alley, 63, tweeted.

"The sweetest poison is often served with a smile… beware syrup."

According to Scientology journalist and critic Tony Ortega, Alley's ire was directed towards Leah Remini, 43, who confirmed her exit from the church.

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Days after Leah Remini confirmed she left Scientology, a website was registered that is identical to others attacking ex-church members and critics.


On July 11, WhoIsLeahRemini (dot) com was registered with GoDaddy.

Former high ranking member Marty Rathbun, now a practicing independent Scientologist, is the subject of a similarly titled website, whoismartyrathbun (dot) com.

Ex-Scientologists Amy Scobbe and Tom DeVocht have similar websites - whose origins remain cloaked in mystery - dedicated to airing their dirty laundry.

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