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"Summertime Sadness" chanteuse Lana Del Rey is secretly to boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill, and has been for awhile, according to a new report.

The low-profile O'Neill, who sings and plays guitar in the Scottish band Kassidy, have been engaged since last summer and dating since 2011!

Barrie-James O'Neill, Lana Del Rey

The couple sparked engagement rumors in July 2013 when they were photographed house-hunting in L.A. with Del Rey wearing a diamond sparkler.

The typically broody Del Rey noted to Complex magazine in January 2012 that her "Off to the Races" track on her Born to Die album is about euphoric love.

"When I found somebody who I fell in love with, it made me feel different than I felt the rest of the day. It was electrifying," the 27-year-old recaled.

"That's what inspired the 'Off to the Races' melodies," she explained. "That's one of the times when you're feeling electrified by someone else."

"They make you happy to be alive."

Congratulations to the duo!

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Lana Del Rey's song "So Legit" leaked online earlier this week and features some pretty harsh and seemingly direct jabs at pop megastar Lady Gaga.

"So Legit" could have been written as early as 2008 or 2009, according to reports. Whenever she penned it, Del Rey's sultry vocals are unmistakable.

As is the fact that she's laying into the "Born This Way" singer.

Many thought the two New York natives were close friends - and maybe they are, or were - but this paints the opposite picture to say the least.

"Stefani, you suck ... I know you're selling 20 million," Lana Del Rey sings. "Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg."

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Many people are just as excited about The Great Gatsby's soundtrack as they are for the movie itself.

The ads for the film have been showcasing the various songs from Jay-Z, Beyonce, Fergie, Gotye, and more.

The latest Great Gatsby TV spot features the Lana Del Rey song "Young and Beautiful." Take a look:

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Man, 2012 was a great year for videos.

Long or short, highly produced or randomly amateur, political or sexual, musical or viral, these 12 videos spread like wildfire across the World Wide Internets.

What videos stand out as your favorites over the past 12 months? We've chosen a dozen that defined the year. Let's take a look back at 2012 in moving pictures:

12. Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Overplayed as it is dinky as it is catchy, Gotye's song may be one-hit wonder material, but that one hit was HUGE!

Cool video, too. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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Give Lana Del Rey credit: she knows how to get the Internet buzzing.

Granted, awhile back it was for an atrocious Saturday Night Live performance.

And then there was that weird Jackie O tribute in the video for "National Anthem." We're still not sure what was going on there.

Now, Del Rey has come out with the music video for “Bel Air," which is off the album "Born to Die: The Paradise Edition" and is really just spoken word from the artist.

It's unusual... and sort of cool? Decide for yourself:

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In January, Lana Del Rey made headlines for a Saturday Night Live performance that... well... sucked.

Now, the singer is back in the news for another, retro reason: in the official music video for the track "National Anthem," Del Rey makes like former First Lady Jackie Onassis, while rapper A$AP Rocky - yes, the A$AP Rocky! - portrays a version of JFK.

The seven-minute and 40-second video begins with Del Rey singing "Happy Birthday" to her pretend husband, Marilyn Monroe style, and concludes with his infamous assassination. It's bound to garner a lot of press.

Watch and react now:

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Guns & Video Games?

Singing sensation Lana Del Rey, 25, has sparked speculation about her love life again after leaving Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel with Axl Rose, 50.

The singer has sent celebrity gossip publications into a frenzy, or at least a state of confusion, after leaving the hotel and driving off in an SUV with Rose:

Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose

The sighting came just two weeks after Del Rey was romantically linked to Marilyn Manson after they were seen together in a hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Yeah, apparently that happened. She has a type, for better or for worse.

Del Rey is believed to be a big time fan of Guns N' Roses, Axl's band.

The singer perhaps best known for her SNL "Video Games" performance attended two of their concerts last month and even recorded a track called "Axl Rose Husband" before attaining fame. So it's like life imitating art or something.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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SPOILER ALERT: It was not a good night for Erika Van Pelt on Thursday. This American Idol hopeful was sent home after a disappointing Billy Joel cover the evening before.

But what about Lana Del Rey? Did she redeem herself on one of the country's biggest stages, after she so memorably flopped on another (Saturday Night Live)? In a word: meh.

Del Rey simply might not be suited for the live stage, considering how breathless she sounds at times and, yes, just how boring she comes across as a performance. Make like Randy, Steven and J. Lo and judge for yourself now:

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Lana Del Rey may have called off her tour last month, but the maligned singer is very much moving ahead with her music career.

The artist has released the official video for "Blue Jeans," the second single off her debut album, "Born to Die," which is available in stores and on iTunes now.

Watch it now and then prepare for a performance from Del Ray on Thursday's American Idol results show. Let's all hope it trumps her SNL debacle.

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A few weeks ago, Lana Del Rey was an Internet singing sensation.

Then, she froze up on Saturday Night Live; got destroyed by critics; released a new album; and canceled a planned tour in promotion of it, due to the continued harsh responses from those in the music community and beyond.

But Lana is moving on from the debacle as best she can, and she performed her single "Video Games" on last night's edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch and judge her improvement for yourself: