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What, did you think Kim Kardashian would only don one Halloween costume this year?!?

Come on. What else does the reality star have to do other than try on various outfits and stand on a variety of red carpets in honor of the holiday?

First, she Tweeted a photo of herself as a cat. Then, it was a mermaid.

Last night, meanwhile, Kardashian hosted a Halloween party in Miami and invited her boyfriend, sister and her sister's shady baby daddy along for the evening. Toggle through photos now of the quasi family in all its dressed-up glory:

  • Kim Kardashian as Catwoman
  • Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on Halloween
  • Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on Halloween
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Halloween

But Kim, Kourtney and Kanye weren't alone in heading out for the special holiday.

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A pair of large-breasted celebrities tried on a pair of cat costumes this month in the name of Halloween.

First, Kim Kardashian Tweeted a photo of herself and her cleavage in what some would consider a purrrr-fect outfit for the reality star.

Then, Fergie went ahead and did the same, giving fans a nice view of her very pretty tail. We mean that literally, people!

Study the Halloween costumes now and decide: Who makes the sexier feline?

And the Winner is?

Kim Kardashian or Fergie? Who makes a more attractive fake cat? View Poll »

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Indians, mermaids and fictional serial killers. Oh my!

In honor of Halloween, a slew of D-listers hit the red carpet of various parties in Las Vegas this weekend, decked out as famous Christian Bale characters, sexy mermaids, native Americans and more!

Who donned the most unique look? Click through now for larger versions of each image and sound off: What are YOU dressing as for Halloween?

  • Scott Disick Halloween Costume
  • Roger Mathews and JWOWW Halloween Costumes
  • Stacy Keibler Halloween Costume
  • Lala Anthony and Kim Kardashian Halloween Costumes
  • Aubrey O'Day Halloween Costume
  • Phoebe Price Halloween Costume

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Kim Kardashian has made a splash with what we're sure is only one many Halloween costumes she'll be donning this year.

The reality star posed with boyfriend Kanye West last night on Instagram prior to attending the Midori Halloween shindig.

Kim Kardashian as a Mermaid

Tweeted the company spokeswoman along with the above picture: "Splash," a reference to the 1984 movie starring Tom Hanks.

West, meanwhile, is dressed as a sea captain, which is appropriate really: he'll be riding Kardashian's waves later in the evening... if you know what we mean!

Last year, Kardashian also honored a kinda famous film character, heading out for Halloween as Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise.

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Someone may need to explain the concept of Halloween to Kim Kardashian.

The rarely-fully-dressed reality star has posted a photo to Instagram of herself in a very revealing leopard outfit, including the caption Rawwwr!!!, but seemingly forgetting one very important thing:

Aren't you supposed to dress as something different than normal for this holiday?!?

Kim Kardashian Costume Idea

Wanna truly shocks us, Kim? Cover up your giant boobs for a change.

Would you dress as Kardashian for Halloween? What about these Lady Gaga costume ideas?

And, finally, chime in now: What should Kim Kardashian dress as for Halloween?


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