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We know.

It's been far too long since we've posted any new Kristin Cavallari pics. We apologize for this atrocity. And not to worry -- her 15 minutes of fame don't appear to be dwindling yet. Kristin is set to star as a sorority girl in the upcoming remake of Revenge of the Nerds.

A Kristin Cavallari Picture

Suffice it to say, we will sit through anything to see Kristin Cavallari as a sorority girl. Hopefully the producers are smart enough to dress Kristin in some sort of schoolgirl outfit. At a car wash for a school fundraiser. Time for a cold shower, guys.

Cavallari will join Katie Cassidy as a Pi Delta Pi girl. The cast for the Revenge of the Nerds remake is coming together and while Cassidy will play the lead Pi girl, our favorite Laguna Beach alumna will play her sorority girl, partner-in-nerd-torturing, Kailey. We can't wait.


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Kristin Cavallari, who dazzled us guest starring as a lesbian cheerleader on Veronica Mars (or appeared on Veronica Mars without anyone knowing), is making another giant acting leap... to saucy sorority girl.

That's right, the Laguna Beach alumna and tabloid mainstay is set to star in a remake of Revenge of the Nerds, which begins shooting in October.

Blonde KC

Charlie's Angels" director McG, who is also one of the geniuses behind the worst show in history, The OC, is one of the producers. Among the writers is Adam Jay Epstein, who penned Not Another Teen Movie. This is sure to be a classic in the making. Then again, any project that provides us with more Kristin Cavallari pics can only be a good thing.

Cavallari's character, Kailey, will put the nerds through their sexual-awakening paces as she twirls them around her well-manicured finger, and she's the best friend of the Pi Delta Pi sorority queen, played by Katie Cassidy.

Wow. If the producers could somehow get Lauren Conrad into the movie as Kristin's chief sorority rival, we'd buy tickets in advance.

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According to some celebrity look-alike submissions, a Britney Spears picture can look an awful lot like a Jessica Simpson picture.

Ouch. Sorry, Jess. It was really all in the dress. Bam Margera thinks you look good. Anyway.

The Bitch Be Back

That got The Gossip to thinking: What about the younger Spears sibling, Jamie Lynn? Who does she resemble? After looking through some Laguna Beach pictures, we found the answer:

Kristen Cavallari.

Don't worry, Kristen, this is a compliment. Jamie Lynn isn't constantly pregnant and/or married to any talentless garbage from the trailer park (no offense, Kevin Federline).

She's just young and cute. Sort of like how Dustin Diamond used to be before he starting making sex tapes.

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And we thought Kristin Cavallari's MySpace page was revealing.

It is. Very much so. We are grateful for it. But now the former Laguna Beach cutie is opening up to Blender magazine and giving us even more insight into her world. And what a sultry world it sounds like. Here's the transcript of her interview, in which she discusses how hot she is, among other things...

Kristin C. Pic


Blender: Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
Kristin Cavallari: Oh, it's just me.

[T.H. Gossip Editor's Note: No $h!t.]

Blender: When's the first time you realized you were hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Same as any other girl, when we develop boobs and stuff. But I don't consider myself hot. I still feel like the same big dork I've always been.

Blender: At what age were you least hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Seventh grade. I had braces and really short hair. Definitely my awkward phase.

Blender: What's the downside of being so darn hot?
Kristin Cavallari: Since so many people know who I am and know my business, I can't get away with things I'd normally be able to. And I'm not 21, so going out can be a big issue. Then again, being hot can actually help with that problem, so it is good and bad.

Blender: What advice do you have for those who aspired to hotness?
Kristin Cavallari: Be yourself, don't care what other people think, have a lot of confidence. At least make it look like you have a lot of confidence. Pretend if you need to.

Blender: Who's on your personal hot list?
Kristin Cavallari: I've always loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and their new album's great for summer... Johnny Depp... French bulldog... and TiVo! I know I'm behind on that one, but I just got it.

Blender: Paris Hilton: hot or not?
Kristin Cavallari: Hot.

[T.H. Gossip Editor's Note: Weak.]

Blender: Cocaine?
Kristin Cavallari: Not.

Blender: Criss Angel, Mindfreak?
Kristin Cavallari: Hot... but not physically.

Blender: MTV's The Hills?
Kristin Cavallari: Not.

Blender: Hot Food?
Kristin Cavallari: Tuna tartar... although not literally.

Blender: Hot sexual position?
Kristin Cavallari: Depends on my mood, but girl-on-top... uh, is my dad gonna read this?

Blender: Hot schwag you bagged for free?
Kristin Cavallari: A $50,000 diamond ring from Sol Rafael -- they just gave it to me, and no, I'm not engaged.

Blender: Hottest of the celebrity babies?
Kristin Cavallari: Gwen Stefani's â€" I love her.

Blender: Hot prescription drug?
Kristin Cavallari: Adderall, although that's been around a while. I'm not saying I take it or anything.

Blender: What's your fallback plan for when you inevitably lose your hotness?
Kristin Cavallari: I hope that I'll be hot for a long time so I can make a lot of money and I can retire early and just travel. So, hopefully that will happen.

