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Okay, so Diddy likes to check out Jessica Biel. While he could learn a thing or two about social tact, it's hard not to be enamored with that booty. And a little ogling never hurt anything.

As for Diddy partying (and possibly sleeping with) Sienna Miller, there's probably not a lot to that rumor. Seriously, who isn't rumored to be hitting that these days? Heck, even the nerdy guy who runs The Hollywood Gossip server has probably been linked romantically to the hard-partying, often nude actress by now.

Diddy, Yo

By and large, Mr. Sean Combs seems to have his priorities in line - seeing as he's a rap star and entertainment mogul, that's no small feat. Check out these cute pics of Diddy, longtime girlfriend Kim Porter, and their adorable newborn twin daughters, D'Lila and Jessie.

Wow. Those are some cute kids. Eat your heart out, Suri Cruise.

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When you're Diddy, sometimes you roll out of the water in a tuxedo with a pair of hot babes.

Other times, you prepare for life as a father.

Diddy And Kids

So it goes for Sean Combs, who is set to have his second child with long-time girlfriend, Kim Porter. The couple already has a son Christian, 9, and Diddy has another son Justin, 12, by Misa Hylton Brimm.

Suspicion of yet another celebrity baby was aroused when Porter abstained from alcohol and went to bed early while vacationing with her man in St-Tropez. The pregnancy rumors got louder when Porter then showed up to the aforementioned ad campaign photo shoot for Combs' Unforgiveable fragrance in Monte Carlo wearing loose tops.

Apparently, Diddy was once voted Hollywood's Sexiest Single Father. But he he may be ready to relinquish the title and join the likes of Brad Pitt and Will Smith as top Hollywood, married father. After all, friends of the couple claim a marriage proposal is also in the works.

Kim Porter Biography

Kim Porter Photo Kim Porter is the ex-girlfriend - and baby's momma - of the one and only Diddy. She's given birth to a few of his children. More »
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