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Perez Hilton is on Team Heidi.

This is shocking news, we know.

But in The Hills gossip regarding that show's third season premiere, Hilton - the world's most annoying celebrity gossip source - was miffed when a rumor surfaced that said he was banned from the show's opening party.

Yes, the same party Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were also barred from.

Perez claimed he never intended to attend the premiere, but was certainly never denied access from the event. He blames Lauren Conrad for the rumor.

"I'm not stupid, that obviously means that Lauren Conrad's publicist was planting an item ... Lauren Conrad ... is a conniving manipulator behind the scenes. How pathetic is that that you're hungry for press and you're using my name to get it?"

He then added, "I sound like Spencer Pratt now!"

Sadly, this was probably something to be proud of for Perez. The man is more evil than Isaiah Washington and Simon Monjack put together.

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Lauren Conrad isn't like Heidi Montag: she doesn't just take everything lying down.

As The Hills feud gets really serious, our girl LC and Audrina Patridge called into the same Philadelphia radio station that interviewed Montag and the anti-Christ Spencer Pratt this week. The sweet gals fired back at the trash-talking couple.

As The Hollywood Gossip and Us Magazine previously reported, Montag and Pratt called into Q102 FM on Monday. During the interview Pratt called Conrad a "stupid girl," a "douche" and a "psycho."

Heidi said she "never could be friends with some lowlife like that," which we're pretty sure is akin to Britney Spears accusing someone else of being a train wreck.

Conrad's classy response?

"What are you gonna do? It could be a lot worse," she told the radio hosts this afternoon. "It could be someone I actually care about saying those things."

LC simply added that she doesn't "have that high of expectations for them." Granted, this is someone who has dated Jason Wahler. But it looks like Lauren has learned a lot from that relationship.

And we've all learned a lot here from a public relations standpoint: whether you love LC, hate Heidi and Spencer, or had never heard about them until two weeks ago, is there any doubt you'll be in front of the TV Monday night for the premiere of The Hills season three?

We'll see you there!

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By request, here are photos of Lauren Conrad outside Les Deux last night. With LC are Audrina Patridge and her high school pal from Laguna Beach, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth.

Thanks to Splash News for the photos, which show Lauren, Lo and Audrina as they make their way to their favorite L.A. hot spot. Looking fabulous, as usual, girls!

As we reported yesterday, with a new season of The Hills right around the corner, things between Lauren Conrad and her co-star (and former bestest pal) Heidi Montag have gotten so bad that two can't be in the same room together.

The root of that conflict? The slimy Spencer Pratt. Good to see Lauren knows who her real friends are. Always nice to see photos of Audrina and Lo! We missed you, girl!

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When we last left Lauren Conrad on the season two finale of MTV's top-rated reality hit, The Hills, she was seeing off Heidi Montag, as her former BFF and roomie sped away in a U-Haul.

Montag had chosen to move in with her slimy new beau, Spencer Pratt, even though Pratt is a complete prick Lauren Conrad strongly objected to the relationship.

But just because the season ended didn't mean the Lauren-Heidi drama was over.

On May 30, while Conrad, her new roommate, Audrina Patridge, and other pals enjoyed a night out at Les Deux, they ended up having a turf war of sorts with Heidi and Spencer, who showed up at the L.A. club that night.

"They just came right at our table and sat down," Audrina says in the newest Us Weekly. "We were like, ‘What are you doing? Get away! This is our table.' But they said, ‘This is our night, our friends, get out of here.'"

In the end, the couple stormed out of Les Deux in a huff.

By July, the estrangement between Heidi and Lauren was so palpable that Montag didn't take the MTV's promotional photos for season three of The Hills the same day as the rest of the cast - instead posing by herself in the studio for separate pics!

Of course, there are many other photos of Heidi Montag (and that jackass Spencer Pratt) that spontaneously and mysteriously surface online. Meanwhile, LC may have landed, if only for a night, an NBA player in former Duke University star Josh McRoberts.

Regardless, the Team Lauren vs. Team Heidi showdown has officially eclipsed Hollywood's best battles
. What do you think of this drama? Team Heidi or Team LC?

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Blonde, beautiful and 21, The Hills' Lauren Conrad has it all. The hottest thing on reality TV has hit the mark again - literally - as the new face of Mark cosmetics.

The star of Laguna Beach and The Hills gave TV's "Extra" an inside look at her fashion-forward world - and gives us breaking news about her future.

"My favorite mark product is their ‘On the Edge' black liquid liner," says Lauren Conrad of her new cosmetics line. "I wear it everyday because I'm addicted to it!"

The California girl also admits she doesn't get her gorgeous glow entirely from the sun. She's got a skin-tastic secret or two up her sleeve.

"Bronzer is good because it's good to kind of brighten up your face," she says.

The hard-working star is currently a student at Los Angeles' Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and she's got a killer internship at Teen Vogue, where she and fellow intern and friend Whitney Port were just featured on the cover!

Now she's breaking another piece of big career news - Lauren Conrad is launching her own fashion line with MTV later this year!

