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The final days of Leah Messer's marriage seem to be playing out before our eyes on Twitter and other social media sites.

It all started back in October when Calvert accused Messer of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. Messer denied cheating and the two appeared to patch things up.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Photo

Less than a week later, however, Calvert moved out on Messer, and judging by his recent online activity, it seems the couple is done for good.

This morning, Calvert tweeted simply, "DONE!"

Earlier in the week, he tweeted, "Who has two thumbs and don't give a f--k? This guy!"

But even more telling than Calvert's cryptic tweets are his latest decisions regarding whom to follow and unfollow on Twitter:

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Leah Messer's marriage hit a rough patch recently, and judging from her recent social media posts, she'll do anything to make it work.

Yesterday, Messer took to Facebook to discuss her "struggles" with Jeremy Calvert and offer "marriage tips" to her online fans. She admitted things haven't been easy, but she seemed convinced that she and Calvert could make it work.

Later on Twitter, however, the Teen Mom 2 star came off as decidedly less optimistic:

Leah Messer Calvert, Jeremy Calvert

"Everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers today #nervous," Messer tweeted, leading some fans to speculate that she was approaching some sort of crossroads in her relationship with Calvert.

Unfortunately, it seems that whatever Leah was nervous about did not turn out the way she'd hoped:

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Leah Messer's family is sticking by her throughout her recent marital strife. That includes her grandmother, who has some harsh words for her critics.

Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2 Pic

With the marriage of Leah and Jeremy Calvert on the ropes, everyone's chiming in, from her former flame Robbie Kidd to their families and friends.

Reports have surfaced that Jeremy Calvert moved out on Leah, while fingers are being pointed left and right as the pair's union hangs by a thread.

Her younger sister Victoria slammed Jeremy and threatened to expose his dirtiest secrets, and now their grandma Sandy Kay, has taken to Facebook.

With a vengeance!

In a lengthy and tangential post, Kay said that "they" (it's unclear who the nebulous they are) of going after Messer and her kids and will stop at nothing.


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Last week, Jeremy Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him in a series of vicious tweets.

Leah denied cheating, Jeremy seemed to believe her, and the whole ugly incident seemed to blow over.

Leah Messer Calvert, Jeremy Calvert

Now, however, sources close to the couple say Jeremy still wants to end his marriage, and may have just been using bogus cheating rumors as an excuse to jump ship.

Friends of Jeremy's say he's fed up with Leah's prescription pill addiction and has made up his mind to leave. "He doesn't have an exact timeline, but he's done," says one source.

While Jeremy's friends and family are reportedly siding with him and encouraging him to leave Leah (after obtaining enough evidence of bad parenting to secure sole custody), the Messer family sees Calvert as a manipulative user and they've taken to calling him out on social media:

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On True Tori Season 3 Episode 1 tonight, viewers will watch in horror as Tori Spelling cries multiple rivers over the failing state of her marriage to Dean McDermott.

Is there any hope at all for these two, considering the latter has admitted to an affair and the former is, well, Tori Spelling? We doubt it.

What happened to the once-happy couple? To bubbly parents of four? Two simple words: Greed. Infidelity. Desperation. Annoyance. Reality. Television.

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin spent years opening up about their problems in front of the camera. Hmmm... how did that go for them?

Granted, Spelling and McDermott are still technically married. But come on. They're totally doomed.

But at least they aren't alone. It's rare for couples who appear on a reality TV show together to actually stay together, as divorces have befallen everyone from a Teen Mom to a sex tape star to... whatever the heck Jon Gosselin does with his life.

So as you watch Kendra on Top online and as you wonder how such mighty pairings have fallen, hold your significant other tightly and be glad you aren't doing it with a camera in your face.

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Last week, Jeremy Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him in a series of very pissed off tweets.

Leah denied cheating on Jeremy and the tweets were quickly deleted, but some questions remained unanswered:

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Picture

Why did Jeremy seem so certain that Leah had cheated? What made him change his mind so quickly? Most importantly, what was up with his claim that he "caught" Leah in the act?

We might never know exactly what happened or who was in the wrong, but earlier today Leah's alleged cheating partner Robbie Kidd came forward to try and clear the air:

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Teen Mom 2‘s Jeremy Calvert showed off a new tattoo that may indicate a thawing of sorts following a recent bitter and icy public feud with wife Leah Messer.

  • Leah Messer Calvert and Jeremy Calvert
  • Jeremy Calvert Faith Tattoo

On Saturday, Calvert posted a photo on Twitter of his arm with “Faith” tattooed across it. Jeremy captioned the photo, “Some bare knuckles tattooing.”

Just last week, Calvert accused Leah Messer of cheating on him, adding that that he “caught” his wife red-handed, and even called out her ex Robbie Kidd.

“Go back to Mingo and have a wonderful f--king weekend with Mr Kidd,” he ranted on Twitter, referring to their native West Virginia’s Mingo County.

He later deleted that from his profile, but he clearly put it out there for a reason.

Messer, who confessed to cheating on first husband Corey Simms with Kidd one week before their October 2010 wedding, quickly denied the accusation.

“I never cheated on my husband and he knows that,” Messer wrote.

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Are Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert going through tough times? The Teen Mom 2 couple is on the rocks, or close to it, according to a new report.

This is serious stuff, not trivial matters of their own doing.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Photo

They received some potentially devastating news about daughter Ali just about a month ago, and were even forced to sell their house as a result.

Now Jeremy, the father of little Adalynn and stepdad of Ali and Aleeah, has left for a matter of weeks, if not more - but he hasn't moved out for good.

Despite rumors circulating online, this is not a second divorce for Leah, who was previously married to Corey Simms. Jeremy is just leaving for work.

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Leah Messer's divorce from Corey Simms is still fresh. Heck, it hadn't even played at the time last night's Teen Mom 2 episode was filmed. But she's already moved on.

According to reports, she and Jeremy Calvert are very serious.

In fact, he and Leah Messer "talk about getting engaged."

"We have a really good connection," the 19-year-old MTV star gushed to Us. "It's different from Corey and my relationship, because we were kinda like forcing it."

Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2

With Jeremy, she says, the chemistry and connection are stronger, since "you really know when you're supposed to be with somebody and you're not."

Most of the time, anyway.

Leah Messer and Corey Simms, who are parents to 2-year-old twins Aliannah and Aleeah, wed in October 2010, then filed for divorce six months later.

They work together to raise Aliannah and Aleeah, but the implosion of their union was clearly hard on her. Here's hoping she's happier this time around.

May want to put the brakes on another engagement, though, girl. The Teen Mom crew doesn't exactly have a good track record. Slow and steady. Breathe.

UPDATE, 1/5/12: It's true, they're engaged! And Leah Messer's pregnant too!

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