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Kris Humphries stands 6'9" and weighs approximately 235 pounds.

In other words: it's difficult for the former Mr. Kim Kardashian to sneak around, which may explain why TMZ cameras caught him entering the Rutherford, New Jersey home of Myla Sinanaj yesterday.

Yes, the same Myla Sinanaj who once threatened to sue the NBA baller and who also once claimed she was knocked up with his child.

Considering Humphries was there for hours, and considering witnesses also allege his car was parked outside overnight on Monday, why do we have a feeling Kris was entering more than just Myla's abode?

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Sinanaj was actually deposed by Kardashian's attorneys last month, called to testify as part of The Divorce Case That Will Never End.

She said at the time that she was never pregnant; never took any money from Kris; and never talked to him about his relationship with Kim. But did she ever have sex with the Hump? Sinanaj was advised to ignore that question.

But we all have the answer now, don't we?

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Kris Humphries has not exactly enjoyed recent success in the romance department.

His marriage to Kim Kardashian lasted 72 days. His subsequent relationship with Myla Sinanaj nearly resulted in a lawsuit. An alleged one-night stand has accused Humphries of giving her herpes.

But Kris is undeterred. He's still willing to pursue love like it's a basketball clanging high off the rim.

Pic of Kris Humphries

“If things naturally happen, I’ll just roll with it,” Humphries told the latest issue of Page Six Magazine when asked if he'd get involved again in a serious relationship. “So we’ll see. Time will tell.”

Hallmark should put those words on a card.

“I think everyone wants a family of their own one day,” Kris adds. “You’re at a point in your life when all of your friends are married and stuff. For me, at least, everyone runs their own race. You can’t put a timetable on it.”

But you can put a price on what happens after that marriage ends. That's exactly what Humphries is trying to do in court these days.


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It has come down to this for Kris Humphries:

The New Jersey Nets power forward, who is still engaged in a divorce battle with Kim Kardashian and who was allegedly blackmailed earlier this summer by semi-hot fling Myla Sinanaj, has denied giving Kayla Goldberg herpes.

Humphries tells Gossip Cop the allegation - made public by Goldberg this week in a lawsuit filed against the professional baller - is "100 percent" false.

Happy Kris Humphries

It's unclear whether Kris really did get it on with Kayla in 2010, as she claims, but his rep refers to the herpes accusation as "completely bogus" and adds as clearly as possible:

Humphries is “100 percent sure [Kayla] did not contract [herpes] from him."

The rep also says Goldberg threatened Kris at some point in the last year with this lawsuit unless he forked over $1 million. Also worth noting, and not included in the original report?

There are four other unnamed defendants in the documents who Goldberg claims may have given her the STD. Look for Humphries to be "relentless" in his fight against this suit, the rep concludes.


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A woman named Kayla Goldberg has filed a lawsuit against Kris Humphries because she claims the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian gave her Herpes.

Really, we couldn't make up stories about this guy if we tried.

Kris Humphries, Head Down

According to TMZ sources, Goldberg alleges she met Humphries at a bar in Los Angeles in August 2010. They flirted and exchanged information and later went back to Kris' hotel room, where they reportedly engaged in many rounds of sex, including of the oral variety.

Goldberg says Humphries did not always wear a condom, nor did he inform her that he possessed the STD in question.

A week later - boom! - Kayle was diagnosed with Herpes. She is now suing Kris for unspecified damages.

This could clearly be nothing more than a money grab. But between Goldberg and Myla Sinanaj and Kardashian, Humphries knows how to pick his women.

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It's incredible, ridiculous and disgusting: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are STILL not divorced.

Yes, readers, these multi-millionaires continue to battle it out in court, with Humphries reportedly pressing for an annulment and attempting to prove Kardashian duped him into a doomed union; and Kim responding that her ex is simply petty and fame-hungry.

But while Team Kardashian has claimed its client has been pushing for a speedy legal split all along, an insider tells Radar that the reality star is stalling the process.

Kim Kardashian Motivational Poster

"Scheduling depositions for Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner [has] been problematic, as both claim very chaotic schedules," says the source. "Kris has a right to prepare for trial, and the longer the Kardashian clan drag their feet in scheduling depositions, the longer this thing is going to go on. It's worth noting that Kris' deposition was completed almost two months ago."

In other words: if Kim wants this divorce to take place, why isn't she taking any proactive steps to make it happen? Why not just schedule her deposition?

