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We shudder to think what a talent competition would be like in prison...

Kumari Fulbright, an Arizona beauty queen who was arrested in late 2007 and charged with the brutal kidnapping and torturing of an ex-boyfriend, has been sentence to two years in jail.

Along with three other men, Fulbright - a former Miss Arizona contestant and law school student - was apprehended three years ago for taking Joshua Conway hostage, holding him at gunpoint and slashing him with a knife.

In addition to her sentence, Fulbright was ordered to pay Conway $15,000, which really should make up for everything.

We will punish her further by directing readers to this truly amazing mug shot of Kumari. It says it all.

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Move over, Valerie Begue.

Your quasi crucification pictures are so yesterday's beauty queen news!

Say hello to Kumari Fulbright. The Arizona law student was crowned Miss Pima County in 2005 and Miss Desert Sun in 2006.

The pageant contestant also competed for Miss Arizona both those years - and was recently arrested for torturing and kidnapping her boyfriend.

Kumari Fulbright Picture
Kumari Fulbright was arrested for holding her boyfriend captive and threatening to murder him. In her defense, the dude did leave the toilet seat up quite often and insisted on watching SportsCenter instead of Gossip Girl.

Last month, Kumari Fulbright and three men reportedly robbed her 24-year-old boyfriend. But that wasn't nearly enough for them:

They kept the man captive for 10 hours at two different Arizona residences, with court documents stating that Kumari bit him several times, stuck a knife near his ear and threatened to kill him while pointing a gun in his direction.

Eventually, the victim grabbed for her gun, set it off and managed to escape during the fray. There's really nothing to add to this astounding news, except to say: your move, Tara Conner!

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Kumari Fulbright Picture Kumari Fulbright is a beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Pima County in 2005 and Miss Desert Sun in 2006. Oh, she's also been arrested... More »
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