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Lauren Alaina got personal on American Idol this week, performing the Martina McBride hit "Anyway" because "I can really relate to it, with all the devastation in my hometown and the South from the tornadoes last week."

From there, the finalist did McBride and everyone who suffered through such a tragedy proud, belting out a cover that caused Steven to say she broke his heart and J. Lo to gush:

"That was exactly what you have to do. It was a great, great vocal performance."

However, Alaina's follow-up performance of Elvis "Trouble" came off a bit forced to the judges. Tyler said he "wasn't sure if [he] believed" the act on stage or not, while Randy somehow said we saw the "gun side" of the crooner.

Might "Trouble" place Lauren in danger of elimination? Watch the audition now and decide for yourself:

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Not unlike how Haley Reinhart sang Lady Gaga, Lauren Alaina picked an atypical song from a current powerhouse chart-topper last night on American Idol.

With Carrie Underwood's "Flat on the Floor," Lauren sounded more energized than she has in weeks. For all intents and purposes, she channeled Carrie well.

"Lauren, that is the direction for you!" Randy says. "This direction I agree with 100 percent.. I thought it was amazing." The "sky's the limit," Steven added:

Her throwback to yesteryear was "Unchained Melody." It's her parents' song, she says, and Sheryl Crow notes that the song requires a lot of maturity.

It does, but Lauren Alaina was ready. No wonder she's made it to the top five - and we have to imagine the top four after this evening's results show.

Watch her sing the Righteous Brothers classic below ...

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Lauren Alaina was nervous about going for a high note last night.

Interestingly, what she felt were the toughest parts of "Where You Lead (I Will Follow)" - a Carole King classic that later became the Gilmore Girls theme - were actually where she was at her best. Maybe she needs to give herself more credit.

She sounded great when she sang in harmony with her backing vocalists, too. Watch and listen to her performance here and see what you think:

Think she'll survive another week? It looks good for her. Meanwhile, Lauren joined Scotty McCreery on a duet, which you can see after the jump:

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After a lackluster effort a week ago, Scotty McCreery sought to expand the range of his delivery with his performance of "You've Got a Friend" Wednesday.

While imperfect, it was still a distinct vocal performance that showed improvement from the guy, and that won raves from both the judges and audience.

Watch him sing the Carole King song that James Taylor popularized here and tell us if you think he has the skills to make the finals of American Idol ...

Meanwhile, Scotty and Lauren Alaina sang their third duet of the season, and while they each sound lovely on their solo lines, together it didn't quite mesh.

At least we didn't think so. You decide after the jump:

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Lauren Alaina sometimes holds something back on stage. Not last night.

It's true that, in covering Sara Evans' hit "Born to Fly," she stayed close to the original version. But it's a great country song to stick close to the original of.

Will she spread her wings and truly fly to new heights this season on Idol? If this performance is any indication, she's still scratching the surface of her talent:

Who do you think was the best on American Idol last night? Vote:

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Lauren Alaina selected Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" on American Idol because "it's about a young girl struggling to reach her dreams." Will Lauren reach hers?

The inspirational hit song's top notes are slightly outside the best part of this aspiring singer's range, but she does a commendable job of it live, overall.

The judges liked it and so, we're guessing, will voters. In fact, before she even got out there, Jimmy Iovine called her a "much better singer" than Miles.

Do you agree? Compare it with Miley Cyrus' version below and vote:

Who sings "The Climb" better?


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Lauren Alaina chose an Aretha Franklin classic last night and the young American Idol hopeful held her own on "(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman."

Seriously, that's not an easy choice for a 16-year-old.

Randy said it's one of the most difficult songs selected by the final nine, and that while he wasn't jumping up and down, he thought she did a good job.

His fellow judges were more impressed: "Tonight, you are a natural-born woman," Steven says. "I love your voice." "She's amazing," Jennifer added.

Is she a natural? Take a look below and decide:

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Lauren Alaina tackled an iconic Elton John single last night, the track this singer revised in honor of Princess Diana.

It was a challenge for the American Idol finalist, but one that may have turned her into a season 10 contender.

Giving the ballad a unique sound via her country twang, Alaina earned overflowing praise from the judges. Randy referred to the cover as "sensitive," while Steven said it was perfect and J. Lo gushed: "You were gorgeous... That was it, baby. That was amazing."

Do we have a new front runner?

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Who needs a stage?

Lauren Alaina quickly abandoned it this week, sauntering around to the audience and singing her cover of a Supremes single ("You Keep Me Hangin' On") directly to the judges at times.

The county twang in Lauren's voice goes well with this Motown selection, as Randy offered up nothing but praise to the young contestant: "She's now got her swagger on. She's ready! She's ready!"

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Lauren Alaina was among the American Idol finalists who performed with the flu last night.

But the resulting, smokey sound may have actually helped this 16-year old with her rendition of Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the Only One."

Thanks to a confident stage presence and a well-trained voice, Alaina earned a wild ovation from the crowd, along with the label of a "shining star" from Steven Tyler. Said Jennifer Lopez, simply and accurately:

"That's staying true to the melody and framework of the song but still giving it your own flavor. Very good job."

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