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Nice try, Kylie Jenner. Did you really think you could steal the cleavage-based spotlight from your half-sister?

A day after that 16-year old posted provocatively on Instagram, Kim Kardashian has given fans another close look at her post-baby body.

Courtesy of a photo shoot on Monday, Kim posted the following image online this morning, captioning it "Work day" and making us feel guilty for constantly mocking her easy life.

Seriously. Look how hard Kardashian is working, people!

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Shot

Kim, of course, made major headlines a few weeks ago when she unveiled a sexy swimsuit selfie and re-introduced her figure to the universe.

Four days later, Kanye West proposed. How will he react to the latest photograph?!?

Probably with a hilarious rant of some kind.

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Give the Kardashians kredit: At least they're admitting to being fake in a new round of Instagram photos.

The family is apparently filming the Keeping Up with the Kardashians Christmas special this week, with a blonde Kim Kardashian posted two photos to her social media account.

In the first, she's sitting on a couch, surrounded by red and green; in the second (captioned "#SelfiesOnSet"), she's hanging with half-sister Kylie Jenner:

  • Kim Kardashian Christmas Photo
  • Kim Kardashian Set Selfie

"Long beautiful work day with the family! Shot a very fun Christmas special! Can't wait to share more later! Night! Xo," Kim Tweeted, failing to explain why she's celebrating this holiday in September.

But of all the things that baffle up regarding Kim Kardashian (chiefly, her popularity), we suppose this is one of the least pressing questions out there.

Happy phony holidays, THG readers!

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Kim Kardashian sent a rather clear message yesterday to The National Enquirer:


Following a ridiculous report that claimed Kardashian was faking her pregnancy, the reality star released the following photos via Instagram late Saturday. They speak for themselves, don't they?

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Pic

This Kim Kardashian photo has over 200,000 Likes on Facebook.

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