Kimberly Bell was the long-time mistress of Barry Bonds. And now she's posing in Playboy.

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CNN has leaked the names of current and former baseball players who were identified by the Mitchell Report as being users of steroids... at some point.

Of course, by "identified," the Mitchell Report means simply that the named players are rumored to have used steroids based on unconfirmed testimony from "various sources" including reputable clubhouse attendants personal trainers.

The Hollywood Gossip is shaken by this news, since a large part of its net worth is tied to its prized complete, mint condition 1989 Topps baseball card set.

Now that Wally Joyner, Lenny Dykstra and other stars of yore have been exposed as frauds by the Mitchell Report, that set is likely to plummet in value. It is a sad day.

Not surprisingly, the biggest name on this steroids list is Barry Bonds. One can only wonder if those hot Kimberly Bell nude pictures were also steroid-enhanced.

No word on whether Barry Bonds supplied mistress Kimberly Bell with HgH.

Also not surprisingly, Alex Rodriguez was not named on the Mitchell Report, but tried to upstage Major League Baseball by singing a new contract hours before the report's release. At least a few hundred million should keep Cynthia Rodriguez happy.

Follow the jump for the full list of alleged steroid users in Major League Baseball, past and present, as named in the Mitchell Report ...

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While Barry Bonds' use of performance enhancing drugs is yet to be fully exposed, the same cannot be said of his former mistress.

Here's the Kimberly Bell Playboy picture everyone has been clamoring for.

Thanks to these Kimberly Bell pictures, instead of being known solely for having an affair with the biggest jerk in professional sports, Bell can also be known for taking her clothes off.

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Kimberly Bell in Playboy Forget Monica Leigh for a moment.

The Playboy model making the most headlines these days is Kimberly Bell.

And for good reason:

The ex-mistress of Major League Baseball home run king and perennial steroid user, Barry Bonds, is baring it all in the latest issue of the magazine.

Inside, Kimberly Bell opens up more than just her legs.

In the interview, she discusses why Bonds is more of a jerk than Spencer Pratt and more of a cheat than Diddy on his worst day with Kim Porter.

Pick up the publication on newsstands now. First, though, take a look at the pictures below. Simply put: Who would you rather... 

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Kimberly Bell nude photos have yielded the former mistress of Barry Bonds lots of attention. But no money.

How come? Because the payments Bell received from Playboy went into the hands of recently deceased celebrity sex tape broker, David Hans Schmidt.

"Apparently the day after the funds went into his account, he was arrested by the FBI," Bell told Howard Stern on his show heard on Sirius satellite radio. "He used the funds for not only his bail, but his attorney and everything else."

Somewhere, Tila Tequila and Kim Kardashian are shaking their heads. You gotta make sure you earn your keep for taking off your clothes, sister.

Barry Bonds saw Kimberly Bell naked a lot. Now, thanks to a Playboy shoot, the whole world can do the same.

Bell said Schmidt accompanied her to Los Angeles for the Playboy photo shoot, but told her he was also "going to meet with Tom Cruise for the biggest deal of his life."

From there, we all know what went down: Undercover agents met with Schmidt as he offered to sell pics of Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes.

The man responsible for the Paris Hilton and Dustin Diamond sex tapes was then sentenced to serve house arrested, and subsequently killed himself last week.

Bell said she had spoken to Schmidt days before his death and he "was very remorseful until the very end" about spending her cash.

She said she harbored no ill will toward her publicist because "I come from real humble beginnings and I learned a lot of lessons. This is another one."

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Barry Bonds will soon be the (heavily steroid-laden) home run king of baseball.

In a few years, Alex Rodriguez will most likely take the crown from him.

But it turns out these sluggers have more in common than powerful strokes and masterful hand-eye coordination: Both their mistresses are taking advantage of their time in the spotlight.... by taking their clothes off!

By now, everyone knows about the photos of Joslyn Noel Morse nude in Playboy. While A-Rod has never admitted to the affair with this stripper, Linday Lohan hasn't admitted to being a drunken, spoiled drug addict, either. Some things are obvious.

Meanwhile, Bonds' affair with Kimberly Bell was made public knowledge last year after her grand just testimony was leaked.

In it, she talked her relationship with Bonds, which lasted from 1993 to 2003. She also said Bonds gave her $80,000 in cash to buy a house, the proceeds of which allegedly came from a paid autograph session that authorities also are investigating as going unreported to the Internal Revenue Service.

Kimberly Bell nude photos will appear in Playboy in October. This is the former mistress of steroids user, Barry Bonds.

While Bell's decision to pose naked in Playboy may help the defense make a case that this is just a woman scorned, desperate for money, we still find it hilarious.

"The opportunity was there, and I took it," Bell told The Associated Press in a phone interview Monday. The photo shoot "was one of the most liberating experiences of my life."

We're guessing Amanda Beard nude could say the same.

Between the A-Rod affair, the Michael Vick dogfighting case and now this story, it really is apparent that there's no line anymore between sports news and celebrity gossip. And thank goodness for that.

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