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Pop princesses of the world unite!

Lady Gaga supported her fellow mega-star Britney Spears by catching her "Piece of Me" show in Las Vegas.

And Mother Monster snapped an adorable pic of the two ladies just chillin' backstage, being their fabulous and super-famous selves. 

"She looked so gorgeous, the show was so much fun, and her dad gave us THE BEST BBQ. It was a #MonsterParty!" the "Applause" singer captioned the photo. 

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

Hey, we want in on some of this kind of monster party. And some Spears BBQ wouldn't be too bad, either. Seriously, can we get on a list? 

Brit Brit kicked off her Planet Hollywood residency in Vegas this past December. She'll be performing there for two years and nearly 100 concerts.

It's been reported that she's been lip-syncing her set, but, hey, if the show's good enough for Gaga, it's good enough for us! 

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Lady Gaga's appearance, specifically her nose, seems to have changed in recent months, though it may just be the photos, filters, makeup and or other explanations.

Just yesterday, Gaga shared this photo of herself at a rehearsal, with her nose looking noticeably smaller, and with something on the tip of it. Are we right?

Some observers have suggested that it's the kind of mark someone would have while healing from some kind of surgery to alter their nose. You decide:

  • Lady Gaga Nose Job Photo?
  • Lady Gaga Selfie

Compared to the older selfie - granted, a poorly-lit shot from years ago - it's different to say the least. Her "old" nose looks longer, or at least more defined.

In this and other recent Lady Gaga photos, the singer's nose clearly looks shorter, not really defined at all, and like it could be swollen for some reason.

Just something to think about. Even if she did have work done, the 27-year-old wouldn't be the first, nor would it be painfully obvious or horribly bad looking.

People like Heidi Montag, on the other hand ... WOW. Just wow:

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Twerking was so 2013. The dance phenomenon popularized by - or some might say became synonymous with - Miley Cyrus is already on its way out.

We can't let it fade away without one last look back, however. Nor can we avoid mentioning the irony that Miley is linked to a craze she sort of sucks at.

For all the crazy stuff she did last year, save for that one VMA moment (which still made our list, obviously) there was relatively little Miley Cyrus Twerking.

Compared to other celebrities who know how to work (Twerk) it, Miley is pretty overrated too. Better than others, but nowhere near the top of the raunchy genre.

These 21 celebrity Twerking GIFs show a number of them shaking it like there's no tomorrow. Here's a collection of some of the top Twerks in THG's archives.

They're a sight to behold ... whether that sight is sexy, hilarious or just gross:

Kim Kardashian Twerk
Kim Kardashian knows how to shake that formidable a$$ in the pool, as she demonstrated on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Lady Gaga has been betrayed. And she is none too happy about it.

In an open letter posted to her Little Monsters website yesterday, the singer apologized to fans for the delay in her "Do What U Want" music video and blamed the snafu on people who “left me on my own to damage control any problems” following a hip operation last year.

The singer talked of how she was "betrayed" by ex-employees who "gravely mismanaged" her "time and health."

Lady Gaga on TV

“They want billions. Then they need trillions,” writes Gaga. “I was not enough for some people. They wanted more.”

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Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera surprised fans with an official iTunes release of their version of the duet to the former's song "Do What U Want."

Gaga and Xtina performed together on The Voice season finale, and the response was so positive that they decided to lay it down in the studio.

We have to say, we like it a lot better than the original version featuring that child molester R. Kelly too. The two ladies have great vocal chemistry!

As for how the big Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera duet came about?

"I was really excited because The Voice called and said that they wanted me to perform on the finale, and I obviously can't refuse," Gaga told Carson Daly.

"Such an amazing show! I said I want to know if Christina wants to do it!"

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Before Tessanne Chin was named The Voice Season 5 winner, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera joined forces to perform the former's hit "Do What U Want."

The Voice results and Tessanne's coronation were the main event, but just a tiny portion star-studded finale that saw these two stars duet for the first time.

Watch the magnificence that is Xtina and Gaga's teaming up below ...

Things started out innocuous enough, as it appeared that the Mother Monster was taking to the NBC show's stage to perform her latest single solo.

Perhaps she read the R. Kelly sexual assault allegations published this week and showed her normal, nasty collaborator on "Do What U Want" the door?

It's not clear. But she also wasn't going it alone. A magical clam shell revealed a dueling diva, Christina Aguilera, ready to join in on the performance.

Theatrical, over-the-top and pretty much perfect if you ask us. Someone's got to make this a regular thing when the hit show returns for Season 6.

Here's the crowning moment for Tessanne Chin that ended the night:

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Don't even go there, people.

Yes, Pink is a music superstar, one who has enjoyed a terrific year and who finds herself among the most-watched VEVO videos of 2013.

And, yes, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are also near the top of this industry. But that doesn't mean the short-haired crooner has much in common with her fellow artists.

In fact, in an interview with Access Hollywood, Pink was asked about influencing that generation of pop stars and couldn't stop laughing at the notion. Perhaps she meant no harm. Perhaps she really is a fan of Gaga and Cyrus.

But, as this video report details, that's not how she came across when the topic was broached. Watch now:

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Lady Gaga's vulva is back and more avant garde than ever.

Rarely does a week go by in this era where you don't see her lady parts presented in some new, allegedly artistic fashion. So thoughtful and introspective!

That's how we would sum up Lady Gaga nude, anyway.

Gazing upon her all-new cover shoot for Candy magazine, which prides itself on its "art," "fashion," and "transgression," how could you not see her in such a way?

Art, fashion, and/or transgression? Seems like it was ripped straight from Gaga's Wikipedia page.

We rest our case, Little Monsters. Check out her NSFW (and thankfully quasi-censored) cover:

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Fans of Lady Gaga, try to contain your excitement! You too can own your a lifesized Lady Gaga doll. One day! Maybe!

The superstar who brought us the meat suit has now begun work on an army of clones. Or this is an amazingly intricate promotion for Art Pop

Lifesized Lady Gaga dolls were unveiled in Japan, timed to the overseas release of her latest album. The dolls, which are not available for sale--yet--,play Gaga's music when fans press their heads against her foam and plastic chest. 

Watch the Lady Gaga doll come to life in this behind the scenes video. Warning: there are fake naked Lady Gaga breasts that look pretty real in this video. But they're fake. (Probably.)

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Lady Gaga and R. Kelly were at it again at Sunday's American Music Awards 2013, getting down and dirty on their new single "Do What U Want."

Last weekend's SNL dry-humping-fest would be tough to top, but this is Mother Monster and R. They were more than up to the task in this case.

At the AMAs, she got straddled by "President Robert" in what appeared to be the Oval Office following a little White House role play of sorts. Oh yes:

The racy duet started with some flirty telephone action between the gross Commander in Chief and ended with a nostalgic twist to Gaga's career.

It seemed to echo Marilyn Monroe's fling with President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago, fitting (we guess) in light of a JFK-news dominated week.

Everything from the blond wig, the beaded dance ensemble, to the bold red lips hinted that the singer was trying to channel her inner Marilyn.

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