Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of Rod Stewart. She's like a less famous, even more pointless version of Kim Kardashian. This is a...

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You may wanna turn away, Taylor Swift.

According to Pacific Coast News, Harry Styles moved on from his ex-girlfriend for at least one night on Thursday, kissing and holding hands with a woman 14 years his senior:

Kimberly Stewart!

The One Direction member reportedly attended a concert by Kimberly's famous father earlier in the evening and then joined the family for dinner in Los Angeles.

That's Harry hiding behind a flower in the following picture, with Rod clearly in the backseat of his Rolls Royce and Kimberly (the blonde) sitting between the two. Very well done, Harry!

Harry Styles Hiding

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It's a girl for Kimberly Stewart!

The 31-year-old actress, model and daughter of legendary rocker Rod Stewart gave birth to a baby daughter on Sunday in L.A., her first child.

Oscar-winner Benicio del Toro is the dad.

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

"Benicio is the father and very supportive," the actor's rep said. "Though [he and Kimberly] are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby."

Rod Stewart and his current wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart were at the hospital.

Alana Collins, Kimberly's mother and Rod's first wife, was also present.

The baby has yet to be named, but is healthy. Congratulations!


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File this one under celebrity gossip you didn't see coming even if you read THG and its counterparts daily: Kimberly Stewart is pregnant by Benicio del Toro!

The Academy Award-winning actor, 44, and the socialite daughter of Rod Stewart, 31, are not a couple, in case you were wondering. Yup, one of those.

Just the same, del Toro's rep says he "is supportive and both are very excited" about the upcoming arrival, which has obviously been confirmed as well.

B and K

Congratulations to both on the unexpected, but great news!

Stewart has worked as an actress and model. Del Toro is known for award-winning turns in Traffic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 21 Grams and Che.

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Move over, Ashlee Simpson.

Out of the way, Jennifer Aniston.

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

You're old news, Cameron Diaz.

There's a new celebrity nose job in town - and it belongs to Kimberly Stewart.

As you can tell from the photos below, the daughter of Rod Stewart has had some work done on her schnoz. Janice Dickinson would be oh so proud of this talentless reality TV star and friend of Paris Hilton.

The best thing about Kimberly Stewart's nose job? It distracts us from thinking about Sean Stewart nude.

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Remember when being compared to Britney Spears was a compliment?

There was a time when Britney Spears pics were actually hot, as opposed to scary and dirty.

Sadly, that time has passed. And, unfortunately for Kimberly Stewart, stating that she resembles the modern-day Spears in the picture below is far from endearing.

All that Rod's daughter is missing in order to complete the transformation to complete train wreck is a baby named Jayden James slung over her shoulder and a mystery man who may or may not be John Sundahl by her side.

An angry poem to her mom in her pocket wouldn't hurt, either.

Is that Britney Spears or Kimberly Stewart?

But, hey, who are we - aside from a celebrity gossip authority - to judge Stewart's look? Maybe this is how Tommy Lee likes his women.

Perhaps Kim needs a disguise in case a naked Cisco Adler tries to track her down and rekindle their romance.

All we can say for certain is that a new Britney Spears crotch shot may be in order. The former pop singer needs to keep upping the ante, lest other talentless, rich women keep trying to emulate her looks.

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You gotta hand it to Kimberly Stewart.

A short while ago, The Hollywood Gossip staff questioned why the daughter of Rod Stewart was writing in to celebrity gossip site, TMZ, with her summer vacation diary.

We specifically asked: Do you care what Kimberly Stewart is doing this summer?

The answer, of course, was a big, fat NO. But now the socialite is making herself relevant again due to who she�s doing: rock star Tommy Lee.

According to the New York Post, this new couple met in London several months ago and began knocking the boots a few weeks later. At last week�s opening of Pink Taco in L.A., they even managed to upstage former Full House star Jodie Sweetin and her giant boobs.

Stewart was seen running out to Lee when he was denied entry after the fire department shut the party down. A source said: �They threw their arms around each other and she started saying, �Baby, baby,� before kissing and leaving.�

Awww, isn�t that sweet? Who cares if Stewart is 26 and Lee is 44? Like Mischa Barton recently said, Rod�s daughter is probably just seeking a more mature man.

Or a more sizable one. Also like Barton, Stewart has seen Cisco Adler nude (the two were engaged) and is probably after another well-endowed man now.

