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A recent study of past and present pop music sought to rank the greatest singers of all time on the basis of their vocal range.

We think it's safe to say the results are... surprising.

Taylor Swift - #77
Taylor glammed up for the red carpet. Photos like this remind us why she's had so many boyfriends.

For example, if you can predict ahead of time which two crooners tied for the top spot, well then you, sir or madam, have quite the ear for music.

You should probably replace all three judges on American Idol and produce Caleb Johnson's first number one record.

In other words, you can't predict this list. No one can.

We've all got our ideas of what constitutes good and bad music and this list throws concepts like creative ingenuity, songwriting ability and stage presence right out the window and judges artists solely by the highest and lowest notes they can hit.

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Twenty years ago today, troubled Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found dead from a gunshot wound in his Washington state home. The singer/songwriter was just 27 years old.

Kurt Cobain: Unplugged
Kurt performing on MTV. Nirvana's "Unplugged" show became one of the network's highest-rated broadcasts.

Today, Cobain continues to exert tremendous influence over the music world and fans and musicians from around the world have gathered outside Kurt's home as well as at nearby Viretta Park in Seattle to leave flowers and personal messages, many of them sporting flannel shirts in honor of the singer's ties to the 90s grunge scene.

Musicians ranging from Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong to folk-rock legend Neil Young have offered public tributes to Cobain and his music, sharing personal stories about how they were influenced by his work.

Two decades later, the cause of Cobain's death remains a source of controversy. Conspiracy theories abound negating the ruling that the singer took his own life, and just last month new photos from the scene of Cobain's death were released by Seattle police, re-opening old debates about what exactly killed the rock icon.

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