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Lady Gaga, obviously. BOW DOWN to the Mother Monster!

According to Reuters, the 25-year-old tops the list of richest celebrities under the age of 30, making over $90 million this past fiscal year.

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is not considered a celebrity. Still, $90 million is nothing to scoff at ... even if half of that funds her fashion.

The Gaga in Concert

The top 10 celebrity earners under 30 are:

  1. Lady Gaga, singer, 25, $90 million.
  2. Justin Bieber, singer, 17, $53 million.
  3. LeBron James, douche, 26, $48 million.
  4. Roger Federer, tennis star, 29, $47 million.
  5. Taylor Swift, singer, 21, $45 million.
  6. Katy Perry, singer, 26, $44 million.
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer star, 26, $38 million.
  8. Beyonce, singer, 29, $35 million.
  9. Lionel Messi, soccer star, 23, $32 million.
  10. Rafael Nadal, tennis star, 25, $31 million.

Other big time earners were Rihanna, 23, at the #11 spot, NBA stars Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony right behind her, and Lil Wayne at #20. Beyonce occupied the top spot the previous year with $87 million.

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Lady Gaga is ready to put her paws up ... and communicate with them!

The hardest working woman in show business says she was recently inspired to learn American Sign Language (ASL) so she can communicate with her deaf fans.

Lady Gaga plans to take lessons with a personal tutor, she says, after being inspired by watching YouTube clips of her deaf fans signing along to her songs.

A source explained, "once she's mastered sign language she'll be able to respond to the videos that are online, and include signing in future live tours."

Lady Gaga, Blue Wig

This is ... a pretty awesome gesture on her part, we have to say.

People have said plenty of unflattering things about the Lady, but accusing her of phoning it in or not caring about her fans have never been among them.

Our only concern is that Gaga is going to burn herself out. With such a relentless touring and interview schedule, how is she going to fit tutoring in?

Even the Mother Monster must require sleep, right?

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Slim Shady is back to his smack-talking ways.

In his new track "A Kiss," from Hell: The Sequel, his new collaborative album with Royce da 5'9, Eminem is in rare form, hammering away at two of the biggest names in the entertainment world today.

The rapper references the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors (been awhile since we've heard about that) and basically calls Bieber Satan.

He raps: "Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/she's still a male lady. Wouldn't f--k her with her d--k/ You heard it/The verdict's in."

Okay then. As for teen sensation Bieber, he's apparently the devil, according to Eminem, who raps in the song that "evil runs through him."

Sounds about right.

At least he's cool with Katy Perry, though. We think. "Aw hell Shady, he'll tell it like it is/So Katy Perry he's on her tail/He's tailgaiting," he raps.

Pretty standard Eminem right there, although we doubt the fact that he's gone after anybody and everybody will assuage the singers' fans.

Little Monsters and Beliebers, have at it in the comments!

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Lady Gaga let it all hang out, as she always does, at Monday's Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards at NYC’s Alice Tully Hall.

The pop star, known for her outrageous get-ups, wore what appears to be a short blue/green wig and a dress with a sheer top that barely held up.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

It appears that several inches of fabric may be missing from the frock. We'd call that Lady Gaga cleavage, but it's more full-on breast action:

ALWAYS A TREND-SETTER: Lady Gaga makes a simultaneous run at the World's Lowest-Cut Dress and World's Tallest Heels records.

Gaga was honored with the CFDA's Fashion Icon Award, and delivered a poignant speech about the impact fashion has on her young fan base.

"Fashion means so much to them," Gaga told the high-brow crowd.

"It's really hard to talk about," said the Born This Way singer, a New York native. "I have always felt like I had made it before I had made it because of all of you, because it was all of you that made me feel like I was a star."


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Put an asterisk on her totals all you want, but Lady Gaga’s Born This Way has sold a mammoth two million copies around the world, making the star's latest release the fastest-selling album of the year.

In just one week, no less!

The album has reached platinum status in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil and debuted at #1 in 13 countries in all.

