Lea Michele is an incredibly talented young actress. She stars on the Fox hit Glee. Michele is best known for her work on Broadway. She...

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Naya Rivera has had a rough time lately. Last week it was reported That Naya broke up with Big Sean after revelations that the rapper had cheated on her.

This week she's dealing with an even more inescapable problem: Lea Michele's ego.

TMZ reports that Naya and Lea have been feuding on the set of Glee and the problem has gotten so bad that one of them stormed off set recently and filming had to be shut down for the day.

Everyone seems to agree that one of the actresses bolted from the set putting production behind schedule, but there are conflicting reports as to who made the exit and why.

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With her TV show in decline and her debut album tanking with critics and consumers alike, Lea Michele is doing everything she can to stay in the spotlight these days.

  • Lea Michele: Kids Choice Awards
  • Lea Michele: Upskirt at Kids Choice Awards

Naturally, she's fallen back on one strategy that's a time-honored favorite among fading starlets: showing some skin! Unfortunately, no one in Lea's camp bothered to tell her that a Nickelodeon awards show with a mainly pre-teen audience might not be the best place to show off the goods.

Lea's outfit (seen above) might not reach Lady Gaga levels of public nudity, but bear in mind, this is the Kids Choice Awards - a place grown-up celebs share the stage with tween sitcom stars who can't yet buy tickets to PG-13 movies.

Hardly the place for a Marilyn Monroe-style upskirt moment in a nearly see-through dress.

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One is on the way for Supernatural. And NCIS. And How I Met Your Mother and Breaking Bad and Arrow.

Could Glee be the next series to be be considered for a spinoff?Lea Michele an

Lea Michele answers that question in the latest issue of Seventeen - and the actress is all for it!

  • Lea Michele Seventeen Cover
  • Lea Michele in Seventeen

“Let’s do it," Michele tell the magazine. "I think it could be Rachel living in New York and working on Broadway!”I

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I hope you're in the mood to cry today.

Ever since Cory Monteith's tragic death people have been watching Lea Michele to see how she's handling it.

If you were looking for a response, you can't get much more direct that her new song "If You Say So."

Play it below, then scroll down for lyrics:


"It’s been seven whole days without your embrace
I wanna see your face
I got some things to say
Was just a week ago

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Think the latest string of Lea Michele bikini photos are revealing?

You, dear readers, have not seen anything yet.

The Glee star poses for a Terry Richardson spread in the latest issue of V Magazine, becoming the latest beauty to ditch most of her clothing in front of the controversial photographer.

"My friends call me Grandma, but, like, Grandma's killing it right now. I'm pretty sure Grandma nailed it in a half-naked Terry Richardson shoot, okay?" Michele jokes in the accompanying interview with Mary H.K. Choi.

But there's nothing funny about this photo. It's seriously sexy!

Drool over Michele and others who have stripped down for Richardson - from Kate Upton to Lindsay Lohan to Miley Cyrus - now:

14 Scantily-Clad Celebrities Posing for Terry Richardson
Whoa there, Lea Michele! The actress bares a whole lot in this Terry Richardson photo.
View As List
Lea Michele for Terry Richardson

1. Lea Michele for Terry Richardson

Whoa there, Lea Michele! The actress bares a whole lot in this Terry Richardson photo.

Kat Graham on All Fours

2. Kat Graham on All Fours

Kat Graham poses here for Terry Richardson. And looks darn sexy while doing so!

Kim Kardashian for Terry Richardson

3. Kim Kardashian for Terry Richardson

Kim Kardashian poses here for Terry Richardson. She is promoting her family's clothing collection.

Paris Hilton Bondage Pic

4. Paris Hilton Bondage Pic

Paris Hilton poses here for Terry Richardson. She's ready for some bondage, folks!

Disturbing Miley Cyrus Photo

5. Disturbing Miley Cyrus Photo

Miley Cyrus touches herself in this photograph. We're very disturbed by it.

Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga

6. Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga

Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga in a cool photo. These two aren't so cool nowadays, from the sound of it.

Naya Rivera Photograph

7. Naya Rivera Photograph

Looking good, Naya Rivera! The Glee star shows some skin here in a photo for Terry Richardson.

Kate Upton Nude Pic

8. Kate Upton Nude Pic

A gorgeous, gorgeous pic of Kate Upton nude. Ho. Ly.

