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Kris Jenner appeared this morning on Today and spoke on two new "babies" in her life:

  1. Granddaughter North West.
  2. The talk show that debuts July 15.

Little Nori "is amazing," according to Jenner, who didn't go into much detail regarding the multi-million dollar baby, but did add of Kim Kardashian and her child:

"Everyone's doing really well at home. The baby's doing great and happy and healthy and it's a really joyful time."

Is there any chance Kim marries Kanye West this fall? Watch the following interview for Jenner's publicity-based answer:

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Last week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians centered around Kim's pregnancy.

With the early arrival of baby North West, we're sure to hear plenty more about that in the coming weeks. Sunday's show, though, was all about Scott Disick.

The man proved inspirational to a cancer patient ... yes, we're serious.

Reality TV at its best, people! Let's break down this week's episode:

Scott Disick Promo Pic

Scott Disick has made us all cringe over the years by being a creepy, narcissistic jerk at times ... but is it possible that this was all (or mostly) an act?

Or the character he was playing in those early days?

It's hard to say, but we've seen a more likable side of the man in the last year-plus, from hilarious antics to last night's genuinely warm (!?) behavior.

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We don't know her name. We don't know her dimensions. We don't know what she looks like.

But as Kim Kardashian negotiates the most lucrative deal she can make before revealing more information about her daughter takes a few private days with her newborn, Kris Jenner appeared last night at the Daytime Emmy Awards and gushed over the addition.

"We're all good... and extremely happy and thrilled for the new baby," Kris told HLN's A.J. Hammer. "She's doing great and she's beautiful."

Earlier yesterday, Khloe Kardashian also spoke out for the first time as a new aunt.

She Tweeted appreciation to fans for all their wishes and teased that details will be released "when the time is right."

Forget Kim's breasts, people. The major milking going on right now within this family involves how to best exploit a two-day old.

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Last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians centered around a pregnancy scare.

While it'll be months before Kim Kardashian gives birth on the show, as she did Saturday in real life, we do know it all worked out in the end for her.

Ah, contrived reality TV drama at its finest. Let's break down this week's episode!

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Scare

The scare began after Kris Jenner got a call from Khloe Kardashian, telling her that Kim Kardashian had just landed and was in some major pain.

She was headed straight to the doctor, where her mom met her. Plus 25.

Kim, apparently, fretted she was in labor and was crying during the whole fight. "I just don't understand," the reality star told her. "It hurts so bad."

At the doctor, she saw the baby's heartbeat, which helped. Plus 25.

The pain, however, did not go away, nor did her concerns.

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Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner have seen better days.

They sometimes live apart and they may be headed for a $200 million divorce and now we totally know why:

Kris won't put out!

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner Pic

That's the word from an anonymous Radar Online source, who has caused us to almost lose our lunch just imagining these two having sex and claimed of Bruce:

“It’s gotten to a point where he’s accepted this marriage is not working for him. He says they never have sex and she’s nasty to him - and he’s had enough.”

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Kris Jenner is featured in the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter.

And while she doesn't crack us up like Kanye West in his New York Times interview, the reality show matriarch does open up about her children, her talk show and how Keeping Up with the Kardashians educates her kids.


Kris Jenner on THR Cover

"We’ve created businesses and a workplace," she says of the series. "It’s so funny that somebody can criticize a show like ours, and yet we employ hundreds of people. And it’s been such a great learning experience for all of my kids. It’s the best education I could offer them."

In related news: Kris Jenner is apparently unaware of high institutions of learning.

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The tabloids aren't just after the Kardashians this week. They are after their relationships!

First, Star quotes Leyla Ghobadi as saying she totally banged Kanye West when he was with Kim Kardashian.

Now, In Touch Weekly is once again re-igniting the Kris Jenner divorce story, claiming she and Bruce are on the outs - and it'll be one EXPENSIVE breakup.

“There’s a lot of money at stake in this split,” says a family friend to the tabloid, adding that Kris ought to have concerns outside of her fortune:

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Last night's offering of Keeping Up With the Kardashians continued the now-familiar storyline of Bruce and Brody Jenner trying to repair their relationship.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner and the girls battled allegations from Ellen Pearson, Robert Kardashian Sr.'s ex-wife, with emotions running high as always.

Perhaps most significantly, Rob Kardashian gaining 50 pounds carried the most weight Sunday ... pun intended. Come along for THG's official +/- recap!

Keeping Up Promo Pic

Rob Kardashian's weight loss became a major story last month. Now, we get to see the precursor - the gain, and the concern of his family members.

He'd put on 50 pounds, and felt he was "embarrassing to the family" after weighing in at 241 pounds with a 45-inch waist. Wow dude. Minus 241.

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Kris Jenner will soon be coming to a television set near you.

No, not just in Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But in a new talk show titled Kris, one the reality star promises will be "interesting."

She also says in one of the following promos that viewers will be in for a "good time," which is likely what she also promised her daughter when pushing the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Will you be tuning in for Kris?


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In anticipation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 8 - which premieres this Sunday!!! - E! has released a new portrait of reality television's First Family.

It includes all the main players except the newest: Where is Kanye West, people?!?

Kardashians Family Portrait

According to In Touch Weekly sources, Kim Kardashian wanted her baby daddy to be a party of the family "publicity machine" and pose for the photo.

But the rapper refused.

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