"There's a lot of mini dresses, empire cuts," LC said of the clothing line. "It's a line that's not just made for skinny girls."

While Lauren may love the limelight now, she's already looking forward to the day she leaves it behind. This girl insists she is not interested in long-term fame.

"I don't think I could do this for much longer," Lauren Conrad said. "That's why I wanted to start really young, get my career over with, then have a family and settle down."

She's so grounded! Unlike her former BFF Heidi Montag or so many other young women in the spotlight, it appears there's no reality check needed for this star!

Meanwhile, we've been sent more photos of former Duke basketball player and recent Portland Trail Blazers draft pick Josh McRoberts. Fans are convinced he is the mystery man spotted out with LC the other night. See what you think after the jump ...

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A few more of you have written in regarding the identity of Lauren Conrad's newest accessory (boy), as our staff tries to determine if he is, in fact, former Duke University basketball standout and current Portland Trail Blazers forward Josh McRoberts.

It's looking more like it could be the case... but it's still a mystery.

See the picture of Josh McRoberts below (left), sent to The Hollywood Gossip exclusively below by a reader. Compare it to the recent photo (right) of Lauren Conrad from last week. The Hills star is holding hands with a mystery man - who many of you believe is McRoberts. There's definitely a resemblance... but we still can't say for sure.

Can any of you provide further proof? Does anyone out there know how (and if) he and Lauren Conrad are together? What's he doing in L.A.? Any info you can provide us is much appreciated! Leave a comment on this post or use our Contact Us form.

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Yesterday, we brought you photos of Lauren Conrad and her new mystery man and asked for help in identifying this tall, handsome devil. A couple of you think you have done it.

Rumor has it that Lauren's newest "accessory" is Josh McRoberts, a former Duke basketball standout chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 37th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.

So far, photo evidence that Josh McRoberts is the fellow seen with LC is inconclusive. See the pictures below, of him playing Georgia Tech... and playing the field with our girl in L.A...

My, sports and celebrity gossip continue to intertwine. Although we're happy to be writing about a possible young romance for a change, and not the war or words / baby mama drama surrounding Matt Leinart and ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron.

Or the disgrace to humanity that is Michael Vick.

Anyway. College basketball fans may recall that despite his stature and natural talent, the 6'10" McRoberts was often thought of as a soft player at Duke... Lauren Conrad robably hopes he isn't a soft player when it comes to her. If you know what we mean!

Fans, The Hollywood Gossip needs your help. How do you know for sure that this is Josh McRoberts? We're obviously curious. Leave a comment with the info you've got - and help our eager celebrity news reporters be the first to get The Hills scoop!

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We don't know who this dude is with Lauren Conrad.

We also have no idea when or where these pics were taken, or even who sent them to us. But if you want real news, go watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck and pals on The View.


This is a celebrity gossip site, people. That being said, random, anonymous emails containing unauthenticated Lauren Conrad photos are good enough for us.

In any case, here's LC and her mystery man in the back of a taxi cab. LC appears to be upset or confused over something… perhaps the fare was a tad higher than she'd hoped? The cab driver also looks distressed. Maybe he ran over Britney Spears‘ new puppy?

She could just be drunk, of course, and if she is, we applaud her. Why? She is taking a cab! What a concept! One that Paris, Nicole and Lindsay Lohan would never consider. Bitches.

Moving on. Below, here are Lauren and this gentleman again, most likely on their way in or out of one of the hottest Hollywood clubs, such as Hyde or Les Deux.

While Lauren Conrad is clearly trying to hide herself from throngs of celebrity news photographers, her escort seems to soak it in. Looks like a nice fellow.

Any ideas, readers? Who is this guy? Is he the same guy as was seen with our girl when in those LC bikini photos last week? Are you looking forward to The Hills or what!?

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The fabulous Lauren Conrad is featured on the cover of August's issue of Teen Vogue.

LC appears on the cover of the magazine with her fellow co-star on The Hills, Whitney Port.

Of course, fans know that Lauren and Whitney work together as interns ... at Teen Vogue.

Think that perhaps, this gives them a leg up on any possible cover competition? Just a little?

Then again, when you look at this pair of California cuties, you wonder why the magazine would ever need to go outside its own offices for cover girls.

Lauren, Whitney and the rest of The Hills cast return Monday, August 13, for the third (and likely) final season of the hit series, a spin-off of Laguna Beach.

Rumor has it that The Hills has been reportedly extended to 18 episodes by MTV, giving LC, Whit, Heidi, Audrina Patridge more air time than ever. Which is, like, totally sweet!

For now, though, here are a few pictures of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from behind the scenes of their photo shoot, which is featured in this month's Teen Vogue.

Whitney, LC

ABOVE, LEFT: Being a cover girl is hard work! Whitney looks a little worn out, but fortunately, her parents were there to support her throughout the ordeal. When she got the chills in between shots, her folks kept a white robe handy.

ABOVE, RIGHT: Lauren Conrad is considerably shorter than Whitney, so LC had to wear heels or stand on a crate to make up the difference in some of the Teen Vogue photos.

Follow the jump below for more terrific pics of Lauren and Whitney ...

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