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Now that Lakisha Jones is off American Idol, everyone has the same question:

What was it like to kiss Simon Cowell?!? She gets to that answer and a few others below:

Kelly, Aaron

"People kept wanting that "And I Am Telling You" [like Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls] moment every week and when you're singing different genres of music, those styles don't necessarily have that big sound everybody's looking for each week. I did the best I could with what I was given and I gave it my all."

"[My daughter Brionne is] four now and I was crying last night and she looked at me and said "Mommy, I'm not mad." [Laughs] "I just thought that was really cute â€" it's almost like she was telling me "I'm proud of you â€" I'm not mad!"

"[Simon Cowell] is a good kisser and I would do it again! His lips were really soft and thin."

"My favorite comment from him would have to be "She's in a league all of her own. [Least favorite was] you're shouting!"

"[I'm excited to see] Sanjaya Malakar. He was like a little brother that got on your nerves all the time. He has all this energy! I appreciate the fact that he trusted my judgment, took my advice and was there for me when I needed him."

"Jordin's so doggone cute and she has a really good, genuine spirit about her. I love [Blake Lewis]. He keeps me going. He has originality and personality. Melinda has so much soul and power."

"All I can say is look at Chris Daughtry."

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At least one part of American Idol came as no surprise last night:

Viewers voted out soulful singer Lakisha Jones. It was universally agreed upon that Blake Lewis - who finished with the second least number of votes - delivered the worst performance Tuesday night, but the departure of Jones could be seen coming for the last three weeks.

The Other Lambert

Not as easy to see coming? The announcement by Ryan Seacrest that American Idol producers would be sponsoring a new band show. It will be called, well, Band Show. And we can only pray this spin-off idea goes better than the one Grey's Anatomy writers have come up with for Kate Walsh.

As long as you're involved in a group that is comprised of at least two members and everyone plays an instrument, you're eligible. We can only imagine how annoyed Diddy must be at this news, considering he launched such as idea with Making the Band.

Then again, the guy has Kim Porter and beautiful twin girls at home. How upset can he get?

But back to American Idol news: The Hollywood Gossip staff picks Jordin Sparks to take home this year's crown. That 17-year old can wail. In a great way.

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Before we get to the actual talent behind this season's American Idol, let us say this: Antonella Barba did not suck last night.

And that's not even a reference to her infamous blowjob pictures. Seriously, it's not.

Chelsea Sorrell Photo

The New Jersey native sang a decent rendition on last night's show - but she's simply surrounded by too many talented artists to remain past this evening's vote off. At least that's what we assume. And it's what Simon Cowell pointedly said. But you never know.

Anyway, the two best women didn't disappoint - although one of them may have increased her lead by a sizeable margin. Melinda Doolittle was downright amazing as she sung "I'm a Woman" by Peggy Lee. The only thing more impressive than her vocal ability is her constantly grateful, embarrassed expression every time the judges throw a compliment her way.

Meanwhile, Lakisha Jones sang perfectly well. She chose a Whitney Houston song and actually sounded just like the diva on stage. The only drawback in that?

Somewhere, Bobby Brown is thinking about breaking parole in order to meet Lakisha. Look out, woman!

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