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Last week, in an effort to prove that she's more than just a pair of large breasts, Kim Kardashian took a trip to Africa to help feed hungry families there.

Upon her return, she was faced with a series of critical remarks about her relationship with Reggie Bush, an African-American.

"I don't understand it because I was raised to not see color," she told a Fox affiliate in New York. "But you're still faced with it."

Kim Kardashian doesn't see color. But she has a sharp eye for PR opportunities.

What, exactly, did folks say?

"All the comments were, 'How dare she go to Africa,' and it's just like, you know what, I can't believe that charity work is being judged, and I can't believe people would even comment on that and I think it's really disgusting," Kim said.

We agree. But we also question the existence of these comments. Has anyone out there read a critical word about Kim and Reggie?

Fortunately, the reality TV star will carry on. She has a positive attitude.

"I hope by the time Reggie and I have kids, things will be different."

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Celebrities can afford personal chefs, personal trainers and lots of plastic surgery.

Still, Life & Style seems to think the reason why various stars look good in a bikini is a big mystery - and the tabloid is excited to reveal it in its latest issue!

A trio of beauties opened up to the magazine about their secrets behind their bangin bodies. Read what they have to say below...

Rihanna: "I like wearing a bikini with a cover-up that's loose, not too long and a little bit sheer... If I know I'm going on vacation, I'll do Pilates for two weeks straight."

Kim Kardashian, who tries to emphasis her iconic backside: "I love to put the treadmill on maximum incline and run backward. It's good to switch it up - run forward for 10 minutes, then backward for 10 minutes. Repeat for 40 minutes total and you'll really see results in your booty."

Kristin Cavallari: "I have very little hips, so a string bikini gives me curves and pushes up my boobs... I drink a ton of water and eat stuff that doesn't make me bloat, like fresh fruits and veggies."

Mischa Barton may be fighting for her life... but certain celebrities look good in bikinis! Which story would you highlight?

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Kim Kardashian is a konundrum.

On one hand, she poses for bikini-klad photos on a trampoline, klearly attempting to garner headlines in any way possible.

On the other hand, Kim and her sisters are relatively harmless. They don't try to sing or star in movies or act any more important than they actually are.

Sometimes, in fact, they used their celebrity for good.

This past week, for example, Kim and Khloe Kardashian joined Reggie Bush in Africa. The trio took the trip as part of the Diamond Empowerment Fund, an organization that supports education initiatives focused on disadvantaged people on that continent.

Spending time with impoverished families, Khloe referred to the vacation as the "most incredible experience of my life." She wrote on her blog:

"We handed out food and milk to women and children and we got to play with the kids -- they were all SO adorable!!!!!!!"

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Remember The Man Show?

The former Comedy Central program, originally hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, ended each segment with bikini-clad girls jumping on a trampoline. Do you really need to ask why?

Years later, Kim Kardashian has finally realized the potential of this endeavor for herself.

As she pathetically shills for her Quick Trim cleanser as a means to lose weight, Kim has posted a series of photos of herself on her official blog to prove just how well this system works.

"I wanted to show you guys some before and after pics so you can see the difference that working out, eating healthily and using Quick Trim has made," Kardashian writes, prompting readers to ogle away at her skin-baring body.

We might as well oblige...

Kim Pic

Kim Kardashian before (left) and after: Is the new body more bangable?

Don't worry, fellas. We promised Kim in a bikini and on a trampoline and you're getting it! Click on each photo below to drool over this specimen...

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At least Kim Kardashian is being upfront about her latest attention-seeking maneuver.

The socialite can't sing, can't dance and can't act.

Kim Kardashian on Project Runway

Therefore, she must resort to tactics such as following the latest trend, posting a photo on her blog and alerting celebrity gossip outlets about it. Granted, we're giving in to Kardashian by posting the following image... but that doesn't mean we like doing it!

"Since vampires are all the rage right now, [makeup artist] Troy Jensen and I thought it would be cool to try out a more gothic, almost sinister look!" Kim wrote on her website. "This look was inspired by Prada's fall 2009 runway show and it is so unlike anything I've ever done!"

That's because you don't feast on human blood, Kim.

While it's true that the Twilight Saga and The CW's upcoming The Vampire Diaries are major topics of pop culture conversation, we don't see any other celebrities so desperate for attention that they're randomly dressing up like vampires.

Can't Kim just make another sex tape and call it a day?

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Taking a few days off from hawking her dangerous cleansing solution, Kim Kardashian is on a tour of Africa with the Russell Simmons Diamond Empowerment Fund.

At least she's trying to be.

