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Kim Zolciak has ended her feud with NeNe Leakes.

But this reality star's rivalry with fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss is only just beginning.

  • Kim Zolciak in New York
  • Kandi Burruss, Cleavag

In response to Burruss suing Zolciak over profits made off the awful 2009 track "Tardy for the Party" - on which the pair collaborated - Kim has fired back with legal documents of her own.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 started out low down and dirty but ended on a surprising high note. Relive the egos, shadiness, and shocking reconciliations in THG's +/- recap!

Kim's Hair

So why did NeNe Leakes seem so rational this season? She says that in the past she hated having to watch her own craziness on camera week in and week out so now she tries to stay neutral.  Plus 30.  She may not always pull it off but I applaud the initiative.

NeNe claims that last season the other ladies were spreading lies and gossip about her that hurt her relationship with Gregg… ilke Phaedra Parks pulling Marlo into the mix.  

Supposedly Phaedra urged Marlo to come on the show in the hopes of stirring up trouble with the whole Charles Grant rumor.  Minus 18 if it's true, that's just low.  

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It's a day many fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta never dreamed they would see:

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have buried their very contentious habit. The two are BFFs again!!!

  • NeNe Leakes at PaleyFest
  • Kim Zolciak Red Carpet Pic

"Just had the best chat wit @Kimzolciak!" Leakes Tweeted yesterday. "Now I see @BrielleZolciak is following me! I just pulled off the road 2 cry. This is 2 much."

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For reasons that defy comprehension, Kandi Burruss wants the world to know that she played a role in "Tardy for the Party."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is suing fellow cast member Kim Zolciak for unlawfully licensing, distributing and selling the track, which she wrote and Kim sang on.

Or at least attempted to sing in.

In a statement to Too Fab, Zolciak says in response to the legal action:

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This much is clear: in the six months since giving birth, Kim Zolciak has not been stuffing her face with red velvet cheesecake brownies.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a photo of herself in a VERY revealing bathing suit this week, including with the cleavage-baring shot a blatant shill as a caption:

"Omg I'm obsessed with havefaith swimsuits thank you so much @jenniferstano."

Kim Zolciak Bikini Picture

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Kim Zolciak gave birth to a son just four months ago.

But you'd never know it by looking at the new body of this Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member.

Kim Zolciak Body Pics

"I've lost 30 pounds," Zolciak tells Life & Style. "I’m only five to eight pounds above my weight before I got pregnant."

How did Kim accomplish this goal? You can bet she knows an easy salmon recipe or two, but Zolciak also credits breast-feeding for helping her shed the pounds, while adding she never sits on the couch.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta made us wonder who would say, "I Do… But, I Won't" as the Anguilla adventure continued. We recap all the love, romance, and tramp stamps in our THG +/- review

We dive back into Anguilla with Kenya asking Phaedra which of her friends she'd give Apollo as a birthday present. What?!? Minus 18.

Kenya's Offer

Phaedra comments that Kenya needs to, "put some ice in your panties because it's just not a good look for you." Plus 8. I'd give more points if she'd have said that to Kenya's face.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta warn to "Hold on to Your Weaves," especially with Kenya at the wheel. We run down all of the inappropriate touching and stripper suits in THG's +/- recap.

Phaedra's Booty

We head right back to the drama as Kim storms off and the ladies bad mouth her for not coming on the trip. Cynthia says they all make the effort to get together and they all have kids… except Kenya.

Plus 10. Love the little dig she threw in there.

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On Sunday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta decided there's just "No Excuse for Excuses" and one housewife walks out the door. Who's had enough and who will be headed to Anguilla?

We break it all down in THG's +/- recap!

Kandi Burruss, Kim Zolciak, Kenya Moore

Kenya and Walter head out on a double date with Phaedra and Apollo and things look pretty cozy. Perhaps a little too cozy for Phaedra's comfort as Kenya bats her eyes across the table at Apollo.  Minus 10.

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Kim Zolciak is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but not before she argues with NeNe Leakes one final time.

The rivals recently went back and forth on Twitter, with Leakes claiming Zolciak was fired by Bravo and Kim saying she left on her own accord.

Now, Zolciak tells In Touch Weekly that she will, indeed, star in yet another spinoff on the network.

Kim Zolciak Still

This one won't be titled Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding, but it will still center around Zolciak and her family.

“It’s going to a fun, lighthearted show about our crazy everyday life,” Zolciak says. “My amazing husband is doing awesome in the NFL, we’re building a home, we have a teenager, a tween and two babies."

There's no title yet for the series, nor is there a premiere date. But Kim swears this is real!

The spinoff will likely air in the spring. Will you tune in for it?