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Considering her naked, doggy style antics in the much-publicized Ray J sex tape, you'd think being in front of a camera would be normal for Kim Kardashian.

And you'd be right.

Pic with Kim

"It's kind of crazy, but it's fun and you totally forget that they're there. We kind of know what we're getting ourselves into," Kim recently said of her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, though one couldn't be blamed for assuming she was referring to her and Ray J's videotaped sex romp.

"But at first we used to be kind of careful about what we said and we would try to keep everything [censored]. My sisters kind of get crazy, and we tried so hard not to be ourselves for the first few weeks. Then all of a sudden we just [got relaxed]."

Ever since she got pumped from behind on tape earned this reality TV stint, Kim's celebrity gossip exposure has exploded, as well. How does she feel about the newfound fame?

"It's so cool to see different people respond to different episodes and different episodes. I think that me and my sisters never would have gotten really great opportunities that come up because we have a show on the air. And I think that we're all just embracing all of it. We're all having a great time," Kardashian said.


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Kim Kardashian appeared on MTV's Total Request Live this week to promote the second season of her family's reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The sex tape star also chatted with TV Guide recently about the series, but conversation turned to her ample rear end. Here's what Kim had to say about the attention it receives:

Bush and Kim

Have people not seen Armenian women before? And then the rumors that it's fake? Who gets butt implants?! Just [recently] in a magazine, they said that I had my nose, lips, cheeks and boobs done. Watch me take my bra off and you'll know I haven't had my boobs done!

Note to Kim: we've all seen you take your bra off already. There was the Ray J video, the nude photos in Playboy, the weekly bikini pics... do you even own a bra?


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Regarding her Playboy spread from last year, Kim Kardashian recently told TV Guide:

They approached me a few times and it wasn't something I wanted to do. But after Hef told me that Marilyn Monroe was on the first cover... [I thought], 'I'm not your typical skinny girl,' so why not show off that you don't need to be stick-thin to be in [Playboy]?

She's right. You just need to have made a name for yourself by starring in a Ray J sex tape.

Kim Kardashian Playboy Picture

Sadly, this is the final new photo we found of Kim Kardashian naked in Playboy.

Please enjoy - and let The Hollywood Gossip know if you come across any other pictures of the vixen worth publishing.


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For those that haven't been reading The Hollywood Gossip all week: what's wrong with you?!?  Don't you want a daily dose of the funniest, most up-to-date entertainment news stories on the Web?

That being said, allow us to update you on the current running feature:

Our staff somehow overlooked a series of Kim Kardashian nude photos from her December 2007 spread in Playboy. We feel terrible about it, and are attempting to make it up to readers with a new picture every day.

Therefore, behold the following, naked photo of Kim. She's showing off her most talked about (and tapped) asset in this shot:

Kim Kardashian Naked Pic

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Kim Kardashian nude week continues at The Hollywood Gossip!

In order to make up for our oversight of a handful of naked pics from this socialite's December Playboy shoot, we're delivering a daily dose of The Tush in the buff.

Check out our Kim Kardashian naked from yesterday. Then, feast your eyes on today's black, white and naked beauty:

Kim Kardashian Nude Photo

Note to readers: if there are any more Amanda Beard nude photos out there, please send those along, too.


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As we stated yesterday, apologies are in order. Our team of celebrity gossip reporters somehow failed to uncover a series of Kim Kardashian nude pictures from Playboy... until now!

In our daily presentation of Reggie Bush's girlfriend in the buff, Kim is covering most of her enormous breasts with her hands. We don't know why.

This is Playboy. We've all seen your sex tape already. Your penchant for nudity is the only reason you're famous.

Just take it all off, already!

Kim Kardashian Naked Picture

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We apologize.

As avid fans of Kim Kardashian nude, The Hollywood Gossip staff has somehow overlooked a slew of photos from this socialite's December 2007 Playboy pictorial.

Please allow us to make up for this oversight, though. Over the next few days, we'll publish one naked picture of Kim at a time.

This way, you can take your time to fully appreciate the air brushing job of Playboy's editors every inch of every picture of this bare-skinned sex tape star.

Sorry, Reggie Bush, but Kim Kardashian is now nude for everyone to enjoy...

Nude Kim Kardashian

Write in and let us know: Which Playboy photo shoot do you think is hotter: Kim Kardashian or Maria Kanellis?


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Having not been railed from behind by any brothers of Brandy recently - and with her reality TV show's second season a couple weeks away from premiering - Kim Kardashian hasn't been making celebrity gossip headlines these days.

It makes us sad. We miss The Tush.

Therefore, assuming our loyal readers feel the same emptiness in their daily lives, we've devised the following Kim Kardashian photo tribute. Click on the following thumbnails now for larger versions of each picture. Enjoy!


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The celebrity gossip reporter in the picture below won't get paid for this shot.

Didn't anyone tell him that Kim Kardashian's best side is neither the front, left or right? There's a reason this socialite is known as "The Tush," you know?

Opposite Directions

This photographer has obviously never seen the Kim/Ray J sex tape. In it, Brandy's bro knows exactly where to view - and penetrate - Kardashian from.

An entertainment news reporter tries to get an exclusive shot of Kim Kardashian.


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Forget Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

While these political stars each have their positive attributes, none are worthy of the sought-after title of Celebrity Gossip President.

Okay, so we just made that title up 45 minutes ago. But we felt that in an exciting presidential election year, The Hollywood Gossip should hold its own race - and YOU, our readers, should get to vote on the winner!

Step #1? A PRIMARY featuring seven exciting President-VP tickets from the world of celebrity gossip. Your votes will help narrow the field to three by May 1, leading to a special run-off election among the top vote-getters.

You can VOTE HERE now, with the ballot also appearing on the right-hand side of The Hollywood Gossip's home page until May 1.

Now, we present you with the candidates for Celebrity Gossip President and Vice President, along with the respective parties nominating them ...

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
(Reality TV Party)
Phony, plastic, master manipulators and attention-seeking media whores who are obsessed with fame. It's like The Hills couple was destined to go into politics.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J
(Celebrity Sex Tape Party)
Upside: Not-so-secret videotaping of all U.S. citizens is sure to improve our national security; Downside: Budgetary concerns due to new White House furniture needing to be made to accommodate Kim's giant ass.

Past Lovers

Donald Trump and Vince McMahon
(Bad Hair-Megalomaniac Party)
If a Trump-McMahon team fails, it certainly won't be due to lack of funds. Or shameless, self-promoting publicity stunts. Or huge grapefruits.

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
(Super-Cute Celeb Couple Party)
Zanessa promises nude photos and perfect hair for all!

Suri Cruise and Jayden James Federline
(Celebrity Baby Party)
Upside: Very cute, little political baggage offers fresh start. Downside: Inexperience, possible brainwashing (Suri) and malnutrition (Jayden).

Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi
(Seedy Britney Spears Hanger-On Party)
Should either be apprehended as part of a sleeper cell before the November election, Alli Sims will take his place on the ticket.

Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest
(American Idol Party)
A Simon-Ryan ticket will be full of witty barbs, low-brow insults and palpable, homoerotic tension. At least Paula won't be part of it.

That's it! Cast your vote for your favorite candidates in our Celebrity Gossip Presidential Primary by voting on our home page or by clicking HERE!

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