And anyone that has seen the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson sex tape knows there was one body part on there even bigger than the Baywatch star�s large breasts. It was hard (pun� intended!) to miss.

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Do you care what Kimberly Stewart is doing this summer? No? Neither do we.

But apparently TMZ, a different celebrity gossip site, thinks people are interested in this rich, talentless socialite. Hence, the following diary:

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

Hey Everyone,

Kimberly Stewart here. I'll be writing to TMZ twice a week to give you guys all the inside dirt on my crazy busy summer. Here goes nothing!

I'm actually in London right now, working on finalizing a few TV projects and getting ready for my dad's wedding. Don't worry â€" You'll get the scoop on THAT in the coming weeks. Things are super hectic, because before heading to the UK I was working in Spain.

Trust me -- you don't want the jetlag from a 12-hour flight. It sucks. Anyway, I was over there working with Pronovias, the Spanish fashion line - and did a bunch of photo shoots.

Now I'm back in London a place I love -- and not just 'cause of my dad. The people are so warm and friendly, the nightlife is incredible and man do they love their techno music. Yow. My ears are still ringing. Although I haven't been able to go out much, since I've had to get up really freakin' early for meetings and photo shoots, but as soon as I get a night off, it's on.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Complaining about waking up early while abroad for photo shoots is akin to us whining that Amanda Beard isn't nude enough on the cover of Playboy. Things could be worse, Kim.

I did go to this great party hosted by Victoria Beckham on Wednesday, all part of Graduate Fashion week. All the up-and-coming designers were there - showing off their latest designs. And before you ask, NO I did not get to meet Posh.


In this entry, at least, Stewart did not say anything about the fate of her supposed pal, Paris Hilton. Says a lot about that friendship, huh?

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Hardly any paparazzi bothered the celebs at L.A. club Winston's on April 23, reports an Us Weekly celebrity gossip spy who was on the scene.

That said, Nicole Richie assumed the role of cameraman, snapping photos of gal pal Lindsay Lohan, with whom she arrived in a black Suburban.

Lindsay Lohan, Black Glasses

The Crotch of Fire, 20, certainly looked photo-ready. The actress breezed into the club wearing a plaid cowboy/flannel shirt over a cute denim mini, her hair blown out Farrah Fawcett-gorgeous.

When Richie, who's gearing up for a new season of The Simple Life, was done with snapping pics, she handed the camera over to a pal who shot the two lovely ladies with an unidentified man.

We don't know what inspired this waifish, anorexic camera action, but it was a slow night on the club scene, okay? Every night out can't feature Lauren Conrad sucking face with American Idol hopefuls.

Anyway. After about an hour-long photo session, Richie grabbed Lindsay and pal Kimberly Stewart, and herded them into the bathroom.

The 27-year-old Kim was trying to cop Lindsay's casual denim look - a short, floral-print dress with an unbuttoned denim vest and blown-out hair.

But she looked like she was headed to an '80s party. A bad '80s party. Of course, we'd much prefer seeing a hot Kimberly Stewart than we would a nude Sean Stewart. But that's neither here nor there, is it?

Like Lindsay Lohan, Kim was sipping a clear fluid for much of the night... but unlike the rehabbing Double-L, it didn't come in a 16 oz water bottle.

Apparently Kim got bored with Nicole's flashbulbs because she returned to the table 15 minutes later to flirt with a guy in a dark grey fedora â€" grabbing his hat and dancing for him all Pussycat Dolls-style.

Despite the sexy moves, there was not much spark. In fact, none of the women in the club, which included Eve and Michelle Rodriguez, seemed to have any boy toys with them.

Ladies night at Winston's, probably. No wonder Britney Spears didn't make it.

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Sean Stewart nude?

That's very scary.

A Kimberly Stewart Pic

But while we don't have any pictures of a fully nude Kimberly Stewart, shots of Sean's sister in librarian glasses and lingerie aren't exactly appetizing, either.

We're not really sure what she's thinking in these photos. In an earlier interview, Kim said she loved underwear and a sense of humor, so maybe she's just trying to be scantily clad and funny. It just ain't working for us.

We're not saying images of David Beckham nude are more appealing, but other women could definitely give Kimberly a lesson in seduction.

Take Britney Spears, in a mumu and bowler hat, for example.

Or, far more accurately, an almost nude Lacey Chabert. Now that's how you do it, Kim.

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