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Kim Kardashian likes to say she's the hardest woman in Hollywood.

This, naturally, leads to a follow-up response: HA! And then to a follow-up question: What does Kim Kardashian actually do?

The answer, aside from have an intern post North West photos on Facebook, is that she books numerous red carpet appearances every week and pockets a hefty sum for simply posing on a press line.

Hey, we're not judging! We'd smile and wave for a five-figure payday as well.

Below, we've collected (kollected?) a number of memorable shots of Kim and kompany striking various red carpet poses from Vegas to Great Britain. Click around and decide on your favorite look...

22 Eye-Katching Kardashian Red Karpet Photos
The Kardashians blow some kisses our way in this appearance. This is a photo from their fragrance launch in 2011.
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Kisses from the Kardashians

1. Kisses from the Kardashians

The Kardashians blow some kisses our way in this appearance. This is a photo from their fragrance launch in 2011.

Kardashians in the UK

2. Kardashians in the UK

The Kardashian sisters wave to their fans in this photo. It's unclear why they have fans, of course.

Kourtney Kardashian Red Carpet Pic

3. Kourtney Kardashian Red Carpet Pic

Kim Kardashian and kompany greet fans overseas in this photo. They are a big hit in England. No one knows why.

Another Kim Kardashian Red Carpet Pic

4. Another Kim Kardashian Red Carpet Pic

Kim Kardashian poses here at... who knows where? It's just one of a number of red carpet events that pay her to stand around.

Khloe Kardashian Red Karpet Photo

5. Khloe Kardashian Red Karpet Photo

Looking good, Khloe Kardashian! The reality star poses here on the red carpet.

Red Karpet Kouple

6. Red Karpet Kouple

That's how we would look, too, if we were holding Kim Kardashian's hand. Kanye West realizes here just what he has gotten into.

Red Karpet Kim

7. Red Karpet Kim

Kim Kardashian does two things well: pose naked and stand on a red carpet. She's spotted here, doing the latter.

Kim Kardashian in Gold

8. Kim Kardashian in Gold

What do you think of Kim Kardashian in gold? We're loving this color on the reality star.

Two Kardashians

9. Two Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian looks like a giant alongside Kim Kardashian. And speaking of giant: look at those boobs!

The Kardashians in Vegas

10. The Kardashians in Vegas

Kim Kardashian turned 33 with a party in Las Vegas. Sisters Kourtney and Khloe came along for the occasion.

Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, Kardashians

11. Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, Kardashians

Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries have something in common: they have each seen a Kardashian sister naked.

Kardashians and Jenners

12. Kardashians and Jenners

It's the Kardashians! And the Jenners! It's TV's most irritating family!

Kardashians in Vegas

13. Kardashians in Vegas

It's one big, happy, attention-starved family. Kim Kardashian poses alongside her sister, brother in law, husband and mom here.

So Many Kardashians

14. So Many Kardashians

Smile, Kardashians! The sisters showed up on the red carpet of the Eclipse premiere, a reward for doing... whatever it is they do.

3 Krazy Kardashians

15. 3 Krazy Kardashians

Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian at US Weekly's Annual Hot Hollywood Style Celebration held at MyHouse in Hollywood, CA. Yes, they have a brother named Rob who spells his name normally.


16. Kimye!

Kim Kardashian plus Kanye West equals Kimye! Yeah... we hate the nickname, too.

Kourtney Kardashian at Elton's

17. Kourtney Kardashian at Elton's

Kourtney Kardashian came out for Elton John's Oscar party. Do you like her outfit?

Kardashian Siblings

18. Kardashian Siblings

Which is your favorite Kardashian sibling? Kim, Kourtney and Khloe pose here.

Khloe on a Red Carpet

19. Khloe on a Red Carpet

Khloe Kardashian chills here on a red carpet. She filed for divorce in December 2013.

Khloe Kardashian in Sin City

20. Khloe Kardashian in Sin City

Khloe Kardashian is on a Las Vegas red carpet in this photo. She's there to celebrate her sister's 33rd birthday.

Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom

21. Rob Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Rob Kardashian is close friends with Lamar Odom. He's rooting for his pal to kick his alleged drug habit.

Rob Kardashian Smiles

22. Rob Kardashian Smiles

Rob Kardashian is all smiles in this photo. He must not be able to see his tattoo.

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The second night of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 premiere event saw the relationship drama of Khloe and Lamar continue to play out.

Anyone reading the news for the past six months basically knows the result.

Bombarded 24/7 with rumors and speculation surrounding the demise of her marriage to the former NBA star, we saw Khloe Kardashian starting to crack.

It's one thing for the family to deal with something like the Kim Kardashian sex tape. However unfortunate, she has herself to blame and it catapulted her to fame.

The public end of a relationship, especially under these circumstances?

Another story entirely, and Khloe, despite her tough exterior, is very sensitive. When she reads about Lamar's father bashing her family, she loses it.

