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It's been a rough week for Kim Kardashian. At least by her standards.

First she was dissed hard by President Obama, now rumors are emerging that she gave new meaning to the word "diva" on her recent trip to Thailand.

Kim Kardashian Surprised

Kim took to her blog yesterday to defend herself against rumors that she spent six hours a day receiving massage treatments at her posh Thai hotel.

Kim even claims she has evidence the marathon massage rumors are untrue.

The proof? Her dozens and dozens of selfies taken during the vacation!

"I see the hotel I stayed at gave quotes that I had 6-hour spa treatments daily," Kim wrote (Yes, she can write). "The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage."

"NOT ONE! So I really don’t appreciate false info making me out to be a diva…. come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding…well not really :)"

She didn't get spend hours at the spa because she was busy taking Kim Kardashian selfies! Well that puts the spoiled narcissist rumors to rest!

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Who says life for a millionaire former sex tape star with no real job and the ability to make lots of money by simply sending Tweets is easy?

Try telling that to Kim Kardashian!

The reality star risked life, limb and giant breasts this week while on vacation in Thailand, all to bring followers an up close and personal look at her vacation there.

But watch this video to see what happened when Kim tried snapping a selfie in front of an elephant. Look out!

Fortunately, all photos were not lost. 

The celebrity did heat up Thailand with a series of Kim Kardashian bikini pics, including one of her modeling a very expensive bathing suit.

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Kim Kardashian likes many things: Money. Fame. 'Ye. Attention. More money. Fashion. North West. Family. Having sex with Ray J on camera.

But over the past several months especially, there's one thing Kim Kardashian may like more than anything else: Kim Kardashian photos!

Indeed, the reality star who has complained for years about having her picture taken by the paparazzi has jumped fully on board the selfie bandwagon.

Don't like the paps' pics? Just post pics of yourself 24/7/365!

From butt shots to cleavage close-ups to a vampire facial Kim has perfected the art of the selfie... and nearly brought the Internet down by doing so.

Here are some of Kim's most memorable self-portraits:

14 Kim Kardashian Selfies That Nearly Broke the Internet
Hello, Kim Kardashians's rear end! The reality star posted this shot on Instagram.
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Kim Kardashians Butt Selfie

1. Kim Kardashians Butt Selfie

Hello, Kim Kardashians's rear end! The reality star posted this shot on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Selfie

2. Kim Kardashian Cleavage Selfie

That's Kim Kardashian with the phone in this pic. And that's her cleavage.

Kim Kardashian Boobs Selfie

3. Kim Kardashian Boobs Selfie

Kim Kardashian likes showing off her boobs. This is an especially nice cleavage shot.

Kim Kardashian, Tiny Waist

4. Kim Kardashian, Tiny Waist

Check out Kim Kardashian's waist in this selfie. Almost seems like an optical illusion, doesn't it?

Kim Kardashian: Brunette Again!

5. Kim Kardashian: Brunette Again!

Kim Kardashian is back to being a brunette! She posted this photo to Instagram.

Kim Kardashian Selfie

6. Kim Kardashian Selfie

Kim Kardashian compares herself to Elizabeth Taylor in this selfie. Rather self-indulgent, no?

Kim Kardashian Bikini Tweet

7. Kim Kardashian Bikini Tweet

Kim Kardashian has Tweeted this photo of herself in a bikini. Why? Because that's what Kim Kardashian does.

Kim Kardashian in the Morning

8. Kim Kardashian in the Morning

Good morning, Kim Kardashian. The reality star posted this photo online not long after waking up.

Naughty Kim Kardashian

9. Naughty Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is very naughty. She admits as much in this photograph.

Kim Kardashian Kleavage Pic

10. Kim Kardashian Kleavage Pic

Kim Kardashian cleavage alert! Kim Kardashian cleavage alert! The star shows off her snack trays here.

Kim Kardashian Boobs Pic

11. Kim Kardashian Boobs Pic

Those are some serious boobs on Kim Kardashian. And that is a serious mouth.