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T.H. Gossip has peeped Kristin Cavallari's MySpace page and, well, we feel as if we've entered an entirely different realm. A provocative, intimate realm. Ooooh.

I know she did her share of hooking up on Laguna Beach and everything, and we've come across our share of hot Kristin Cavallari pictures in our day (that day being every day, as we browse the World Wide Internets). But yikes. This MySpace photo spread makes sweet, fun-loving Kristin out to look like she is whoring it up pretty bad. Or trying to get sites like T.H. Gossip talking about her... in which case, mission accomplished. Go KC!

Kristin, Stacie Shop

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When these two collide... there is bound to be mad drama in the house! Yup, we're talking about Laguna Beach babes and alumni Lauren Conrad (left) and Kristin Cavallari. Both were in fine, preppy form at the Lacoste fashion show Saturday in New York.

Hills Trio

The two, who were bitter rivals on Laguna Beach (and not always for the clearest reasons), reportedly both sat in the front row, but separately. Witnesses say they exchanged icy glares. The plot thickens! It was not reported whether the underage Cavallari was boozing.

In other Laguna Beach alumni news, Jason Wahler (Lauren's ex, who appeared on The Hills as well as Laguna Beach) was apparently arrested in New York City on September 1, at 4:34 a.m., in New York City. He was charged with three counts of bribery, criminal possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

If you're wondering how J-Wahl took that breakup with LC, well, you may have your answer. He's also just a freaking moron.

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The amazing Kristin Cavallari, who's been (quite happily) photographed at just about every Fashion Week event she can scamper into, shrieked when a cameraman caught her downing an "adult" drink the other night.

According to our sources, Kristin Cavallari was sucking down something called a "Svedka Fem-Bot Fatale" at an after-party at the SoHo Grand's Dome when she had her picture taken. The 19-year-old immediately protested, saying, "You can't take a picture of me drinking!"

Kristin, Stacie Shop

Would she be grounded by her parents if the picture emerged? Is this supposed to be a new development that Kristin drinks? Does she think no one watches Laguna Beach?

This incident didn't stop her from indulging, of course. The beverage of choice is reportedly served in test-tube-like glasses, but like Kristin, we're not so sure they were virginal.

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Sometimes, it takes new design lines to bring two beautiful women together.

During New York Fashion Week, Kristin Cavallari - seen her without possible new boy toy, DJ Am - posed for a picture with Carmen Electra.

Kristin at the Salon

The two women, who aren't exactly known for wearing a lot of clothing, looks quite happy to be attending the fashionable event. Perhaps they're planning a Pussycat Dolls performance together.

That would make Brody Jenner jealous.

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Follow all that? It's simple, really:

Kristin Cavallari used to date Brody Jenner. It was a Laguna Beach thing. Then, they broke up.


After that, Nicole Richie began tanging Jenner, although Brody had trouble distinguishing between Richie and the bed sheet beneath him.

Now, Cavallari is cozying up to Richie's ex-fiance, Adam Goldstein. Also known as DJ AM. Naturally.

On Tuesday night, the 33-year-old Goldstein arrived in the same car as the 19-year-old Cavalleri to a party. He hung back as she preened on the red carpet, tugging up her strapless dress.

"I don't want a Tara Reid moment," Cavallari said to photographers. "I'm not taped, that's the thing. That's why I'm pulling!"

Cavallari then claimed she was there with "um, my friend Charlene." Apparently Laguna Beach doesn't teach you how to lie well.

Goldstein eventually joined Kristin inside and the two were seen cuddling until 4 a.m.

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That's right, Shakira. You don't have a monopoly on attractive, truth-telling body parts. Kristin Cavallari apparently wants people to stare at her chest (twist T.H. Gossip's arm) because she wants to get something off it.

The 19-year-old former Laguna Beach star is SO over her ex-boyfriend -- to the point where she's been out and about in L.A. sporting a t-shirt that reads: YOU CAN HAVE HIM.

Kristin Cavallari Hips

It's an obvious reference to Nicole Richie, who's apparently been hooking up with on-again, off-again Cavallari beau Brody Jenner.

"She has completely moved on, and that says it all," a pal of Kristin says. "She has had that shirt forever and finally had a reason to wear it."

Huh? Who just has clothes like that sitting around, we're not sure. Then again, who breaks up with Kristin Cavallari and then slums it with Nicole Richie? Not a lot makes sense here.

Despite a rumored awkward encounter between the two at Brody's 23rd birthday party last week, Kristin says there's no bad blood with the emaciated she-goblin.

"Kristin thinks Nicole is really nice and is friendly with her," says a source.

Jenner offered his own tongue-in-cheek take on the T-shirt's message.

"I'm guessing she's talking about her dog, Bentley, which she left at my house months ago," he said. "I'm happy to have him."

Rumors that Lindsay Lohan was spotted rocking a similar t-shirt, which reads I'M ALL EVERYONE'S, are already flying.

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