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With his divorce from Pamela Anderson finalized, Kid Rock has been spotted with another blonde Andersen. Note the slightly different spelling.

Kid Rock Pic

We're talking about Danish model May Andersen.

Rock arrived hand-in-hand with Andersen on Sunday to Elton John's birthday concert in New York City.

The pair spent the three-hour-plus show sitting side-by-side, looking happy and comfortable together.

After John closed the show with "Your Song," Kid Rock and Andersen said bye to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and headed out, holding hands and smiling.

The pair also strolled hand-in-hand in New York City on Saturday and attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 12.

"They are dating," a source says. "They're having a lot of fun together. May dated (Jackass star) Steve-O. She likes rocker guys. And I hear he's really caring, really sweet."

Rock finalized his divorce from Pamela Anderson in January. The pair split in November after four months of marriage - a breakup we never saw coming.

Andersen, a Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, had her own troubles last year. She was arrested in April after allegedly hitting a flight attendant en route from Amsterdam to Miami.

Mary Weiland can take solace in the fact that Andersen was charged with misdemeanor simple battery and disorderly intoxication.

Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if she underwent an anger management program... hope you're reading this, Jason Wahler.

A rep for Rock was not immediately available for comment; Andersen's rep told People: "We do not comment on our clients' personal lives."

Thanks a lot. Here's another May Andersen photo for your reference:

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Hey, it's the NHL. The unquestioned dumbest sport ever, if you'd even call it a sport, and hardly something that captivates audiences - even in person.

See below. Sandra Bullock (right) would rather converse with her husband, whose name is Jesse James (seriously) than pay any attention to the action on the ice, where the L.A. Kings squared off with the Detroit Red Wings.

Kid Rock Pic

Meanwhile, a few seats over, Kid Rock (a.k.a. The Motor City Madman) and a blonde female friend look equally apathetic. Or they're trying to eavesdrop on Sandra. Not sure.

However, considering that Los Angeles bested Kid's beloved Red Wings, 4-2, one can forgive his look of apparent disgust. Plus, there's all that sordid stuff going on with his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, her other ex-husband, Tommy Lee, and that crazy Borat.

And yes, we know that Ted Nugent is the actual Motor City Madman - but Kid Rock is gonna lose his mind one of these days and give him a run for his money.

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In what is shaping up to be a battle of ugly overrated rockers who have been married to Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock is apparently steamed at Tommy Lee.

You knew this was going to happen at some point, and Kid Rock - who both married and announced he will be getting divorced from the bombshell in 2006 - officially has progressed harmless, trailer trash poser to scorned, jealous ex.

Kid Rock Pic

Kid has it out for Tommy Lee, who used to be married to Anderson, and wasn't letting a little thing like a door stand in his way.

When he heard that Lee was in Las Vegas to play The Joint with his band Supernova over the weekend, Rock headed over to his hotel room to "kick some serious ass," a witness told Page Six.

"Kid Rock is divorcing Pam Anderson, but he heard [her ex] Tommy was hooking up with her, and got all riled up," says the source.

"So he went over at 6 a.m. with two bodyguards, and began kicking down what he thought was Tommy's door. Only it wasn't - and Kid found himself staring at some poor, startled family. He signed an autograph for them as security arrived, then bolted over to a local strip club."

Surprisingly, Britney Spears was not performing.

According to his representative, Lee aware that this incident occurred, but wasn't present at the time, as he was staying on another floor.

Borat declined comment.

This just proves our age-old theory: Kid Rock is not smart. While he was kind enough to apologize and sign post-gaffe autographs, he should make sure he's got the person's room number right before he goes looking for a fight. Regardless, we expect him to join our celebrity mug shot gallery real soon.

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Pamela Anderson called in to the Howard Stern radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio on Thursday morning to clear the air about her split from Kid Rock.

Here is a partial transcript from the interview, during which the Baywatch star defended herself against accusations that her partying made her a bad mother:

Please Retire

Howard Stern: "It was reported that you were deciding between [Tommy Lee] and Kid. Is that true?"
Pam: "No, no, god no!"

HS: "Do you still bang Tommy, when was the last time you banged him?"
Pam: "No, no, it was a long time ago, I don't even remember. That wasn't it … I think I just got swept up and I wanted to have a family for my kids, but you remember really quickly when you get back together why you're not together."

HS: "It was reported that he was really upset about your role in Borat, that he was screaming at you..."
Pam: "He was unhappy about that. I don't know why - you'd have to ask him - but he really was very unhappy about that."

HS: "I don't understand, if I was your boyfriend, I would have been so excited for you."
Pam: "Thank you, that's what I'm looking for. Someone who is excited about me. This just didn't work out that way."

HS: "Now he said, his camp said that part of the problem was that you were always out partying and drinking (i.e. pulling a Britney Spears) and he was at home babysitting."
Pam: "No, no, he's never been alone with my kids. That was horrible, I think that's what upsets me the most because I am home with my kids all the time, or my parents are here from Canada. I don't even have a nanny."

HS: "Are you happy you miscarried and didn't have Kid Rock's baby?"
Pam: "That's horrible, no. Everything happens for a reason and now we're all here and we're back to normal. It's like it never even happened."

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We're guessing the Detroit native is wearing underwear, however.

He's also wearing a female admirer around his neck in this picture, proving that the only way to move on from a Playboy centerfold such as Pamela Anderson is to party with women hoping to grace the pages of that publication someday.

