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Kristen Wiig and Ellen DeGeneres are apparently the only two people on the planet who have not seen Frozen.

But that didn't stop the actress and the comedian from singing their own version of "Let It Go" when Wiig stopped by the latter's talk show this week.

Their own terrible or their own awesome version, that is, depending on your viewpoint.

How does Wiig and Degeneres' Let It Go cover compare to the many, many, MANY other Let It Go covers across the Internet? Watch and grade it for yourself now:

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A day after Jimmy Fallon debuted as host of The Tonight Show, the comedian settled in to his new role and welcomed Kristen Wiig as a guest on Tuesday.

Sort of.

The former SNL cast member actually came out dressed like Harry Styles, which was hilarious in and of itself... but it was then made funnier by the fact that Wiig clearly knew NOTHING about the One Direction hottie.

Including the fact that he's, you know, British.

Watch Wiig attempt to answer questions now, and then actually do a karaoke version of "What Makes You Beautiful."

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Attention, males around the world: one of the funniest women on the planet is now single.

Sources confirm to Us Weekly that the romance between Kristen Wiig and Fabrizio Moretti has come to an end, as the Bridesmaids star and the musician called it quits this month.

"It was very amicable and they will remain friends," an insider says of the stars.

  • Kristen Wiig Red Carpet Pic
  • Fabrizio Moretti Picture

The two started dating in December 2011 and while they mostly kept the relationship private, Wiig did open up to Marie Claire last August.

She told the magazine she was happier than she's ever been and felt "very lucky" to have found Moretti.

But Wiig is rich and pretty and hilarious... we have no doubt she'll bounce back soon!

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It has become almost second nature nowadays that the moment a film is the slightest bit successful and has the scant possibility of a sequel that a second or third, or in some cases even a fourth, movie is thought to be a certainty. So it's hard to imagine that the hugely popular Bridesmaids was a one-off, but that's exactly as Kristen Wiig wanted it.

Bridesmaids Cast

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Wiig made it clear that she has no interest in penning a sequel (with co-writer Annie Mumolo) to her 2011 hit.

"It wasn't a hard decision, we knew during the first one that this was it. We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that's not my goal in my creative life."

For now Wiig is undoubtedly focused on her upcoming film, Girl Most Likely, with Darren Criss, that opens on July 19th. You can check out the Girl Most Likely trailer here!

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Kristen Wiig stars as a woman at rock-bottom in the new Girl Most Likely trailer. Watch the first trailer for the indie comedy below:

Wiig plays Imogene, a playwright who fakes a suicide attempt in order to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend.

Her plan goes South, however, when her unreliable mother ends up taking her in.

Annette Benning, Matt Dillon, and Darren Criss (Glee) also star. Girl Most Likely premieres July 19.

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NBC has announced a few huge names that will grace the Saturday Night Live stage next month.

On May 11, Kristen Wiig - who left the show in 2012 - will take over hosting duties, with Vampire Weekend serving as musical guest.

Then, on the May 18 season finale, Ben Affleck will take the hosting reins and rapper/Kim Kardashian Baby Daddy Kanye West will provide the tunes.

  • Ben Affleck with a Red Sox Hat
  • Kimye in NYC

Might a certain large-breasted reality star stop by for a cameo?!?

We can only hope.

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