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Lane Garrison got a big break today when the judge ruled that the actor should get a psychiatric evaluation instead of sentencing him to hard time.

"We don't have all the information," Superior Court Judge Eldon Fox ruled on the vehicular manslaughter charge resulting from a car accident last Dec. 2 that left a 17-year-old Beverly Hills boy dead, People magazine reported. "I intend to remand Mr. Garrison today to the Department of Corrections for diagnostics." is reporting that the TV star's lawyers' request for a "diagnostic" â€" submitting Garrison to 90 days of psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is a suitable candidate for probation â€" was met with vehement opposition from the D.A.

Behind closed doors, the D.A. favored four years hard time instead. Which seems reasonable for someone that almost makes Lindsay Lohan look law-abiding.

Judge Fox said: "The fact that you may have some notoriety, I don't really care."

Garrison was remanded to the Sheriff's Dept. and he will then be transported to the Dept. of Correction. When he left the courtroom, accompanied by his lawyers, Richard Hutton and Harland Braun, he was not cuffed and he kissed all his family members. He is expected back in court October 31.

Garrison pleaded guilty May 21 to vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence and two other alcohol-related charges.

Along with his manslaughter plea, Garrison also admitted that he provided alcohol to minors and that he registered a blood alcohol level of over .15 the night of the crash. That's a Pete Doherty-like level.

The actor, who grew up with Jessica Simpson, was driving his Land Rover SUV in Beverly Hills with three teenage passengers on Dec. 2 when the vehicle struck a tree at 11:52 p.m.

One passenger, Vahagn Setian, 17, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. A 15-year-old girl, also in the car, suffered a fractured pelvis and shattered arm. A second girl, also 15, was not seriously injured.

After the accident police also said that Garrison had cocaine in his system and more than twice the legal blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash.

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Prison Break actor Lane Garrison, charged with vehicular manslaughter in the death of a 17-year-old Beverly Hills boy, has spoken out for the first time since the fatal December car accident.

"I pray every day for all the families involved," Garrison tells People magazine exclusively. "I realize I will live with a sense of guilt for the rest of my life."

Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

On Dec. 2, Garrison, who played "Tweener" on the FOX jailhouse drama, was driving his Land Rover SUV in Beverly Hills with three teenage passengers when the vehicle struck a tree at 11:52 p.m.

Vahagn Setian, 17, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. A 15-year-old girl, also in the car, is recuperating at home with a fractured pelvis and shattered arm; a second girl, also 15, was not seriously injured.

Police later said Garrison had cocaine in his system and more than twice the legal blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash. We're talking beyond Pete Doherty level here.

Garrison was charged earlier this month with one felony count each of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and without gross negligence, driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims and driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury, as well as one misdemeanor count of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Actor Mark Wahlberg has already offered his support.

Garrison was to be arraigned March 8, but his attorney, Harland Braun, requested more time before entering a plea. Bail was set at $100,000 and Garrison faces up to six years and eight months in state prison if convicted.

The actor is due back in court on April 11, but Braun wants to meet with the district attorney prior to that date to discuss the specific charges.

"We plan to plead guilty to some charges and the sentencing will be up to the judge," Braun tells People. "Lane accepts responsibility; the judge will decide sentencing and Lane will accept it."

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Mark Wahlberg knows a thing or two dozen about having problems with the law.

For that reason, the Oscar nominee has revealed that he "prays every single day" for embattled actor Lane Garrison â€" and for those involved in the the December car accident that killed a 17-year-old.

Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

"I certainly pray for him every single day of my life," Wahlberg told People magazine last night at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest movie Shooter, which also costars Garrison.

His comments came after Garrison was charged with vehicular manslaughter following a car accident in December that killed a 17-year-old male passenger. He currently sits atop our Jason Wahler-inspired jail board.

"I'll speak to Lane and wish him the best and you know [tell him to] deal with the situation and put it behind him."

"It's a horrible accident. It's a tragedy for everybody involved and we're just praying for everybody," Wahlberg said.

Wahlberg is no stranger to run-ins with the law, having served 45 days in an adult prison as a teenager after being prosecuted for his involvment in a street fight, an experience he credits with helping him change his life for the better. Maybe Mischa Barton will one day say the same thing about her car accident history.

And that's why he hasn't given up on troubled colleagues like Garrison, or former Sopranos actor Lillo Brancato, currently facing murder charges for his part in the December 2005 shooting of a police officer. We assume he also felt for Bobby Brown. Maybe.

"You know I have a lot of friends that are incarcerated," Wahlberg said, "and I'm certainly about rehabilitating and trying to forgive and trying to mend the wounds that have been caused."

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The future of Lane Garrison looks almost as bleak as that of his murdered character on Prison Break.

Blood tests have revealed that the actor had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system and was under the influence of cocaine during the fatal crash that killed a 17-year-old boy in December.

Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

A spokesman for the Beverly Hills Police Department announced today that his department has recommend that the L.A. County District Attorney file a felony charge of gross vehicular manslaughter against Garrison, an even more serious charge than the one planned against Brandy.

The D.A. received the police file today and the case is under review. If charges are filed and Garrison is convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison.

According to cops, Garrison's blood alcohol level was worse than Tara Conner on a typical night out: at least .16.

Cops also recommended that Garrison be prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The actor met Vahagn Setian and two 15-year-old girls hours before the crash. The teens invited the actor to a party, where people who attended tell they saw Garrison drink and snort cocaine.

Stephen Colbert would not be proud.

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Jessica Simpson's father and manager, Crazy Joe Simpson has fired troubled Prison Break star Lane Garrison from his daughter's latest movie project.

Garrison was a troubled youth in Texas when he moved in with his family's minister - Joe Simpson. Lane and Jessica Simpson became friends.

Lane Garrison and Ashley Mattingly

Even though he is still close to the family, Joe Simpson had to let him go from the film - because he was set to play a character who was continually drunk.


How funny. Sometimes art imitates life. Now all we need is for Mischa Barton to play some spoiled, annoying and anorexic brat on TV. Oh, wait...

Simpson is currently filming the movie Blonde Ambition with Luke Wilson in Shreveport, La. Ashlee Simpson, who is not involved in this story at all, is pretending to sing and being generally worthless somewhere.

Garrison was involved in a car crash earlier this month that killed Vahagn Setian, 17, and injured two other passengers. Alcohol is thought to have been a factor in the crash.

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On Prison Break, Lane Garrison played a troubled teen often on the wrong side of the law. In real life, well, read that sentence again.

Growing up in Richardson, Texas, however, Garrison's misguided ways landed him in the home of a minister: Crazy Joe Simpson. For almost a year, the young actor lived with beautiful, weird Simpson clan.


In light of recent incidents involving Lane, the rep for Jessica Simpson said: "She loves him and wishes him well during this difficult time."

Garrison was the driver of a car involved in an accident last weekend that killed 17-year-old Vahagn Setian. Rumors are swirling that he may have been drunk at the time, similar to Rip Torn.

Earlier this year, Lane told People magazine about his adolescent days; he "stole everything" he could, including cars and stereos. At 15, after an abortive attempt to steal a jug of wine from a stranger's garage, Garrison says his mom "slapped the crap" out of him and actually took him to a police station to scare him.

He lived with the Simpsons for a year after that. No word on whether or not he slept with Ashlee Simpson. We'll assume he did.

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