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Kirstie Alley was been a bit of a tease lately.

Flaunting her new figure (she just dropped 100 pounds, as these Kirstie Alley weight loss pics show), she's been spotted all over Europe with a much younger fella.

So who is it? Serge Onik is his name, and she just can't stop Tweeting about her man, while referring to herself as Cougar Maximus in the process. Pretty funny ...

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"Mystery man And I slink out of Paris today 2 covertly take Rome by storm… Cougar Maximus, or just friends? I luv my silly life!" she Tweeted.

So who is this mysterious Serge Onik?

Only Kirstie's dance partner for her European tour and upcoming NYC show, and a student of her former DWTS partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Sounds hot ... or does it?

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Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are probably not dating, but they aren't doing anything to quell the growing speculation, either.

The DWTS partners were awfully cozy at her "All The Right Moves" event in NYC last night, following rumors that they may be an item.

Maksim was the Ukrainian Bachelor, but does not appear engaged now. He also called Alley "the best thing to happen to me in years!"

Chmerkovskiy and Alley

The outing also comes amid news that Kirstie dumped her 21-year-old (!) boy toy because she discovered he still lived at home with his mother.

Yes, Kirstie Alley has dumped rapper Shanice Boyd. Whether that clears the way for a romantic connection with Maks, 31, remains to be seen.

One thing's for sure. Since appearing as a finalist on Dancing With Stars, Kirstie Alley has a slimmer figure and a whole lot more confidence.

Kirstie showed off her shrinking frame as she dipped, twirled and grinded with burly Maks on the red carpet and on the floor last night. You go girl!

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