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It looks like there may be a problematic pairing on The Hills this season, and we are not even talking about Speidi! Who would have imagined that.

The cameras don't catch every second of action, but they did see Stephanie Pratt and Kristin Cavallari acting all shady while filming future episodes.

Below, you will see Spencer's sister and LC's high school rival looking like they are getting all the dirt (or spilling it) during a mystery phone call.

Could they be making a prank call to a fellow cast member?

Hey, Audrina? Is Your Refrigerator Running?!

Hello? Audrina? Is your refrigerator running?

What could they have been talking about? The Heidi Pratt Playboy picture? Lauren Conrad's new book? Audrina's Carl's Jr. ad? We'll have to wait and see.

Later, Stephanie, cigarette in hand, got close with a male friend while Kristin took a swing at beach tennis and both enjoyed some cocktails in the sun.

Ah, getting paid to pretend to be normal twenty-somethings at the beach.

Click to enlarge more pics of Kristin Cavallari and Stephanie Pratt ...

  • Whacking Balls
  • Da She-Pratt
  • A K-Cavs Pic
  • OMG Stephanie
  • Kristin C. on the Beach
  • Stephanie Smokin'

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The once-tight friendship between Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner is estranged, as we know, after her hookup with him and ensuing feud with Jayde Nicole.

But believe it or not, the once inseparable Brody Jenner-Lauren Conrad duo is no longer attached at the hip, either. LC has distanced herself from that crew.

Avon Girl

"I haven't seen much of her since she left the show," he admitted to E! recently. "I ran into her out and about a week ago just by chance, but that's it."

"She's off somewhere. Uh, Indonesia? I don't know, maybe on her honeymoon?"

Lauren is happily dating Kyle Howard, but there is no engagement we know of.

Guess that's his way of saying he has no clue what she's up to. We know Lauren has been busy with her book tour, but she apparently hasn't been texting.

As for Kristin Cavallari, who will be replacing Lauren Conrad on The Hills this upcoming season (and who Brody also used to date), she's shaking things up.

"Kristin's obviously a little bit more opinionated, and she comes in there and likes to stir up the pot," Brody Jenner says. "Lauren is much more docile and she likes to just let things cruise by, to roll with it. It's a different kind of energy."

With all the fighting that goes on among the Hills regulars, will there ever be peace and quiet for the bickering bunch? Maybe. But with who?

"There has definitely been some reconciliation," Brody said. "I can't tell you who it was with, but there is some drama that has been put to an end."

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Making the rounds promoting her straight-to-DVD movie Van Wilder: Freshman Year and reminding everyone that she will be on this fall's season of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari wants everyone to know she doesn't really care about the latter.

Despite having begun her reality TV career in 2004 on Laguna Beach, Kristin hates watching herself on TV, and aspires to be a successful, versatile film actress.

"I want to do movies that are #1 at the box office and also indie ones that are dark and miserable," she said. "I see myself with a career like Cameron Diaz."

Don't hold your breath for that. Kristin Cavallari does admit that going back to being a reality star is not exactly a step in the right direction. Contrarily ...

"I haven't been able to audition for anything since, contractually, MTV won't let me. But I'll tell you this - I've gotten more phone calls about going on other shows since. ... But doing The Hills has made me want to act so badly."

"I need a challenge and kinda feel like The Hills is taking me a step backwards. But that just makes me want to act that much more and try that much harder."

A Kristin Cavallari Picture

Kristin Cavallari says joining the The Hills is really little more than a promotional vehicle for her mediocre films, and more importantly herself. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

"It was a really hard choice for me. MTV's been asking me to do it for years. I want to be an actress 100 percent, but with Van Wilder: Freshman Year coming out, I thought this would be an exciting way for my fans to reconnect with me."

"They haven't seen what I've been up to since Laguna Beach. I thought it would help and, after all, this is what made me famous in the first place."

There's a fat paycheck in it for her too, of course. Who can complain getting $60,000-plus per episode to read cue cards and booze it up at clubs?

At least she's got her priorities in line. We already miss Lauren Conrad, but look forward to seeing all the staged drama Kristin brings to the table.

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As fans of The Hills know, Kristin Cavallari is joining the cast this fall to stir up trouble. But Brody Jenner tells TV Guide Magazine not to expect any drama between himself and Cavallari, despite the fact that they used to date.

“Kristin and I have been friends for years and years and years,” he said at the launch for the new OP ad campaign in Los Angeles on July 7. “We used to date back in the day, and we have kept very close as far as friends go, so she’s great. ”

That doesn’t mean everyone gets along as amicably.

“You ever watch Laguna Beach?” asks Brody Jenner with a chuckle, referring to the show that starred Kristin and Lauren Conrad. “You know what she’ll bring.”