To watch the Mother Monster in action and hear a number of the tracks from Born This Way, check out THG's page of Lady Gaga videos!

BTW Baby

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Leave it to Lady Gaga to spark controversy even when the subject at hand is seemingly benign, not to mention entirely out of the singer's control.

Born This Way, the pop star’s latest release for Interscope Records, debuted to huge album sales and atop the pop charts this week, as expected.

Gaga's 1.1. million copies sold marked the best first-week album sales since 50 Cent's The Massacre sold 1,141,000 copies in 2005. However ...

The Gaga Live

The figure comes with something of an asterisk. Gaga’s total was fueled by digital downloads – a high percentage of which were deeply discounted.

Last week, Amazon turned heads when it set the price for a download of the record at 99 cents on its May 23 release day. That's for the whole album.

iTunes was selling a download of the 14-song album for $11.99.

Though Amazon only sold the album at that price for two days, Billboard estimated that it sold more than 440,000 albums at that unbelievable price.

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This just in: folks love Lady Gaga!

The artist is poised to become the first singer to sell over one million copies of an album in a week since Taylor Swift pulled off that feat last fall.

Indeed, when the Billboard 200 comes out this week, industry insiders expect the eccentric artist's "Born This Way" to have broken the 1.15 million mark, partly thanks to a promotion ran by Amazon last week when it sold the CD for 99 cents over two days.

Lady Gaga on GMA

How much will Gaga blow away the competition by?

Brad Paisley’s “This Is Country Music” is expected to sit in second place, with sales of around 155,000.

Watch Lady Gaga in action now via our set of videos from her recent Good Morning America appearance. She's a zip-lining, fun-loving talent, that's for certain!


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Lady Gaga continued her Born This Way media bonanza by kicking off Good Morning America’s summer concert series today, live from New York's Central Park.

As evidenced by seeing Gaga on American Idol (and Letterman, and The View, and about every other show), she always goes all-out, never once phoning it in.

With Cruella DeVil hair and a red-riding hood ensemble (or something) the caped crusader for all things fierce ziplined (seriously) over the crowd to the rescue.

All in all, standard fare for the Mother Monster, a.k.a. the Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz. Watch her entrance, then one of her songs after the jump ...

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The Little Monsters of the world cannot be tamed!

Lady Gaga fans flooded Amazon Monday to buy their digital copy of her new album, Born This Way, at the deeply discounted price of 99 cents. The response to the limited-time offer was so immense, the site crashed!

Give Amazon credit for getting back up and running since - and released a limited number of copies of BTW on their online store AGAIN for that price!

Lady Gaga on Letterman

Mother Monster on The Late Show earlier this week.

Amazon still has to pay the Lady full price. Fans who buy the album also get 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage on the website, which Amazon is trying to promote.

The singer's been making the promotional rounds herself. If you missed it last night, follow the link to watch Lady Gaga on American Idol, singing "Edge of Glory"!

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With the fate of two wholesome teens with good reputations hanging in the balance, American Idol viewers were treated to ... a half-naked Lady Gaga!

Obviously you know what you're getting with Gaga, who always pushes the envelope. But this rendition of "Edge of Glory" was pretty risque, even for her.

The star's sexually suggestive moves atop of a makeshift cliff (and a half-naked dude) made for an interesting juxtaposition with the family-oriented show.

Lady Gaga on American Idol Finale

The singer started her song with a long cape and a giant headpiece, then stripped down to lingerie before a shirtless male dancer appeared to maul her.

After a passionate embrace, they jumped off the cliff together. So symbolic. The two finalists, each approximately 11 years old, may be traumatized forever.

Or not. She's a megastar for a reason. You have to give her credit for originality and never mailing it in, leaving every ounce of energy on stage nightly.

In addition to being the hardest working woman in showbiz, there's an authenticity to Gaga that captivates audiences and endears her to millions.

Some parents may complain, but it was an elaborate, dazzling performance the crowd at the Nokia Theatre loved. Because it's Lady Gaga. Bow down!

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