Granted, she's been really busy these days posting important Twitter photos.

"Kris just wants the truth to come out and is dedicated to seeing this thing through," adds the mole. "He is in no rush and Kim's camp's threats of releasing hidden footage that makes him look bad and other absurd claims don't deter him."

Yes, both these people absolutely suck. But one shoulders more blame than the other for dragging out this drama. At whom do you point the finger?


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Myla Sinanaj thinks Kim Kardashian is a cruel bitch.

But the random brunette has no harsh things to say about Kris Humphries, as evidenced today when she was deposed by Kardashian's attorney as part of that estranged's couples ongoing divorce battle.

Myla Sinanaj on Tumblr

Insiders tell TMZ that Sinanaj testified to the following under oath:

  • She never dated Humphries.
  • She was never pregnant with his child.
  • She has never received any money from him.

Did she ever have sex with the power forward? Myla's lawyer reportedly told his client not to answer that question.

Sinanaj also said she never considered a lawsuit against Humphries for telling the FBI she made efforts to blackmail him. Which is all well and good… except she did. Attorney Joe Tacopina drafted a 26-page defamation suit on her behalf.

It also came out during the deposition that Myla no longer works at the hotel where she and Kris met earlier this year. We have no idea why not. She's clearly a model employee and human being.

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The parents of Kris Humphries have filed for divorce.

And, for the sake of everyone around them, let's hope the couple handles its split a tad better than their son and Kim Kardashian.

Debra Humphries and Kris Humphries

With the New Jersey Nets power forward still battling his estranged wife in court, TMZ confirms that Debra Humphries (above) submitted the proper legal forms against husband William a couple weeks ago.

The latter owns a handful of Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurants throughout Minnesota, meaning a lot of money may be at stake and this fight may also get ugly.

Still, until ex-girlfriends are subpeoned and former sex tapes referenced, Debra and William have a long way to go to match their son's ridiculousness.



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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may never get divorced.

The former couple continued to battle in court yesterday, with all signs pointing to Humphries' legal team dragging out these proceedings for as long as possible in an attempt to prove Kim somehow defrauded him into marrying her... or to simply irritate the heck out of his estranged wife.

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Kardashian, meanwhile, is allegedly telling friends she just wants her divorce finalized - NOT because she wants to marry Kanye West, but because Kris is a "cancer" she just wants to be rid of.

"Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f-cked with my emotions," Kim is supposedly telling friends, according to TMZ, going into detail about the pair's experience filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians together:

"He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

But that strategy will "backfire" on Humphries, Kardashian says, if he keeps claiming she was to blame for their marriage falling apart.

She cites unaired footage from the E! series that is still out there and which depicts Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

And, we can only presume Kim added, no way I'll let him beat me at my own game!

Whose side are you on in this divorce battle?


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As a dig at Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian appears in a new Kanye West music video just as her current boyfriend is slamming her estranged husband.

Following events today in court, however, the reality star may need to come up with more overt ways to bash the heck out of this professional baller.

Attorneys for both sides of this failed marriage - Laura Wasser for Kim and Marshall Waller for Kris - appeared before Judge Stephen Moloney in L.A. Superior Court.

The goal? To essentially figure out why the heck a 72-day marriage with a prenuptial agreement is taking so long to legally destroy.

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The answer, according to Waller, is that he simply needs time to collect the evidence that will supposedly prove Kardashian defrauded his client into marriage. And Kardashian's lawyer isn't really helping him gather what he needs to.

"I don't want to use the word uncooperative, but they are not making the process easier," Waller told the judge, adding that he plans to depose 33 witnesses and has so far been unsuccessful in obtaining Kris Jenner's business records.

He said it could take four more months to collect all the discovery he desires.

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His personal life may be a ridiculous mess, but Kris Humphries just got his professional world in order:

ESPN reports that the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian has signed a two-year, $24 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets. The 27-year-old power forward averaged career-highs of 13.8 points and 11.0 rebounds per game with that club last season.

Kris Humphries on the Nets

Does the rich new deal mean Humphries will finally relent in his divorce proceedings, signing his name on the dotted line and legally ending his relationship with Kardashian?

It doesn't seem likely.

In the latest development surrounding that bizarre case, Myla Sinanaj has addressed Kim and told her to keep her out of the former couple's beef.

One thing is certain: Humphries will be crashing the boards in Brooklyn, and receiving many more boos on the road, throughout 2012-2013.

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