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Kendall Jenner had a rough night at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

The realty star flubbed her introduction of One Direction, stumbling over lines on stage and admitting she's the "worst reader."

But did Kendall at least make up for this verbal snafu with some admirable fashion sense?

The 18-year old walked the red carpet of Sunday's event along with younger sister Kylie, both of whom are known for showing some serious skin on Instagram.

Who wore her outfit best? VOTE NOW:

Fashion Face-Off!

Kendall or Kylie Jenner? Which sister shone the brightest on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet? View Poll »

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Kendall Jenner's career is taking off in a way few of us would have ever imagined.

And in the grand tradition of the Kasrdashian-Jenner clan, she's bringing her less popular sister along for the ride.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Jenners

It was announced yesterday that Kendall and Kylie will host this year's MuchMusic Video Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the VMAs.

Somewhat of an odd choice, given that the sisters have no connection to the music industry, but then again, Kendall was invited to the Cannes Film Festival this year, despite having no involvement with movies. 

For those of you who think the Jenner sisters are getting an awful lot of opportunities for a pair of B-list reality stars, may be right, but Kendall is slowly breaking into the world of legitimate modeling, meaning you'll likely be seeing her more of the svelte 18-year-old in the near future.

It was reported earlier this week that Kendall is the new face of Topshop, a respected London fashion label.

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Kylie Jenner knows how to shock on Instagram. 

Whether it's Kylie in bed with Jaden Smith or just the dozens of inappropriate selfies that have made her Instagram infamous, Kylie has a gift for capturing the web's attention and she's done it again with her latest post:

Kylie Jenner With Male "Friend"

That's Kylie with some unidentified dude, and yes, his hand is awfully close to her left breast.

So knowing nothing about this guy - other than the fact that he looks super stoned - we have no idea if he's in the same age group as Miley (which would make this photo slightly more appropriate).

He certainly looks older than 16 (Heck, he looks like he's pushing 30), but we're hoping for Kylie's sake that he's just a high school student with a talent for growing facial hair. 

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The Jenner and Smith families certainly know how to cope with controversy.

The Jenners are the subject of constant media scrutiny and just last week photos of Willow Smith and Moises Arias in bed together sparked worldwide outrage and debate.

The Smiths weathered the storm nicely, with Jada Pinkett Smith stating that the photos are a non-issue and accusing the media of bullying her daughter. 

New rumors surrounding Kendall, Kylie, Jaden and Willow may not be so easily explained.

The Jenner and Smith kids have long been fans of posting spiritual and philosophical musings on their social media pages, and most have dismissed the more high-minded tweets as the ramblings of privileged teens who think they've got all the answers.

A new report from Star magazine, however, suggests the celebrity siblings may be involved in something far more dangerous than they realize:

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Self-portraits, aka selfies, have been around since the dawn of cheap photography. But now, thanks to the Internet, the selfie has become something of an epidemic. Or a favorite pastime? 

Taking selfies can totally be a hobby. Or at least that's what we'll tell ourselves. Even if Katy Perry says selfies are a disease.

For some people in Hollywood, the selfie can be a resume builder, cheap publicity, or the very downfall of a career. 

Celebrities LOVE their selfies. LOVE. And we love that they love their selfies because it really does make them feel just like one of us.

After all, we all use the same filters, right? Right.

The Cleavage Selfie
Cleavage and boob selfies abound on Instagram and Twitter. Kind of like Courtney Stodden's boobs abound in this selfie.

From The Duckface Selfie to the Douchebag, take a look at these 19 types of celebrity selfies and then go congratulate yourself on all the ways you're the same.

Or just hide your head in shame. Your choice.


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Kylie Jenner has sullied Kanye West's beautiful gift to Kim Kardashian.

On Mother's Day, Kim awoke to an enormous wall of flowers in her front yard, a present she captured on camera for fans and one that even impressed North West.

To Kylie, however, this was the ideal background for her latest inappropriate Instagram photo, as the SIXTEEN-YEAR OLD exposes her stomach and fakes a striptease in the following online image.

Sultry Kylie Jenner

"don't mean to make you feel how I was feeling," Kylie wrote as a mysterious caption, perhaps aiming her words at Jaden Smith.

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Kylie Jenner keeps her clothes on in the following video.

But she still manages to stir up some controversy.

The young star is seen below at a recording studio in Hollywood on Friday night, allegedly hanging out with Khloe Kardashian, French Montana and Miles Richie, the son of legendary singer Lionel Richie.

Famous tattoo artist John Petro was also on hand and he allowed Kylie to help him ink her initials on Richie's hand, an act that is actually illegal.

According to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, one must be over 18 years of age to administer a tattoo.

And, despite many racy Kylie Jenner photos that may make you think otherwise, Kylie is only 16.

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It's Mother's Day! While some moms will receive coffee mugs and other kitsch today, others have received something a little more...glamorous:

Celebrity status thanks to giving birth to some of the biggest stars of the silver screen.  (That sort of makes motherhood a tall order for the rest of us.)

Some of Hollywood's unattached stars, like Jared Leto and once-upon-a-time Justin Timberlake, are so proud of their moms they bring them as dates on the red carpet, which is probably better for their careers than "I <3 Mom" tattoos. Others, like Jennifer Lawrence, make red carpet events a family affair and bring the whole brood.


Take a look at 9 celebrities and their moms and then go wish your own a Happy Mother's Day. After all, you're totally a celebrity to her.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson
They might look a little more like sisters (thanks to plastic surgery), but Goldie Hawn and daughter Kate Hudson make one dynamic duo.

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Right, Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith. Sure you aren't dating!

The young celebrities, who have denied having a romantic relationship for months, posed this weekend on Tumblr.

In bed. With Smith shirtless. And Kylie's hands on his hips. Is this really how friends behave?

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith in Bed

And should this really be how a 16-year old and a 15-year old behave?

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With one borderline racy photo after another, Kylie Jenner continues to cement her reputation as one of the most controversial, and effective, users of Instagram.

No, she's not in lying in bed with Moises Arias - though she and sister Kendall Jenner are friends with Willow Smith's shirtless pal - but she's still causing a stir.

Check out her latest publicly shared photo below:

Kylie Jenner, Short Shorts

Kylie Jenner, of course, is only 16 years old, people.

Too young, some might say, to be posting these kind of images for the public. There's nothing indecent about this image from her bowling outing, really.

Yet ... boy, those are seriously some SHORT shorts.

Whether you're a supporter or a hater, a concerned observer or crushing hard on Kylie, clearly, she cannot grow up fast enough for her own liking.

These are sexually suggestive pictures she's posing.

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