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Remember Lea-Ann Ellison?

The CrossFit Mom who posted photos of herself working out while far along in her pregnancy and caused an uproar among those who believed she was harming her unborn child?

She gave birth to a son on November 7. And he's happy and healthy and totally adorable.

The child came into the world a day before his due date and Ellison opted for a natural birth.

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Lea-Ann Ellison can squat, thrust and bench.

And she can also handle a torrent of online criticism.

The 35-year old has come under major fire for posting photos to Facebook of her lifting weights and conducting a CrossFit routine in the gym… while eight-and-half-months pregnant.

"8 months pregnant with baby number 3 and CrossFit has been my sanity," Ellison captioned the image.

"I have been CrossFitting for 2 1/2 years and ... strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish in your body's capabilities to kick ass."

Many Facebook users do not share this sentiment, however.

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