The day after Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered in 1994, cameras caught attorney Robert Kardashian, Sr. leaving the house of his friend O.J. Simpson, carrying a suspicious Louis Vuitton bag.

Many people believed that the bag may have contained the murder weapon and other physical evidence linked to the crime.

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As you probably, know Kanye West has employed an unusual marketing strategy for the promotion of his seventh studio album.

Basically, the man who calls himself Yeezus has decided to drum up some free publicity by going from eccentric weirdo to full-blown, batsh-t crazy person right before our eyes.

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These days, when we see one of the Kardashians, they're either baring their buns, throwing some shade or bemoaning one first world problem or another.

But mom Kris Jenner just reminded us that these tragic souls who now infiltrate our Internet feeds daily were once innocent little children - in bad clothes.

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