Missing, of course, from the next installment of the MTV reality soap is its original narrator, Lauren Conrad. Brody Jenner admits he misses LC big time.

“It sucks without Lauren,” he says. “It’s a bummer. The Hills isn’t The Hills without Lauren, in my opinion. But we do what we do and just continue on."

"She’s really enjoying her time off right now, and spending time with her boyfriend, and hanging out at the beach and relaxing. She certainly deserves it!”

A Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole Picture

The hotness that is Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

With LC out of the picture, it seems Kristin Cavallari's big nemesis will not be Jayde Nicole, Brody's current girlfriend, but co-star Audrina Patridge.

Jayde Nicole is quick to praise Kristin, actually, and says the new season is The Hills times a thousand: "What we filmed so far is absolutely insane.”

“Kristin doesn’t get along with Audrina. I don’t really think anyone on the show gets along with Audrina,” Jayde, who also hates on Audrina, said.

“I think it has something to do with Kristin coming into LA all of a sudden, and everyone just welcomed her. So maybe Audrina’s jealous of that.”

Whatever the reason, the two are clearly not big fans, as evidenced by The Hills preview featuring Kristin screaming "You f*%ked with the WRONG girl!"

Team Audrina or Team Kristin?


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Lauren Conrad has left the building, leaving Speidi to rule the roost.

But it looks like yet another Hills feud may be here to take its place.

Not the Worst View

Brody Jenner has been attempting to end the Twitter-initiated drama between his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, and fellow Hills costar Audrina Patridge.

Unfortunately, his efforts failed.

"I've tried, trust me," the reality hunk told E! News last night at the launch of the new OP campaign at Mel's Diner in West Hollywood. "I've put a crowbar to it, and that doesn't work. So, not too sure if there's any hope, but we'll see."

It doesn't sound like Jayde Nicole has any intentions of patching things up with Audrina. "Our drama is real," Jayde said, clearing up any confusion on how she feels.

"I really don't want to film with her, to be perfectly honest."

Brody has made it clear his feelings lie with Jayde, and Audrina Patridge is back with Corey Bohan. But still, there is no love lost between the ladies.

One person Jayde can't get enough of, however? Brody's ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari, who was brought on the show to replace the retiring Conrad.

"I love her," the Playboy model said. "She's a supersweet girl, she's really cool, she's down to earth, and she just doesn't care what people say."

"She doesn't take crap from anybody, and I definitely think she will be good for the show. Just from the couple of things we've filmed so far, it's been insane!"

"I've been like, 'Can you please put this episode together so I can watch it?'"

In fact, Brody Jenner hasn't come between the gals: "So far, so good," Jayde said. "But it's only been a couple of weeks, so I guess we have yet to see!"

Whose side are you on, Team Audrina or Team Jayde?


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MTV recently enlisted the services of Laguna Beach alumna Kristin Cavallari to drink, party, hook up, drop f-bombs and wreak general havoc on The Hills.

The cost? Just $63,000 per episode.

According to Life & Style Weekly, the new replacement (and former high school adversary) of Lauren Conrad will earn that sum beginning next fall.

LC was reportedly netting $65,000 per episode from the "reality" show.

An insider says of Cavallari, who had not been heard from in three years, but magically appeared as the central character in the lives of The Hills stars when MTV desperately decided to resurrect her after Lauren Conrad said she was leaving:

Cavallari, K.

“They needed someone new and fresh, who also came with a buzz and a name that was recognizable. Kristin was the obvious choice. She wanted money. You don’t have to pay the other girls that kind of money, but for Kristin you had to pay up.”

Apparently. But the rest of the cast is all for it.

“She’s so fun and crazy. Kristin’s not afraid to put anything on camera. She’s not going to hold anything back," said plastic co-star Heidi Montag.

She's is already making her presence felt. Click to enlarge more pics of Kristin Cavallari filming The Hills and leaving Club Delux in Hollywood:

  • Delux Kristin Pic
  • Who, Me?
  • Kristin Clubbing
  • Struttin' It
  • Kristin Does Lunch

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After a brief trip to St. Maarten for some Speidi-esque staged bikini pics, Kristin Cavallari returned to the familiar territory of SoCal to film The Hills.

The "new cast member" (who knew you could simply pluck one out of the air on a "reality" show) was seen dining out and hamming it up for the cameras ...

Kristin Cavallari on The Hills

LC who? Kristin Cavallari is the new (old?) face of the MTV hit.

While Lauren Conrad is now off The Hills, some of her friends who remain on it say Kristin is out to change the entire dynamic of the show.

"[Kristin] is here to create as much drama for the show as possible, and she doesn't care how she does it," the annoying Stephanie Pratt confessed.

As the promo says, the bitch is back.

