2014 was a pretty big year for Kim Kardashian. She got married, her nude Paper magazine photos broke the Internet, and she continued to star in about 98% of the programming on the E! network.

Hopefully she enjoyed every second of it, because the powers that be (in this case, Kris Jenner) have reportedly declared that 2015 will be the year of Kendall Jenner, and big-bootied Kim is yesterday's news.

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If you're one of those people who somehow thinks Kris Jenner is unfairly characterized as a money-grubbing she-beast who doesn't care what her daughters do as long as they keep earning...then you may want to sit down for this.

As you're probably aware by now Kris' daughter Kylie Jenner is dating a Tyga. Both parties have denied the relationship, because she's 17, he's 25, and that's gross, not to mention illegal in the state of California.

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Kylie Jenner's driving record is spottier than Lindsay Lohan's back after a day at the beach, and the reality star certainly doesn't help her case by boasting about her bad habits on social media.

You may have heard about the puppy that Kylie's neglecting since Christmas. Well, based on her latest Instagram post, it seems Kylie does take the dog with her sometimes...she just does it in the most dangerous fashion possible:

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