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Seeking to revive her music "career," Britney Spears met with her former manager, Larry Rudolph, last week, according to celebrity news sources.

"Britney wants to get back to work," a friend of the Spears family said. "People close to Britney know that Larry Rudolph is the best person for her - he's the man who can get her back on the right track career-wise."

The two â€" who stopped talking last year after Spears fired his ass and blamed him for forcing her into rehab â€" had a "mostly personal meeting," the source adds.

"They had a normal conversation, and it was very friendly and warm. There was no animosity... Larry just wanted to see her. He is still extremely close to Britney's family and really cares about her and wanted to spend some time with her."

This photo of Britney Spears and then-manager Larry Rudolph was taken in late 2006 - after she filed for divorce from K-Fed, but before she went bonkers.

Larry Rudolph, who is credited for discovering Spears, managed her career for nine years. He was subpoenaed in Spears' custody battle in August 2007.

"I know and understand Britney Spears better than anyone, I know what makes her tick, and I understand everything she's going through," he said. "With that being said, my loyalty will always stay strong with Britney."

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Britney Spears makes $737,868 a month. Not a small chunk of change. At the same time, Kevin Federline earns somewhere in the neighborhood of jack $h!t.

This is according to the New York Post, which has the latest documents in the white trash couple's ongoing - and increasingly nasty - custody battle.

Britney Spears "is clearly the moneyed party in this case," said Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, in papers filed Monday in Los Angeles.

Kevin Federline is hoping to win 70/30 custody of their children and MACS (massive amounts of child support) from Spears.

That and $150,000 for his legal bills.

FedEx is broke, his lawyers admit in the filing - his income totaling zero after business expenses, despite $20,000 a month in spousal support Britney Spears is shellin' out already.

Those monthly payments stop November 15.

Federline's lawyer also demands that Spears stop stalling and pick a date to be grilled on the stand. The deposition needs to happen fast, Kaplan argues - in advance of their next hearing date of September 17.

Britney Spears skipped her previous deposition appointment, which was set for August 20, because her lawyer went on vacation, the papers say.

Already on tap for deposition by Team K-Fed are Spears' former assistants (Alli Sims, Shannon Funk), a "designated sober companion," (!?) her former business manager, and a one-time bodyguard, assistant and nanny (Daimon Shippen).

Her former manager, Larry Rudolph, had been dreading (and trying to avoid) the day when he got served, but that day arrived yesterday in L.A., according to Perez Hilton.

A source close to Rudolph says, "It stinks. [Larry] was trying to stay out of it and keep a low profile but he obviously didn't keep it low enough. He didn't want to get involved."

Over the weekend Rudolph, told Ryan Seacrest that he was on the run, and didn't want to say where he was. He didn't want to be served because he said it won't be good for Britney, who he remains loyal to despite the fact that the loon gave him the axe undeservedly.

Kevin Federline: Not a man with a high net worth. Or any sort of talent.

Earlier this week, an attempt was made to serve Britney Spears' friend Sam Lufti - an attempt that ended in a car collision. While FedEx reps say he rammed their car in order to flee, Sam Lufti has said his vehicle was surrounded and rammed by K-Fed's process servers.

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With everyone from Britney Spears' possible cousin (Alli Sims), to former assistants / lovers (Shannon Funk, Daimon Shippen) to employees at a rehab center she attended being subpoenaed by Kevin Federline's attorney, it's no wonder that those who know Spears are just waiting their turn.

In fact, her former manager, Larry Rudolph, has revealed that his concern over being served has put him on the run.

Confused as F*%k

In emails to Ryan Seacrest, which the metrosexual discussed on his KIIS FM radio show, Rudolph explained that if he were to get served, it would be bad for Britney.

"[Rudolph is] doing his best to hide from Federline's process server," Seacrest revealed. "He's actually on the run, if you will... he doesn't want to say where he is and he doesn't want to get served because it won't be good for Britney."

Rudolph was Britney Spears' manager until April, when her anger over being "forced" into rehab at Promises Treatment Center led to his firing.

