Kristine Lefebvre got nice and naked for Playboy. She got her start by appearing on The Apprentice and being a smart lawyer.

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Those itching to see Kristine Lefebvre nude in Playboy can scratch away today.

The issue is on newsstands everywhere.

Simply by viewing these sexy pictures, you can see how beautiful the former candidate on The Apprentice is. But it takes a few minutes to really understand all she's gone through.

The lawyer was diagnosed cervical cancer after two years of infertility treatments resulted in a pair of miscarriages.

She then underwent a radical hysterectomy about a year and a half ago and, at times, questioned her status as a woman.

"There was a while when I was like, Am I even a woman any more?" she said to E!.

"Can I please my husband? Will my husband want to be married to someone like me, because I can't bear his children?"

We hope this sort of candor helps those pregnant, such as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, feel grateful for their gift even more.

Meanwhile, Lefebvre gets naked in the name of cancer awareness.

Talking about the photo shoot, she said:

"I want people who have gone through what I've gone through to realize they're still a whole person. I hope there's one woman out there who has had breast cancer and is willing to go back into her lingerie drawer and pull out that lace bra - not to make her husband or her boyfriend feel good but to make herself feel good."

Amen, Kristine.

As for the beautiful pics we've spread across this post and this celebrity gossip blog, there are no hysterectomy scars visible.

"They did not leave the scars in," she said. "You know, I had no problem leaving them in, but I understand that my personal soapbox is not what's going to sell magazines. Men want to see a body. They don't want to see a scar from hip to hip."

Follow this link to see more Kristine Lefebvre photos from this Playboy pictorial.

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Kristine Lefebvre is proud of her upcoming pictorial in Playboy.

As she ought to be.

The former contestant on The Apprentice is both beautiful and charitable; she's posing in the magazine to help raise awareness for cervical cancer, of which she is a survivor.

Before she joins the ranks of Holly Madison nude and other well-known centerfolds, though, Lefebvre is blogging about how the relationship with Playboy has developed and what it was like to strip down to her birthday suit for all to see ...

I have had a long standing professional relationship with the business people at Playboy. I have negotiated deal for a number of celebrities ... After learning I was a contestant on The Apprentice Los Angeles, Marilyn Grabowski, the West Coast Editor, had suggested that Playboy do a pictorial on me.

It was a personal phone call from Hugh Hefner that made my decision easy ... Mr. Hefner told me that he really hoped we were going to be able to work out an arrangement for me to appear in Playboy. That was all it took. I have so much respect for Mr. Hefner, he has truly created a piece of "Americana."

I loved my shoot. Steve Wayda is an amazing photographer and has a keen ability to capture the essence of a woman. Everyone at Playboy was wonderful and I hope you will enjoy the "great article" when the issue hits newsstands on Friday, May 4th.

The Hollywood Gossip staff is certainly excited about it. We've grown really sick of staring at David Beckham nude.

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Are you sick of reading about David Beckham nude yet?

Even if you're not (the guy does have a killer bod, after all), it's hard not to have interest piqued by the though of Kristine Lefebvre naked.

The fired contestant from this season's Apprentice will be making like Holly Madison and posing in the June issue of Playboy. But that doesn't mean she's giving up her day job.

"I'm still and will continue to be a practicing attorney," she said to TV Guide. "I hope to use Apprentice and Playboy to put a face on cervical cancer. Now that there is a vaccine for it, it just seems that people should be aware of its ramifications."

She'll obviously be putting more than just a face on the disease.

Lefebvre, 37, a Los Angeles lawyer who has negotiated Playboy deals for Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson, is a cervical cancer survivor. Moreover, she credits The Apprentice for helping her dig out of a post-illness depression. "I'm in a state of elation now," Lefebvre says, "The Apprentice truly gave me my life back and I couldn't be happier."

It was only a year ago when Lefebvre was devastated by the hysterectomy she needed to treat her cancer â€" which took away her chance for a much-wanted biological child. Then, six weeks before she joined the show, an adoption she and husband Ludovic Lefebvre had hoped for fell through.

Looking back on the earliest Apprentice episodes, even Kristine was surprised to see how "sunken" she appeared.

Now, she and her husband have been approved for an adoption in China and she's hoping to use the Playboy money to finance a surrogate for the 10 frozen embryos she harvested before her surgery. It's a cause we can certainly admire, more so than whatever reason a nude Sean Stewart had for getting naked on a beach.

Finally, despite being fired by Donald Trump, she and the billionaire "have a great relationship [of] mutual respect." And Trump agrees: "I think Playboy has very good taste."

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As always, a new employee for Donald Trump will emerge from this Sunday's season finale of The Apprentice.

Not as typical, however? The fact that one of the ousted contestants from this season will be appearing in the pages of Playboy in June.

Indeed, fans of the show will be seeing a nude Kristine Lefebvre, as the lawyer brings new meaning to the term "legal briefs."

The wife of celebrity chef Ludovic Lefebvre, why is Kristine joining the ranks of Holly Madison and other Playboy bunnies? We're told that this beautiful legal mind is a cancer survivor and is aiming to use such a spread to send messages of support to other inflicted with the disease.

It's hard to find fault with that. Maybe Kim Kardashian could learn the lesson that going nude in order to inspire others is a better idea than baring it all just to get Ray J off.

Meanwhile, you can follow this link to read a full Kristine Lefebvre bio ...

Kristine Lefebvre Biography

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