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Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner both insist that their recently-announced separation was nothing more than a natural progression of events.

The couple was growing apart. Bruce was spending more time in his Malibu home. And each side came to realize that the distance made them happier.

But might there be more to it? Might Kim Kardashian have played some role in this split?


According to a new report, Bruce truly hit a "breaking point" in the marriage when Kim moved into the the family's Calabasas mansion with boyfriend Kanye West and daughter North West this summer.

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Late last week, following the news that he was separated from Kris Jenner, Bruce Jenner cursed off a cameraman.

But E! viewers learned last night that this wasn't the first time the reality star went off on the process, as he laid into some paparazzi on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians... Kanye style!

From Bruce's temper to Kim's ridiculous pregnancy preparation, let's break down the latest installment in out patented THG +/- system, shall we?

With her due date a month away, Kim hires a "glam square" to make sure she's beautiful in the deliver room. MINUS 37 for having her priorities slightly askew.

But PLUS 12 to Kourtney for telling her sister that she's being "unrealistic" about how labor works, also giving her a compliment: “Do you know how pretty you are with no makeup on?”

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Kris Jenner allegedly has a plan.

It's already been documented that she wants Khloe Jenner to divorce Lamar Odom - and now sources tell In Touch Weekly that Kris already has a man lined up for her daughter: Drake!

The tabloid says Jenner is sick and tired of Khloe dating "jerks" and that Drake would be ideally suited for the role of Khloe's next suitor.

He's single, he needs to move on himself from Rihanna and he'd keep Khloe relevant, that's for sure. Learn more in this report and then vote below...



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Kris Jenner says she's much happier without Bruce Jenner.

But that doesn't mean the newly single reality star can't also be happy with Bruce Jenner on occasion, along with his sons Brody and Brandon.

Kris snapped a couple photos of herself with her husband and her stepchildren yesterday, including with them a couple of captions:

The first simply reads "Another amazing night." The second reads "SorryTMZ got it wrong AGAIN."

  • Many Jenners
  • Kris Jenner and Other Jenners

Jenner is referencing a story on that website that claims Brody and Brandon Jenner are thrilled their dad is now separated from Kris, who they never really liked and who they blame for keeping the family apart.

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Kris Jenner announced her separation from Bruce Jenner this week.

She then talked to New You magazine and expressed her biggest regret to the publication. Does it have to do with this split? No. With her pushing of the Kim Kardashian sex tape? Guess again.

"The one regret, if I had to do it over, would be divorcing Robert Kardashian," Jenner said, adding a pretty huge BUT into her point: "But then there wouldn't have been Kendall and Kylie, so that's the way I look at it."

In other words: this isn't actually a regret, unless Kris is lamenting the creation of her two kids with Bruce Jenner.

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Based on testimony from pretty much all involved, everyone is very happy about the Kris Jenner-Bruce Jenner separation.

There appear to be no hard feelings, no "bad blood as Rob Kardashian puts it," and both sides are admittedly much better off on their own.

But they shouldn't be, Wendy Wiliams insists for some reason. There's a major problem here, people!

The talk show host used this buzz worthy story to garner some attention for herself on yesterday's program, going off about the "lies" regarding how this couple is still in contact.

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Do not cry for Kris Jenner, readers.

Kris Jenner certainly isn't crying for Kris Jenner.

In the wake of her confirmed separation from Bruce Jenner, the reality star talked to People and said there wasn't one thing in particular that brought the marriage to a halt.

"I just think it has evolved," Kris said. "I really can't put my finger on it. We're just happier now."

This is the same sentiment echoed by multiple members of the family. Rob Kardashian says no bad blood exists between the Jenners or Kardashians and Bruce Jenner says he's doing great.

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So much for Jenjnik.

Two days after Kris Jenner confirmed her separation from Bruce Jenner, and one day after a story claimed she's crushing on Ben Flajnik, the former Bachelor star has clarified his relationship with the reality show matriarch.

SPOILER ALERT: It's not of a romantic nature.

  • Ben Flajnik Up Close
  • Kris Jenner, Post-Separation

"I did Kris' talk show a few months back, brought my wines on the show. Of course I offered her a visit to the winery whenever she had a chance," Flajnik tells Us Weekly.

"That's how we met. Recently, she ended up contacting me about a month ago or so and asked me if they could film an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians at the winery. I of course obliged."

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You'd be hard-pressed to find someone NOT happy about the Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner separation that the couple announced this week.

Bruce says he's doing great. Rob Kardashian says there's no bad blood. Kris isn't exactly shedding any tears and may be crushing on Ben Flajnik.

But two family members whose lives will be impacted by this news are especially thrilled, according to TMZ sources: Brody and Brandon Jenner!

Brody and Brandon were raised by their mother, Linda Thompson, and stepfather, David Foster. They've been estranged from Bruce since he married Kris in 1991.

They largely blame her for keeping their dad away from them all this time, as viewers of Keeping With the Kardashians know. They don't hide this.

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Catch him on the golf course and Bruce Jenner will not be very talkative.

A member of the paparazzi found that out for himself this week when he tried to ask Bruce about his separation from Kris Jenner and got cursed off as a result.

But ask him in a scheduled interview to discuss the split - confirmed Tuesday by this married couple of 22 years - and Jenner is glad to open up.

"I'm doing great," the former Olympic Gold Medalist tells People. "Kris is happy, I'm happy. Nobody is filing for divorce."

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