Kim Kardashian Bangs Image

12. Kim Kardashian Bangs Image

She's gone ahead and done it! Kim Kardashian shows off new bangs in this Twit pic.

Kim Kardashian Facial Pic

13. Kim Kardashian Facial Pic

It's a vampire facial for Kim Kardashian! That's how this reality star describes this week.

Kim Kardashian and an Elephant

14. Kim Kardashian and an Elephant

Smile, elephant! Kim Kardashian snaps a selfie of herself and a large elephant in Thailand.

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It's safe to say by now that Kim Kardashian has lost all her baby weight.

The reality star took to Instagram today and posted pair of new selfies, both showing off her svelte figure.

One offers a look at her miniscule waist, the other makes it clear why she's a celebrity with really, really big boobs:

That bikini is actually property of Kylie Jenner, her 16-year-old half-sister.

Because of course it is. We all know Kim is obsessed with young Kylie.

Kim, of course, has come under fire for having an out-of-control butt, firing back against tabloid criticism by saying she will never conform to "skinny standards."

We'd love to know what the point of these photos is then ...

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Kim Kardashian is officially back, people.

Because she posed in a bikini for Us Weekly.

No. Because she's returning to making headlines for absolutely no reason at all.

In this case, the reality star posted a selfie from some recent morning when she supposedly just woke up, captioning the glamor shot with the simple message "Good morning."

Kim Kardashian in the Morning

And if you believe Kim truly took this photo first thing in the morning, you also believe Keeping Up with the Kardashians is unscripted.

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Kim Kardashian is back with a pair new sexy selfies.

The reality star, who announced her body's comeback with a swimsuit-based self portrait a couple months ago, ran two new photos on Instagram yesterday.

Joined by pal Blac Chyna, the first depicts Kim popping her ample rear end, while the second is a close-up of the reason she's famous in the first place.

No, not the Kim Kardashian sex tape. We're referring to Kardashian's cleavage. Sit back and ogle away now:

  • Kim Kardashians Butt Selfie
  • Kim Kardashian Cleavage Selfie

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Kim Kardashian has posted a new selfie to Instagram... and it should have Kanye West very worried.

In the shot, the reality star does her best impression of Elizabeth Taylor, standing in front of a photograph of the late actress and striking a similar pose: towel on hand in a turban, diamond ring glittering for all to see.

Kardashian captioned the photo with "my idol."

So, why should Kanye be concerned?

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Kim Kardashian is dressed, or borderline undressed, to impress.

That's the impression we're left with after seeing her selfie from Kanye West's concert in Miami, which she decided to share with the world via Instagram (obviously).

Kim Kardashian, No Underwear

The reality star wore a tight-fitting LBD dress for the big event as she snapped a photo next to her fiance in the bathroom before his set on Friday night.

"Bathroom selfie right before Yeezus hits the stage," Kim Kardashian wrote, posing in her cut-out dress and revealing that she's gone without underwear.

Kim, 33, also has her blonde locks down while showing off her huge Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring with which 'Ye, 36, proposed on October 21.

Speaking of the rapper, he's very serious in the snapshot just behind her, rocking his typically over-the-top (some might say ridiculous) concert gear.

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Kourtney Kardashian is no longer the only person telling her sister to act like a mother.

Following her release of a swimsuit-based selfie this week, Kim Kardashian is receiving a rash of criticism online, as those who formerly found this star's antics to be sexy and alluring are now taking a very different view of her raunchy ways.

She is a parent now, after all. She has a five-month old at home. What will North West think when she eventually Googles her mom?

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It looks like Kim Kardashian really did do it, folks.

A day after Life & Style pronounced Kardashian's bikini body as being back, the reality star took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit.

Making it clear she's finally proud of her post-baby figure, Kim is back and better than ever. Guess that Atkins Diet really has paid off, huh? Take a look:

Kim Kardashian Bathing Suit Body

Kim Kardashian simply captioned the image "#NoFilter," which elicited a pretty hilarious response from boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West.

He linked to the image and wrote on Twitter: “HEADING HOME NOW."

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