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Kid Cudi has gone all Beyonce on the music world.

The hip hop artist shocked everyone today by dropping an unannounced, un-hyped album titled "Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon" on iTunes.

It hit midnight and is on sale now for $9.99.

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Included on the CD are space-inspired tracks such as "Destination: Mother Moon," "Satellite Flight," "Return of the Moon Man" and "Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now."

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Kid Cudi may stand for being called ugly by Amanda Bynes, but the rapper won't stand for a fan rushing him on stage during a concert.

He'll sprint after that idiotic attendee and shove him to the ground.

That's exactly what went down during a show in Houston this week, as cell phone footage depicts Kid Cudi belting out a rendition of the track "Cudi Zone" when a male started walking toward him

But the Kid reacted swiftly, pushed the intruder away and could even be heard yelling "Not on my watch!" Check out the craziness here:

Tweeted Kid Cudi soon after the show:


This is the second memorable concert event of the week. On Wednesday, Selena Gomez appeared to cry over Justin Bieber while singing in Brooklyn. It's not exactly the same thing... but still.

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Wayward star and social media mainstay Amanda Bynes outdid herself with the recent Twitter video and rant against Kid Cudi and Complex Magazine.

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The actress' behavior has kept her in the media spotlight lately, despite her self-professed "retirement." And there's never a dull moment on her Twitter.

On Tuesday, Bynes put up a baffling video of herself, then ripped Complex for labeling it an "intricate, faux public breakdown, Joaquin Phoenix-style."

"Stop acting like I'm doing something wrong," she wrote to Complex on Twitter. "I'm obsessed with myself on Twitter. Also, my video last night was perfection."

She then blamed ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi for bad-mouthing her.

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