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Our crush on Kristin Cavallari has waned a little since her time as the resident bad girl babe on Laguna Beach. On the plus side, she is at least of legal age now.

She feuded with Lauren Conrad on that MTV series, then recently took her place when LC retired from her Laguna spinoff. Kristin last season? A little much.

Still, she remains a very cute girl. We maintain there is no way in hell Kristin Cavallari would ever date Justin-Bobby. We have no point, we're just saying.

Here's a 22-photo tribute to The Hills star on her 22nd birthday...

  • Bad Kristin
  • The Bitch Be Back
  • Kristin in White
  • K-to-the-C

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Former Laguna Beach beauty Kristin Cavallari turns 22 today. While her high school rival Lauren Conrad has risen to greater reality TV fame on The Hills, Kristin has sort of faded away. But not so much that it's not worth posting this picture:

 ... We do. Now what?!

While her post-Laguna career hasn't rivaled LC's, Kristin Cavallari has been fairly active in modeling and acting, appearing in music videos and five movies.

We wish her the best. Check out our calendar to see which celebrity birthdays are next, and then click to enlarge more pictures of the birthday girl below ...

  • Kristin Cavallari: Short Hair
  • Kristin Cavallari, Pink Pants
  • Kristin Cavallari... Nude

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Nick Zano is apparently out of the picture.

While Tom Brady and Tony Romo prepare for NFL playoff games, a bored Matt Leinart apparently passes his time partying in Las Vegas.

Both of these revelations and many others stemmed from Saturday night in Sin City, where Kristin Cavallari celebrated her 21st birthday.

The former Laguna Beach star wouldn't divulge whether she will be joining MTV's The Hills, only saying that "it's a great show."

But the SoCal cutie certainly partied like The Hills cast does as she got down to Soulja Boy on the dance floor and hung with friends.

"My first official drink was Grey Goose and soda," she said. "It's really exciting. I can go to the clubs and not worry about anything."

Kristin Cavallari was joined by fellow Laguna Beach alumna and good friend Alex Murrel, spent the night chatting up Matt Leinart, the USC grad and current Arizona Cardinals quarterback who's also a reputed former flame of hers.

Following her dinner at Company American Bistro, Kristin Cavallari's highlight was the sparkling birthday cake that was brought out for her.

Saturday night capped the weekend-long celebration for the infamous and sexy high school rival of Lauren Conrad. As soon as the clocks struck midnight on Saturday, a newly single Cavallari - who recently broke up with longtime beau Nick Zano - headed to Pure Nightclub to take in the sights.

As for her love life? Kristin Cavallari wouldn't reveal details on the boy(s) she's seeing, only saying that she is dating "and having fun."

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The sexy Kristin Cavallari helped kick off the grand opening of new Hollywood hot spot Sideways Restaurant & Lounge with an event of her own: a belated 20th birthday celebration.

Yes, Kristin Cavallari is 20.

Beach Hottie

The dinner with about a dozen friends - including actor Nick Zano (What I Like About You), with whom she spent New Year's Eve in Miami - started around 9:15 p.m. Thursday, the same night Britney Spears and her new beau Isaac Cohen also made an appearance at the new tapas joint.

"This is the first time I've seen my friends [in a while] so I'm having the best time," Cavallari told People.

"I'm kind of getting over the club scene. I like this better because you can actually talk to someone instead of yelling at them. You can talk, eat food and just hang out with your friends."

What's this? A star eschewing Hyde? Amazing.

Just a week before that would've been impossible. The former Laguna Beach star ushered in her 20s by having her wisdom teeth removed January 4, the day before her actual birthday.

Instead of partying, Cavallari stayed in bed and watched TV.

"It was actually really nice because I haven't done that in awhile," she said. "But the whole wisdom teeth thing was a pain. Ugh. I'm just sort of able to smile again."

Also seeming to put a smile on her face lately has been Zano, who was recently featured on T.H. Gossip's list of random celebrity boyfriends. The two sat next to each other for most of the night.

"He's a sweet guy," she said. "I'm very happy now. I'm in a happy place."

Wonder if that's anything like this happy place. Regardless, K.C. says she plans on keeping the positive vibe running through 2007. Her new year's resolution is to stop swearing. Says Kristin:

"I've made this resolution, like, five times and it hasn't worked!"

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