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Given all the excesses available in Hollywood, and all the stressed-out creative types who work there, it's not surprising that we could come up with a list of celebrity smokers.

Some of the individuals who made said list may surprise you, though.

Despite the obvious risks of bad breath, yellow teeth and ... what's that one we forgot ... oh, right, lung cancer, countless celebrities still smoke cigarettes.

Hey, at least they can afford to pay the sin tax on those $10 packs?

If you know who Lindsay Lohan is, chances are you know Lindsay Lohan smokes. Ditto Charlie Sheen. But you'd never think some of these other stars partake.

Take a look at 23 celeb smokers who should probably quit:

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl is smoking hot ... although her smoking habit is so not. She also thinks e-cigarettes are cool, which is almost funny but more sad than anything.

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Here's one we probably should've seen coming. Two of the most self-important weirdos in entertainment might be hooking up and all we can do is hope that it doesn't result in some sort of mega-hipster baby that pops out of the womb talking about bands you've never heard of. 

Lana Del Rey has been on a tear since ending her engagement to Barrie-James O'Neill and it looks as though - like so many starlets before her - she may have fallen into the Franco trap.

Lana Del rey and James Franco

It's a known fact that Franco will bang anyone not named Lindsay Lohan, so when we see a photo like the one above, we naturally assume that Lana and James are knockin' boots and discoursing on existentialism together.

On the left is Lana's sister, and we have no way of knowing if she's been able to able to escape Franco's magnetic douchiness, but she's not famous, so James probably literally can't see her.

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For those of you struggling to keep up with Lana Del Rey's love life, allow us to be of some assistance:

Lana and Barrie-James O'Neill got engaged in January of 2014. Then, last month, Lana and Barrie-James broke up, possibly because she realized he has a hyphenated first name, and that's awful.

Shortly thereafter Barrie-James claimed he and Lana are still together, so B-J, if you're reading this, we'd like to encourage you to look away now, because Lana has found another uniquely named European dude to be depressed and smoke cigarettes with.

Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini

Yes, Lana's been spotted cavorting around Italy with Vogue photographer Francesco Carrozzini.

Neither party has confirmed that they're in a relationship, but you don't take a trip to Italy with a photographer named Francesco and keep it platonic. 

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Earlier this week Lana Del Rey hinted that she'd ended her engagement to Barrie-James O'Neill.

And by hinted, we mean she definitively stated that she and O'Neill are "not together."

But O'Neill apparently sees things differently, as he told TMZ last night that that the relationship between Lana and himself is most certainly "not over."

"Don't believe what you read," O'Neill told a paparazzo. "It's just stories. Bedtime stories."

We're not sure if Barrie-James is endearingly devoted to making his relationship work or terrifyingly stalker-ish in his insistence that he and Lana are still together.

There's just no way to get a read on this guy; he's got a hyphenated first name, for Pete's sake!

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Frances Cobain wants Lana Del Rey to shut up, but the "Shades of Cool" singer apparently has no plans to stop making bizarre comments about the first family of grunge.

Last week, Lana wished she was dead so that she could be more like her idol Kurt Cobain.Today, she stated that she not only draws inspiration from Kurt's troubled widow Courtney Love, she also counts the former Hole singer among her closest friends.

  • C-Love
  • Lana Del Rey Image

"Courtney Love's a big inspiration," said Lana in a recent interview. "I like her. I talk to her a lot...I just went to her show when she was playing in London.

Well, if Lana is trying to make nice with Frances, buddying up with her estranged mom is probably the wrong way to go about it.

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Well, if you were wondering why every love song on Lana Del Rey's new album sounds more like a funeral dirge, we may have an explanation for you:

Lana got engaged to Barrie-James O'Neill earlier this year, but the gloomy chanteuse revealed in a recent interview that she and O'Neill are "currently not together."

Barrie-James O'Neill, Lana Del Rey

Asked to elaborate, Lana stated, "He is a wonderful person. But there are some things with which he has to deal. I will not explain it in detail. I no longer felt free. We'll see how it goes."

We suppose the news isn't entirely shocking, as Del Rey's latest album, Ultraviolence, is filled with musings about breakups and bad relationships. 

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In a bizarre interview published last week, Lana Del Rey glamorized premature death, and hinted that she'd like to emulate her idols Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain by not living to see 30.

Naturally, a lot of people took offense to this mind-blowingly foolish statement, and one of the critics of Lana's comments knows all too well about the pain that can be caused by one person's reckless disregard for their own health and well-being.

Frances Cobain lost her father - legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - when she was just a year old.

The young artist was understandably upset by Lana's comments and has made her feelings clear on Twitter:

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Lana Del Rey has never exactly been a ball of sunshine (except when she performed as Lizzie Grant in her first attempt at a singing career, but that's a different story). With comments she made in a recent interview with The Guardian, however, Lana's taken her gloomy disposition to a troubling new level.

"I wish I was dead already," says Lana early in the conversation. Things somehow get darker from there, with the singer listing Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse as two of her idols, and seeming to believe she can best emulate them by dying prematurely.

When the interviewer (sensibly) encourages her not to say such things, Lana - sounding very much like a morose teen - argues that she really means it.

"I do!" she exclaims. "I don't want to have to keep doing this but I am."

When the interviewer prompts Lana to explain what she means by "doing this," she elaborates, "Everything. That's just how I feel. If it wasn't that way then I wouldn't say it."

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Summer might not officially begin until June 21, but unofficially, the hottest season of the year is here. Bathing suits, sunscreen, and the beach are all calling our names.

You know what else this season needs? More... MUSIC. Songs of summer, to be exact.

What, exactly, IS a "song of summer"? Right now it's what every artist is trying to acquire: the most played song of the season that most ... well, reminds us of summer.

Our favorite warm-weather jams conjure up images of bodies of water, dancing, frozen and/or boozy drinks, and maybe even some lovin'. Preferably all of the above.

To that end, we've compiled a playlist of 21 songs of summer, comprised of #1 hits and hot songs we love that remind us of our carefree time in the sun.

Roll your windows down, turn your radio up, and cruise through this gallery ...

THE song of summer, Will Smith's "Summertime" has been oft-imitated, never duplicated.

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Lana Del Rey sang at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's rehearsal dinner, performing her hit "Young and Beautiful," which is reportedly a favorite of Kim's.

No surprise that Kim loves a ditty about outer beauty, what is surprising is that despite rumors that Lana received a massive payday fro the event, the singer claims she actually performed for free!

TMZ cameras caught up with Lana at LAX recently where she politely explained that there's no truth to reports that she received $2.8 million to singe for Kimye. 

"I would never let a friend pay me to sing at a wedding," says Lana in the clip above.

So if you're getting hitched in the near future, just become "friends" with Lana on Facebook and then send her a request to perform on your big day. Hurry, before she changes her mind!

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