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They're young. They're single (so long, Jake Gyllenhaal; try eating, Kate Bosworth) and they're attractive.

So the question really isn't whether or not Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom are dating - it's what took these Elizabethtown co-stars so long?

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Sources spotted the pair last week all over each other in the L.A. hotel Chateau Marmont.

"Kate and Orlando are definitely more than just good friends now ... They were kissing and cuddling in the corner of the lobby bar and didn't seem to care who saw them. They even stayed past closing time because they were enjoying each other's company," said this totally reliable anonymous person.

Bloom, of course, had been rumored to have swung with Penelope Cruz for awhile, but that talk has died down.

If this story is true, though, The Hollywood Gossip would like to throw our support behind Dunst and Bloom (aka Doom?). It's nice to see some people getting together just as others - such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe - are breaking up.

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At least one person doesn't need to bid on the pants of Jake Gyllenhaal.

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After all, Kirsten Dunst has already been inside of them. Sometimes, in very public places.

But we'll leave sexcapades and debates to Nick Carter and Ashlee Simpson. Dunst wants to talk about rumors that Spider-man 3 had to be re-shot.

"I haven't yet no, but I think there are some blue screen things. Nothing major," the actress that portrays Mary Jane Watson said about new scenes being shot.

In the third installment of Peter Parker's adventures, Dunst will be joined by Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard). They compete for Spidey's affections, but got along well off screen.

"It's so funny. Everyone asks me that like it's a competitive thing, but Bryce and I got along better than anybody," she said. "I was happy to have another girl to share all of that testosterone with. It was nice to come to set and have a girl to hang out with.

Her character adds another type of woman that puts Peter in a position obviously with conflict with me and lying and this and all of those things just to create more drama in our relationships."

Dunst added it was nice to have a year in between the last film and the upcoming one.

"It was nice to have that year because I was really excited to go back to work again. I love working with [Director Sam Remi] and coming back to a place where you know everybody, which is a good thing because you're confident. You're not afraid to give your opinions on anything like lighting or whatever it is.

You're there with your team again. It's a long movie so when you start doing the blue screen things and you're just lying there and reacting to all of these things and these long takes, you feel like you're losing your mind. But, when it comes to the scenes and Sam it's all about that for him. That doesn't feel like I'm making anything less important than this film."

Spider-Man 3 hits theaters on May 4, 2007.

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We wonder what sort of sex Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman have.

Sorry, we're not typically THAT sort of gossip rag, but revelations from Jake's ex, Kirsten Dunst, have our mind in the gutter. The actress spoke - in detail - about her life with Gyllenhaal between the sheets. And everywhere else.

Jake Signs

"We tried to spice things up - we had sex in cars, in the bathroom and even by the sea. The only place we didn't have the guts to try was in a walkway in a hotel because we thought we might get kicked out if we were caught."

We don't wanna be the ones to break it to you, Kirsten, but perhaps Jake knew, even then, that only Lance Armstrong could capture his heart.

The Spider-man actress currently stars as Marie Antoniette, but she opened up more to talk of her secret sadness at the break-up and her hopes for the future.

"Jake was the love of my life," she said. "He was, is and always will be. "Despite what has happened, though, I still have this whole fairytale vision in my head because I was brought up on movies and storybooks that say I'm going to find my soulmate, get married and have a perfect life."

You are 24, Kirsten, there's still time. If things don't work out between President Bush and Matt Lauer, you never know. After all, you are looking for a freak, right?
"Maybe I'm a weird girl and I just needed a good freak to match me."

The White House is waiting for your call ...

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