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Lady Gaga has urged her Little Monsters to stop sending threats, using foul language and provoking others with hate online in the singer's name.

Her message, expressed in a blog post, comes amid the ongoing feud between Gaga and her former friend, celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

  • Lady Gaga Face Paint
  • Perez Hilton, Baby Son

After she accused Perez of stalking her, fans told Hilton, who had become a vocal Gaga critic prior to that, to kill himself, to die of AIDS and so on.

Deranged Gaga fans also threatened Deadmau5 after he publicly criticized the Lady Gaga nude video made with performance artist Marina Abramovic.

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The Lady Gaga "Applause" music video has been viewed 5,604,997 times in its first 22 hours of release ... and surely many more by the time you read this.

The first Lady Gaga music video in two years, "Applause" was the talk of the Internet Monday, even as Katy Perry's "Roar" outsells the track on iTunes.

By more than a 2:1 margin, according to some estimates.

"Applause," the first new track song from her upcoming album, ARTPOP, is likely to be performed live this weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards.

That should only further drive views of the video, which is very artistic, a combination of art noir and ... whatever you'd call a smiling Lady Gaga nude.

What do you think of her latest effort? Tell us below:


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Katy Perry's "Roar" has won the battle of the new hit pop singles, at least in their opening week, outpacing Lady Gaga's latest release, "Applause."

Perry is a champion, as proclaimed, and her fans' collective "Roar" has propelled her to more than 525,000 downloads of her latest mega-single.

Somewhere, Perez Hilton is celebrating so hard.

That's compared to an estimated 200,000 to 225,000 sales expected for Lady Gaga, Billboard reports. So is "Applause" more like a slow clap?

The release of today's Lady Gaga "Applause" music video might help her cause ("Roar" doesn't have one yet), but for now, Katy is winning big time.

Maybe Little Monsters didn't satisfy (people, or expectations).

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Lady Gaga may or may not be getting stalked by Perez Hilton, but she's definitely embarking on a full-scale media blitz to promote her new song "Applause."

And its new music video, which she dropped today on GMA! Watch:

Baring plenty of skin and face paint, Gaga dances her arse off, giving the also-just-released Chris Brown "Love More" music video a run for its money.

Gaga wears typically crazy getups throughout, including one rather mermaid-esque costume, while rolling around in a provocative manner ... standard.

What do you think of the song, and its video? Is Lady Gaga back and better than ever? Or is this a subpar effort not worthy of such insane hype?

Is the Mother Monster over? Or on top of the world? Share your views on Lady Gaga's "Applause" music video in the comments below and by voting:


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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton are immersed in an EPIC Twitter feud, with the singer accusing the celebrity gossip mainstay of harassing her and her family.

  • Beautiful Lady Gaga
  • Perez Hilton Picture

Tension between the two had already been running high, but went into overdrive after fan informed Gaga that Hilton was spotted at her apartment building.

Gaga allegedly confirmed that with security, then went OFF on Perez:




"I just want to make music+make people smile. Im sorry to all the fans who are trying to enjoy whats supposed to be a happy time. Gone too far."

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In celebration of LITERALLY the hottest time of year, we're pleased to announce and kick off the 1st Annual THG Bikini Body Summer Showdown!

It's not a complicated setup. Take a look at the two bikini-clad celebrities pitted against each other below. Choose your favorite. The winner advances.

Yesterday's battle? Lindsey Vonn and Maria Sharapova. Today? A clash of pop titans, with Katy Perry and Lady Gaga competing for more than just Billboard's #1 spot.

Who will win this first-round matchup? Cast your vote below!

And the Winner is?

Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga: Who's got the best bikini body? Vote in this first-round matchup of THG's Bikini Body Showdown! View Poll »

If you need do to more research before casting your virtual ballot, feel free to peruse THG's extensive galleries of Katy Perry photos and Lady Gaga photos.

Some of which even involve her clothed. Enjoy.

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Lady Gaga fans are known to be the music world's most rabid, but a series of Craigslist ads regarding how far they'll go to meet her is a little disturbing.

  • Lady Gaga Topless Photograph
  • Gaga Craigslist

This week, the singer announced on Twitter that one lucky Little Monster will be her guest to the iTunes Festival in London if they buy her new song “Applause.”

Simple enough, right? Well, she added that they'll improve their chances of being picked if they buy MULTIPLE copies ... of a digital single on iTunes.

Someone really wants to beat Katy Perry's "Roar" and be #1.

Because many Little Monsters are certifiably insane, a number of them are going to absurd lengths to rack up the most iTunes receipts for "Applause."

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Lady Gaga covers V Magazine this month. Four times over.

Once again, the pop great is up to her famed chameleon tricks, donning a variety of outrageous clothing choices and hairstyles for all four covers.

Take a look at the quartet of Gaga images below ...

  • Lady Gaga V Magazine Cover Photo
  • Lady Gaga Topless V Magazine Cover
  • Lady Gaga V Mag Cover
  • Lady Gaga V Magazine Cover

Whether she's a brunette or a blonde, nearly topless or fully clothed, rocking an iridescent plastic jacket or see-through jacket, Gaga is back in full force.

Although all four covers depict her in see-through clothing to a degree, it's the Lady Gaga topless photos inside the issue that are truly eyebrow-raising.

She bares all, many times over, in both frontal and side shots that are racy, even by her standards, and have some fans wondering if she's too skinny.

Check those out after the jump and see for yourself:

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Lady Gaga has now an official lyric video for her just-released single, "Applause."

As you might expect, it's as elaborate as most people's actual music videos.

While it doesn't show Lady Gaga topless, that's about all it doesn't show.

On Monday, the same day the single dropped, Gaga headed out to Micky's, a West Hollywood gay bar, and urged fans to meet her there via Twitter.

While there, she filmed clubgoers, drag queens and revelers partying.

And that's how you got this work. Lady Gaga is a woman who lives for the applause - and her fans - and no one can ever take that away from her. Ever.

Question is, though ... will she hear "Applause" for the single itself?

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You may not believe this, but we have a story today about Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga nude, no less. Today, it's V Magazine again doing the revealing honors.

It's not weird yoga poses and prancing around naked for the Abramovic Method raising eyebrows this time, though. It's Gaga's body ... or lack thereof.

  • Lady Gaga Topless, Skinny
  • Lady Gaga Topless Photograph

We've seen Lady Gaga topless lots of times - she seems more willing than ever to share - but two of the recent batch of V photos have some people concerned.

Yes, a lot comes down to the editing, the pose, and the angle ... but that is a seriously concave stomach and those are bones showing. It's ... unusual.

Considering that she's battled exhaustion in the past, and it isn't the first time fan have worried about her health, it's no surprise that the debate has resurfaced.

Compare the images above to two other Lady Gaga photos and tell us below:

  • Lady Gaga Side Boob
  • Lady Gaga Topless V Magazine Cover

Is Lady Gaga too skinny?