Holding a Ball

The reality TV star, sister Khloe and boyfriend Reggie Bush were traveling from Botswana to Johannesburg, South Africa when she ran into her problem: a lost passport.

"They wouldn't let me out of the customs line," Kardashian told People about the ordeal. "They claimed they looked for it but I had a feeling they didn't. They called the embassy and said I would have had to sleep at the hotel airport."

Gasp! The horror!

Fortunately for Kardashian, her man came up bigger at the airport than he has on the field throughout his NFL career.

"Reggie begged to go check for the passport himself... and he found it!" she said. "He saved the day!"

Kim, Khloe and Bush are on this unique adventure because "we want to educate people how the diamond industry has helped so much in contrast to what people believe," Kim said.

Wait, Kardashian is in favor of diamonds?!? Now we've heard everything!

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Which is it, Kim Kardashian? Are you happy with your curves or aren't you?!?

In March, the reality TV star spoke proudly about her body, railing against critics that mocked her cellulite and setting a good example for women by saying "just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn't mean I'm perfect."

We applauded her stance at the time.

Now, however, sister Khloe Kardashian graces the cover of Life & Style, on which she brags about the 20 pounds of weight Kim helped her shed. And just how did the siblings team up to trim down?

Through a quick-fix, unhealthy system of "cleansing;" i.e. a politically correct form of bulimia, involving the evacuation of all sustenance out the other end.

  • Life & Style Cover
  • Khloe Kover

Kim Kardashian was proud of her curves... until she discovered a way to pad her bank account by saying otherwise.

In fact, Kim and Khloe are even shilling their very own cleansing product. It's called Quick Trim and it will soon be on sale at GNC.

“It’s a lemonade-based cleanse. It’s ready to go! Khloe has lost 20 pounds off of it,” Kim said this week. “I tried the pepper ones for literally half a day. I couldn’t stick to it! But I can totally do this."

We have two reactions to this:

  1. We can't believe Kim found something she won't swallow.
  2. Don't try this at home, kids. It's not healthy, nor will it result in long-term weight loss. If you somehow can't resist an attempt, don't bother to give the Kardashians money as a result. Just go to Taco Bell.

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Gentlemen, start your ogling...

Kim Kardashian had the honor of waving the green flag at this year's Bullrun Rally, a nationwide road race that pits celebrities against one another on a seven-day adventure that stops at a different city every night.

The large-boobed reality TV star got the festivities underway this week, signaling the start of the race outside of Hotel Gansevoort in New York City.

On the event's official website, it says the "only obligatory goals are to party, drive and enjoy." Sounds right up Kim's alley...

Delicious Driver

Kardashian, taking a break from riding Reggie Bush, hopped into the driver's seat of a car participating in the rally. She then stopped traffic with her leather-bound look.

Drool away, fellas. Click on the following images to see Kim up close, personal and really, really hot:

  • Klad in Leather
  • Go Green
  • Leather Klad Kim
  • Bullrun Rally Girl
  • Engine Starter

[Photos: Splash News]

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Kim Kardashian made a grand return to the Playboy mansion.

Only on this date, no nude pictures resulted from the trip.

Sorry guys.

The reality star and her family host the "Aces and Angeles" charity event at the Mansion, benefiting Orange County Professional Firefighters Association Fallen Firemen's Relief Association Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen's Fund.

It's always nice to see stars give back and show respect for important causes. But it's also nice to see this, a shot of Kim showing off her most prized asset ...

Kim and Booty

A wise woman once said Kim's booty should have its own social security number. We think she meant to say ZIP code, but the point remains - thing is pretty substantial.

Also on hand were Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian and the even more useless and poorly spelled Brittny Gastineau. Click to enlarge more photos of KK:

  • Steppin' Outta the Limo
  • Booty of the Hour
  • Making an Entrance
  • Kim Gives Back
  • A Hug For a Hero

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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We love Kim Kardashian.

But the the large-breasted socialite is just asking for a bevy of sex tape jokes when she blows bubbles on the red carpet of an event, such as last night's Three-O Vodka Bubble Launch Party.

We'll do our best to refrain from any Ray J references. We won't mention how Kim deposited the paycheck for showing up like her ex-boyfriend deposited his giant unit inside of her on video, or anything like that. We're maturing.

Great Blower

Evidently, last night's shindig opened its doors to anyone with a famous face.

Kim was not only joined on the red carpet by sister Khloe; but by Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub.

Staub looks normal in the photos below. You'd have no idea that she's an ex-convict, drug addict and former call girl. No idea at all...

  • Krazy for Kameras
  • Very Hot Host
  • Silly Sisters
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Serene Staub

[Photos: Splash News]