RIhanna Smoking Pic

9. RIhanna Smoking Pic

Rihanna for the new issue of Rolling Stone, in an outtake photographed by Terry Richardson.

Cameron Diaz in Lingerie

10. Cameron Diaz in Lingerie

Holy smokes! Cameron Diaz poses in black lingerie for Esquire in this amazing photo.

Lindsay Lohan Gun Pic

11. Lindsay Lohan Gun Pic

Lindsay Lohan points a gun in her mouth. Provocative imagery there by Terry Richardson and the actress.

Cleaned Up Ke$ha

12. Cleaned Up Ke$ha

Wow. Looking good, Ke$ha! The singer Tweeted this photo of herself, sans makeup, which was snapped by Terry Richardson.

Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson

13. Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga as photographed by Terry Richardson. His new book on her comes out Nov. 22 from Grand Central Publishing. Talk about a must-have.

Jennifer Hudson for Terry Richardson

14. Jennifer Hudson for Terry Richardson

Jennifer Hudson poses here for Terry Richardson. This photo was snapped for V Magazine.


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It's safe to say Lea Michele is enjoying her winter hiatus from Glee Season 5.

The actress shared yet another bikini photo of herself on vacation yesterday, captioning the latest Instagram shot with a description that makes us very jealous.

"Enjoying a relaxing weekend in sun with my best friends. So happy," wrote the lovely star.

This is a very nice shot and all, but it sorts of pales in (HOT!) comparison to this Lea Michele thong photo.

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Lea Michele has released another track off her debut album.

But this one is extra special and emotional for the artist/actress.

The song is titled "You're Mine" and Michele told Ellen DeGeneres a few weeks ago that she often breaks down upon listening to it because: 

"It makes me think so much of Cory. It was ours. When I think of him, I play this.”

Michelle, of course, is referring to Cory Monteith, her late boyfriend who died of a drug overdose in July. Listen to the track now and then to a few others off "Louder."

Lea Michele Solo Songs
This one is for Cory Monteith. Lea Michele has said she wrote "You're Mine" with her late boyfriend in mind.
View As List
Lea Michele - "You're Mine"

1. Lea Michele - "You're Mine"

This one is for Cory Monteith. Lea Michele has said she wrote "You're Mine" with her late boyfriend in mind.

Lea Michele - "Louder"

2. Lea Michele - "Louder"

Lea Michele has come out with her new single. It's titled "Louder" and you should listen to it here.

Lea Michele - "Cannonball" (Music Video)

3. Lea Michele - "Cannonball" (Music Video)

Lea Michele has released the official music video for the track "Cannonball." Watch it here!

Lea Michele Album Preview

4. Lea Michele Album Preview

A preview for Lea Michele's album Louder. The Glee star sounds great, right?

To relive some of Cory and Lea's best on-screen moments, watch Glee online at TV Fanatic.

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Cory Monteith might be gone, but he'll never be forgotten by Lea Michele.

The singer and actress is featured in the latest issue of Teen Vogue, opening up to good friend Jonathan Groff for an interview that touches on her personal life, her professional life and how the two often intersect.

Especially when it comes to Michele's debut album, "Louder," which will be released on February 28.

Michele explains to Groff:

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Pssst, guys: stop staring at Lea Michele's thong-covered rear end for a few minutes.

The actress has given you something to listen to instead.

With her debut solo album coming out in March, Michele has released her third track off of it. Following “Cannonball” and “Battlefield," this is the title single off "Louder."

Give it a listen now:

Michele, of course, continues to deal with the tragic passing of boyfriend Cory Monteith last summer.

Her hit Fox show is on hiatus, but you can catch up with it now when you head over to TV Fanatic and watch Glee online. We're huge fans of this talented star.

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by Hilton Hater at

Don't get us wrong, we like looking at Lea Michele in a thong.

But we're even more excited to check out the actress/singer in her first official music video, as Michele released the video last night for her track "Cannonball."

“TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!! #CannonballMusicVideo,” the 27-year-old star Tweeted along with the unveiling.

“Cannonball” is included on Lea‘s upcoming album, "Louder," which will be available for purchase and download on March 4. Give the video a look now:

Michele will have plenty of time to promote the CD and to focus on her music career for a bit.

Glee Season 5 does not return until the end of February and then shifts to Tuesday nights when it does come back. You can watch Glee online right now in order to catch up before then.

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