Kid Rock Pic

Following the announcement last week that Kid Rock and his soon-to-be ex, Anderson, were divorcing after four months of marriage, the rocker has been spotted out and about enjoying the company of several female companions.

Specifically, however, Page Six claims the singer has been getting close again with his South American ex, Conchita Leeflang, whom he dated back in 2005.

Hey, as long as he stays away from youngans such as Jamie Lynn Spears and Ali Lohan, that's fine with the staff at T.H. Gossip.

The attached photo was taken in night club, Tao, in Las Vegas over the weekend. If Rock - or would it be "Kid?" - is looking for a new friend, though, we suggest Kim Kardashian.

She's also lonely these days.

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The reasons why Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Kid Rock are probably self-evident. For example, the pair likely woke up one morning sober and finally realized what the rings on their fingers meant.

Surfing Lesson

But recent reports do shed even more light on the break-up.

A friend of Anderson's says the short-lived marriage was doomed by Rock's "male insecurity and major anger issues" â€" and it may even be that Borat managed to break the Detroit rocker's back.

According to a source in Page Six, Pamela and her hubby went to a screening of Borat at a Beverly Hills home two weeks ago. Kid Rock didn't like the movie one bit, screaming to Pam, "You're nothing but a whore! You're a slut! How could you do that movie?" in front of the assembled crowd after the film was shown.

(Anderson plays the object of Borat's obsession in the film.)

Shockingly, since that outburst, the source says, "it has been icicles between them."

Pam has left her Malibu home with her sons and decamped to Shutters on the Beach hotel in Santa Monica until Rock takes his things and vacates the property. It's a sad end to a fun-loving union.

Meanwhile, reports that the latest James Bond movie is to blame for the Heather Mills/Paul McCartney divorce are unsubstantiated.

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The Hollywood Gossip Joke of the Day: What was more obvious that a Britney Spears/Kevin Federline divorce?

Answer: A Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock separation.

Vampire Chic

Okay, the punchline needs some work. But the story is still very much true.

TMZ has learned that Anderson has filed for divorce from husband of a whole three months, Kid Rock. The former Baywatch star, who is represented by celebrity hotshot lawyer Neal Hersh, cited irreconcilable differences.

The couple was married on August 3 - and then a few more times after that. Just one divorce filing should put an end the union, however, as the partying pair parts ways.

Similarly to the Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe marriage, there's no prenup in this case - but considering how short (and probably drunken) of a time the couple was married, it shouldn't make a difference.

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Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock tied the knot early Thursday morning at the Nashville honky-tonk bar Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, E! reports.

It was the third marriage for the pair. To each other, that is. In like a week. They're getting married all over the freaking place! The picture below (from their first of many weddings) really speaks for itself, but just the same, Anderson has chronicled the most recent nuptials on her website, writing:

Kid Rock And Pamela Anderson Photo

"Got married in Nashville. Tootsies on stage. In front of the coolest crowd. Bobby sang 'Sweet Home Alabama' - The fun won't stop. Thanks Judge BROWN. Marriage Number 3, Nashville - Done... The Bride wore Juicy - the groom wore beam and coke!"

Good God.

The couple previously exchanged vows on a yacht in St. Tropez (below) and in a Los Angeles courthouse. This time around, the bride opted for a white Juicy Couture dress and the groom sported a matching wife-beater. These individuals are really quite classy.

So did they say yes? Well, sort of. When it came to the I dos, Kid Rock responded with a resounding, "Hell yes!" while Pam laughed, "Unfortunately yes!"

Unfortunately is right. Soon they may want to procreate! This would already has three (soon to be four) offspring of Kevin Federline. We're not ready for this.

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It's been a whirlwind few weeks for Pamela Anderson. First, she married ex and current lover, Kid Rock. From there, myriad celebration ensued.

Pamela Photo

The former Baywatch beauty found time to call into L.A. radio station KIIS 102.7 last Friday, however. She shared her thoughts with metrosexual host, Ryan Seacrest. Here's an excerpt:

KIIS: Pam where are you this morning?

Anderson: I'm in Detroit.

KIIS: So you're at the next wedding?

Anderson: I'm not at the next wedding. I'm just here hanging out with my kids and the pool. It's beautiful here and I'm just having a good time. The honeymoon continues.

KIIS: Is it legally recognized as a marriage or not?

Anderson: Well, yes it is because we just hit the courtroom yesterday on the way to the airport.

KIIS: Ok so there's only one more wedding?

Anderson: There's only one more wedding yes, for the kids.

KIIS: Have you recovered from St-Tropez?

Anderson: Not really.

KIIS: There were photos of you up this morning pole dancing with Cindy Crawford [at the wedding reception].

Anderson: Cindy's wild … I shouldn't say that.

KIIS: …you guys had a pole dance-off?

Anderson: I think everybody did, guys, girls everything. It was a big fiasco, it was awesome. We had a lot of fun.

KIIS: You're back with Kid Rock, you were with him before. Why is this time different?

Anderson: You guys have no clue. But we're all happy and in love and it's been a long process like anybody who's had a relationship, but it's just wonderful and we're both happy and it's very exciting. I've never been happier.

KIIS: Do you think you will have kids with Kid?

Anderson: Never know, might be one in there now (laughs)…

KIIS: Will [Kid Rock] move out here [to L.A.]?

Anderson: We'll we've got places all over the place. I've got a house in Canada, I've got house in Detroit now, Malibu. We're just running around being little kids.

KIIS: What do we call you now?

Anderson: Um, I don't know . . . Mrs. Rock? Yeah, you can call me that.

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