Click to enlarge more photos of Kristin Cavallari out, about and being filmed for an upcoming episode of The Hills, which will air this fall:

  • Kristin Reacts
  • Kristin Films The Hills
  • Kristin Filming
  • Kristin on The Hills
  • Bitch? Back.
  • The New Hills Star

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Lauren Conrad.

Making a grand, staged entrance at Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag's wedding, Kristin Cavallari was introduced as Lauren's replacement on The Hills Sunday.

In mere minutes of screen time, LC's former Laguna Beach rival has already left her mark and positioned herself as the star of the show's upcoming season.

Kristin Cavallari is even billed as such in a new trailer for future Hills episodes, when we will see her befriend Stacie the Bartender (yes, Spencer's girl), flirt with Justin-Bobby of all people, and loudly declare to someone, “You f%&ked with the wrong girl!”

As the promo itself proclaims, "The Bitch is Back" ...

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The hour-long finale of The Hills began with Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth packing up their house. Guess now that Lauren is retiring from The Hills, she has to move out of the $2.2 million house MTV was paying for. Just kidding. Maybe.

The roommates decide to throw a final party for their closest friends.

Furry Friend

What a perfect opportunity to stage awkward conversations about Spencer and Heidi's wedding and tie up plot points bring the whole gang together for a fun time.

Encouraged by Frankie Delgado to attend the upcoming Speidi wedding, LC responded with, "I'll be at the next one." Ohhhhh, snap, Spencer. No way she's going now, right? Well, don't be so sure. Because we already know she is.

After all, Spencer Pratt is a changed man if you haven't noticed. He even convinced Heidi Montag's mom, Darlene, to give him her blessing. Impressive.

Brody Jenner, however, was not buying Spencer's "nice guy" persona.

"You have lost your mind," Brody laughed during a guys' lunch with his childhood BFF, who admitted going to marriage counseling. "I have a beautiful relationship with a beautiful girl. We have a great time - we don't need to go to therapy!"

Notwithstanding cheating on Jayde Nicole with Audrina Patridge, sparking Audzo's feud with Jayde that has dominated much of this spring, of course.

Meanwhile, Heidi was in full wedding-planning mode. Too bad her maid of honor was the most inept, unstable and worthless maid of honor in history.

Amazingly, we are not talking about Stephanie Pratt!

Heidi's big sister Holly Montag had the big title and managed to mess it up at every turn. She didn't write down the gifts Heidi got at her shower, gave a comically bad speech at the rehearsal dinner, and had an epic, drunken meltdown later.

Absolutely amazing showing, Holly.

Once the big day arrived, all anyone could talk about was whether LC would show up. And she did. A little awkwardly. Their exchange went as follows:

Lauren Conrad:  "You're getting married!"
Heidi Montag: "It's crazy! And you're here!"
Lauren Conrad: "I'm supposed to be."

Read: Because the producers made her. Knowing she's not returning to The Hills after this particular event, she can't even hide her disdain and fake it.

The guests at the wedding included Justin-Bobby, who clearly did not bother to shower, along with Perez Hilton, Spencer's Nana and Heidi's dad, Bill.

Oh, and lightning rod Kristin Cavallari, who shockingly returned to the MTV payroll witness the nuptials of the couple she helped set up many years ago.

As Lauren Conrad realized that she had been replaced, by Kristin Cavallari, on her own show, and reacted with what appeared to be legitimate disgust, her former rival successfully recaptured the spotlight in a matter of minutes.

She flirted with Justin-Bobby for reasons unknown, rubbed in Audrina's face that she flirted with him for obvious reasons (no wonder Audrina hates her already), flashed do-me eyes at Brody, glared at LC and caught Heidi's bouquet.

Oh, and Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag officially tied the knot. Hooray, we guess.

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Excuse Lauren Conrad if she can't stand up straight these days. The newly retired reality star is still pulling that knife out of her back.

In an interview with E! News, Holly Montag showed serious love for new co-star Kristin Cavallari.

"I think Kristin's openness is going to be far more entertaining than anything Lauren had to offer," Holly said. "Lauren's always been very conservative, which is good for her values, but Kristin just wants to put everything on the line because she thinks reality is real. Kristin doesn't hide anything. She's seriously the most real girl you'll meet in reality television."

Isn't that like being the tallest person at a midget convention?

The Fabulous Lauren Conrad

Holly Montag admires Kristin Cavallari for being "real." We admire Montag if she was able to keep a straight face while making that statement.

Despite implying that LC is fake, Holly wishes nothing but the best for her pal:

"I'm happy she's done with this. Now, that she's out if it, I have no doubt she'll be a successful designer. She's so talented and driven."

Meanwhile, Stacie Hall - the bartender that's dating Frankie Delgado - has already partied with Kristin.

"Kristin's a really fun, outgoing person, and I think we're going to have a great time continuing to film," Stacie said. "Lauren is a good, good girl, but Kristin is more outgoing and crazy."

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