Kyla Ebbert was forced to change out of a revealing outfit before boarding a Southwest airplane in the summer of 2007. The incident did...

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We've already shown you a few pictures of Kim Kardashian nude in Playboy this month.

So why stop there? Here are a couple photos of Kyla Ebbert naked from her upcoming spread in the magazine. 

  • Kyla Ebbert Naked
  • Kyla Ebbert Nude

Just who is Kyla Ebbert, you might be wondering? She's the Hooters waitress who was asked to exit an airplane this summer unless she donned more clothing.

She subsequently did so at the time. Fortunately for men around the world, however, she's now gone in the opposite direction in the pages of Playboy.

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Kyla Ebbert has turned an embarrassing situation into an embarrassment of riches.

In July, the waitress was actually told to leave a Southwest Airlines flight because the male flight attendant didn't approve of her skimpy outfit.

"He told me, ‘I'm sorry, but you're going to have to take a later flight. You're dressed inappropriately. This is a family airline. You're dressed too provocative to fly on this flight,'" Ebbert told Matt Lauer on The Today Show a few days after the incident took place.

After covering up a bit, Kyla was eventually permitted to remain on board. And now - like Kimberly Bell before her - Ebbert has transferred the attention she's garnered into a sexy spread in Playboy.

Kyla Ebbert Picture

From booted to booty-ful: Kyla Ebbert follows in the footsteps of Holly Madison nude by posing in Playboy.

"I've wanted to do it since I turned 18," Ebbert said of the opportunity to pose for Hugh Hefner's publication. "The Playboy shoot was amazing."

Kyla also answered a question we're not sure if the magazine asked of other recent models, such as Kim Kardashian:

"Yes, I am a member of the mile high club. And no, it was not on Southwest. It was on a private plane."