Can you really blame her, considering who's to blame for all this?

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On last night's season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we finally got to watch what has been playing out in the tabloids for months.

Khloe Kardashian has become "shattered” by her tumultuous relationship with Lamar Odom, and Kris and Bruce Jenner may be better off apart.

Didn't see that one coming, did you?!

“I’ve been in hiding because I’m afraid of people,” Khloe Kardashian confessed in the start of the premiere when heading out with sis Kourtney.

It was hard not to feel a little sympathetic to Khloe in Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 1. Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, we're serious.

The Kards are in the exploitation business, as 'Ye famously said, but they're still human, and someone yelling "Are you going to pick up Lamar from Skid Row?" still hurts.

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Kylie Jenner is a 16-year old with a $125,000 Mercedes.

So the reality star knows something about huge wastes of money.

And Jenner has now taken to Twitter in order to express outrage over how The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is handling theirs:

She can't believe they have dedicated so much effort to raiding Justin Bieber's home.

"Thousands of tax payers dollars were just WASTED by sending 12 ARMED officers with GUNS DRAWN in Justin Bieber's home to search for Eggs," Jenner re-Tweeted today, after a search warrant was issued to investigate Justin's Calabasas residence.

Authorities are hoping to find evidence that links Bieber to the egging of his neighbor's house last Thursday.

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Kylie Jenner is not posing in leather or leaving a cryptic message about monogamy.

But the 16-year old reality star is still making headlines across the Internet, responding via Twitter to a claim that she dates just for fame and pubic relations reasons.

Late last week, Hollywood Life ran a story that alleged Kylie and Kendall Jenner "date for fame, not love," seeming to reference Kylie's relationship with Jaden Smith.

Kylie Jenner, Close Up

Without citing that site by name, or confirming any romance with Jaden, Kylie wrote over the weekend:

“The fact that some people actually believe I would waste my time dating someone as a publicity stunt."

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Kylie Jenner has posted another seductive Instagram photo.

But this one is both seductive and strange.

Following a close-up shot of her midsection - which followed one of her cleavage - the 16-year old has laid down on her back while decked out in leather in her latest controversial online image.

And she's included with the picture a caption that reads "My monogamy it bothers you."

Is Jenner showing support for sister Khloe Kardashian in her divorce from Lamar Odom?

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A new promotional photo for the upcoming ninth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been released, and the six ladies are front and center.

Three Kardashians (Kim, Khloe and Kourtney) and three Jenners (Kris, Kylie and Kendall) pose for the smoldering new image promoting the reality show:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Promo Pic (Season 9)

In the shot, Khloe Kardashian shows off her 30-pound weight loss, while Kylie and Kendall Jenner show off their youthful, chic and trendy looks.

It's Kim Kardashian who stands out most as usual, though, in the same white dress she wore to the Dream For Future Africa Foundation in October.

She'll stand out on the show as well, as her engagement to Kanye West will be among the featured events we'll see play out beginning January 19.

Khloe Kardashian's divorce from Lamar Odom, Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation, and Kendall and Kyle coming of age will also be key focal points.

Kourtney? She'll be around, and probably chastising Lord Disick for his typical antics, but her life has been the least crazy in 2013 by comparison.

Follow this link to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online to catch up on Season 8, then follow the jump for a Season 9 promo and sneak peek!

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Kylie Jenner is back at it.

The 16-year old has posted two new photos to Instagram, both of which could be considered inappropriate for a 16-year old and one of which is inarguably obnoxious.

In the first, Jenner - who gave fans a close look at her cleavage last month - zeroed in on her bare belly, giving followers a close-up of her midsection in a crop top:

Kylie Jenner Stomach

In the second, Kylie is donning fishnet stockings and sitting behind the wheel of her $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV.

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Remember when Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner were still happily married?

When Khloe Kardashian lived with Lamar Odom?

When Kim Kardashian was simply pregnant with North West and not close to getting back into a bikini?

No? That's okay... you can go back and relive it all now! That's right, our friends at TV Fanatic are making it easy to view past episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Just follow this link to WATCH KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS ONLINE, sit back and let Realiy TV's First Family do its thing. Whatever that thing is.

Kim Kardashian, Sheer Top

And remember: Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 kicks off on Sunday, January 19. Feel the excitement!

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Don't be fooled by that sighting of them shopping. Or her gushing over him on his birthday.

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith are NOT dating.

In fact, the 16-year old tells the news issue of Seventeen Prom that she's totally single.

  • Kylie Jenner Seventeen Cover
  • Kylie Jenner Seventeen Pic

"I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do really want that boyfriend prom experience," Kylie tells the magazine. "I would want to go with someone who’s not afraid, or doesn’t think that he’s too cool, to show up at my house with a rose corsage.

"It would be nice for the guy to come over and be respectful and nice while my mom takes prom pics."

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