Despite the split, Larry Rudolph told Seacrest that "even after all [he and Spears] have been through, he is loyal and doesn't want to go under oath and talk about things."

Meanwhile, Britney Spears was cleared in an investigation by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which visited the pop star's residence after multiple allegations of her abusing her new, $3,000 Yorkie puppy.

Britney might be a train wreck, but Michael Vick, she isn't.

According to Madeline Bernstein, President of the L.A. branch of the SPCA, the dog was indeed hurt but the minor injuries were an accident and Spears was not present.

"It was a very slight fracture," Berstein said. "The dog didn't need a real cast or surgery. There was just a splint put on the dog."

"As it turns out,­ Britney wasn't there when the dog mishap occurred," she says. "The dog got under someone's foot in the walk-in closet. It's not that unusual for people to step on their dogs by accident or trip over them. Things like this can happen."

Especially if the owner is insane and constantly drunk.

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Britney Spears wants her career back.

Not only has the troubled, possibly insane pop princess been back in the music studio and taking dance classes, but insiders claim she's fired her inept manager, Larry Rudolph.

Britney in the Pool

Spears, who's been suffering from severe postpartum depression, reportedly blames Rudolph for some of her recent missteps, including introducing her to her one-time BFF and current nemesis, Paris Hilton.

There may be legal ramifications for Britney Spears, as she signed a multi-year deal with Rudolph. But she just rehired her one-time PR chief, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, so at least it will be spun nicely in the media.

Sloane didn't know about Rudolph's status when contacted. However, reports of Rudolph's demise may be premature. As of this morning, TMZ has confirmed that Rudolph has not been fired ... yet.

Late last year, Paris thought of herself as a (skanky, worthless) role model for the newly-single Spears, and even claimed Britney was grateful to be under her wing.

But shortly after the alliance had been formed and the nude Britney Spears pictures displayed for all to enjoy, this ho train lovefest crashed hard and the two haven't partied together since.

Paris' rep, Eliot Mintz, fired back at the New York Post article reporting the rift, telling TMZ, "That's a matter between Britney, Larry Rudolph and Leslie."

It was definitely a bad idea for Britney and Paris to be friends. We've been saying for months how Larry Rudolph has no frickin clue what he's doing, and he should definitely get the pink slip if he hasn't yet.

Can't we all let it go now, though? Britney Spears, bless her heart, is fresh out of detox and trying to get her career up and running again. Paris has other things to worry about, such as who's doing the doggy style honors later tonight.

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Bodog Entertainment, the online betting enterprise that recently brought us odds on which celebrity would be involved in a DUI arrest, has just posted the official odds something even more intriguing:

Who will be the father Britney Spears' next child?!

Old Skool Britney

Is your life so utterly devoid of excitement that you'd consider putting money on it? We sure would. Here are the primary contenders, and the opening lines, courtesy of, with the photo below of another one of Britney's heinous outfits courtesy of

Perez Hilton (a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira): 100/1
Brandon Davis (a.k.a. Greasy Bear): 12/1
Former President Bill Clinton: 20/1
President George W. Bush: 28/5
Kevin Federline: 13/3
Mel Gibson: 31/1
Justin Timberlake: 11/2
Isaac Cohen: 5/3
Hugh Hefner: 12/1
Larry Rudolph: 11/5

Personally, we like George W. Bush as a dark horse, although he's going to have his hands full ousting some of the favorites. Kind of surprising that his oversexed predecessor, Bill Clinton, is more of a long shot. We shudder to think how Paris Hilton, Spears' former BFF, would react if her pal Brandon Davis knocked Brit up.

As far as the favorites go, you can never count out FedEx (those boys can swim!), or TimberlakeEx, now that Cameron Diaz is out of the picture. It's interesting that Isaac Cohen, Britney's current boyfriend, is running just about neck-and-neck with her manager, Larry Rudolph, who's seen with her just about as often.

Both Cohen and Rudolph, who may be the worst manager ever, given Brit's slide in terms of public opinion, have shown they're adept at handing the kids she already has, so both would seem likely to impregnate her soon. Well, likely compared to freaking Perez Hilton at least. That mofo likes dudes!

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